The Growing Hype Around Mit 45 Kratom

Mit 45 Kratom is a popular vendor among fanatics for supplying premium Kratom products. Before being such a hit, this herb was once banned and illegal to use. However, since the ban has gotten uplifted, the craze over this botanical has spread like wildfire. Along with this sensation, vendors sold this plant in different products. There are hundreds of merchants to pick from, but the question is which one will provide clients with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Mit 45 Kratom is a brand that will fulfil every customer’s needs with its exceptional items. To find out more, proceed reading!

Who Is Mit 45 Kratom Kratom?

Mit 45 Kratom came into the growing industry not long ago, so we can assume it is a recently opened brand. Even though new, it has still attracted a big fanbase of loyal and devoted people. Unlike other vendors, they have a very odd brand name, but the implication is quite clever. The “Mit” in the name stands for Mitragyna or Mitragynine; the plant’s name and the active compound and the number “45” imply the power of the compounds found in the stocks.

The highest compound ratio found in Mitragyna products is 45%. As a result, Mit 45 Kratom’s products are highly potent and contain high-quality mixes. This vendor is proud of the products put forward and claims to bring peace and tranquillity to their customers. You are guaranteed to find some unique products over Mit 45 Kratom.

Mit 45 Kratom


Do They Lab-Test the Products?

This brand’s first concern is to provide clean and fresh products to its customers. According to their website, Mit 45 Kratom takes many aches to ensure appropriate manufacturing procedures are followed to keep their products, customers, and workers safe. Before being put on sale, all the products go through 3rd party testing to detect germs, alkaloids, metals, or impurities. This vendor policy is that no item will be provided until lab-tested. So, you can assure nothing but pure and authentic products.


Not only are the products lab-tested, but Mit 45 Kratom is also a proud member of the American Kratom Association, adhering to GMP-issued guidelines for safe and sanitary production processes. This accreditation ensures that you may purchase from this merchant with certainty that you will acquire trustworthy and safe herbs secure for human consumption.

Where Can I Buy the Brands’ Products?

This company has a website to purchase these top-grade quality products in a unique range easily. The website is uncomplicated to use and has every information needed to know about this merchant. Not only that, you can buy kratom online through other wholesalers and retailers selling Mit 45 Kratom’s products. A Google search will show many retailers online and physical stores selling this peddler’s stocks; vape stores are the best example.

What Type of Products Is Getting Sold?

This merchant sells a wide range of items, including liquid shots, capsules, and powder. All the products get made with uttermost care. Try what they have to offer, and you will find that these are incomparable to their competitors. The items discovered are all-powerful, extremely effective, fresh, and rich in alkaloids. These are the three types of products offered:

  1.  Liquid Extracts: The liquid shots sold by this merchant include MITgo black extreme strength, gold liquid, Silver 2X liquid, SuperK special edition, and Super K extra powerful.
  2.  Raw Leaf Powders: The powders are available in three strain hues, which are Red Vein, White Vein, and Green Vein.
  3.  Capsules: MIT 45 KRATOM Gold, silver, and Silver 2X capsules.

How Much Will the Items Cost?

Aside from providing all-natural leaves products of top quality, another reason for this merchant’s large following is the affordable pricing they have to offer. Mit 45 Kratom does not vend its stocks in the same weights. Each product is measured differently, and so the prices vary. Here are all the rates:


  • The MITgo black extra strength comes in 0.5 oz costing $13.99.
  • Gold Liquid can get bought in 15ml costing $19.99.
  • Silver 2X liquid is 2 oz, costing $12.99.
  • Super K particular shot weighs 30ml and will cost $12.99
  • The Super K powerful is 30ml, and $29.99 pricing.


  • The three powder strains, Red, White, and Green, come in 125 grams, 250 grams, 125 caps, and 250 caps. The 125 grams and 125 caps have the same price of $34.99 while the other two, 250g and 250 caps, cost $49.99.


  • The gold capsules are available in packs of two or six count. The former is $24.99, while the latter is $49.99.
  • Silver and silver 2X has the same price of $9.99 and comes in packs of ten counts.

What Is the Top Seller?

Mit 45 Kratom is, without a doubt, a vendor supplier of exceptionally great items in a wide range. However, this brand is known for marketing the best liquid shot in the Mitragyna industry, and that is why the top sellers are LIQUID SHOTS. The MIT 45 KRATOM liquids are derived from Maeng da mixes and include 45 per cent of the chemical and a high concentration of alkaloids. The effects are immediate, which is why it is dubbed “rocket fuel.”

What Are the Payment Methods?

The company promises safe and secure payment options. On their official website, you can find several payment options, making it helpful for everyone to buy the products. Visa, Master Card, Cash on delivery, Credit and Debit Card, PayPal, and other alternatives are available. However, if you want to view the items in person, go to stores that offer this brand’s products and pay cash hand in hand.

The Shipping Policy

The shipping policy gets not mentioned on their website, so we can’t be sure what shipping methods they take for delivery. However, one thing that is assured is that your order will get to you as quickly as possible. Since the products get also sold on different retailers and wholesalers, their policy varies. Mit 45 Kratom’s products are also obtainable at local stores; you can buy them from there and save delivery charges.

The Return and Refund Policy

The return of the package is only possible within 14 days of the purchase date. A form should get filled to make the return, which is available on their website. After that, an RMA number will get issued to the customer. Once RMA is received, put the order in its original packaging and mail it to the address given on their webpage. The return shipping fee will get paid by the company.

Another plus for this brand is that after evaluating the order’s condition. If it gets found to be defective, all of your money will get reimbursed. Though, a chance like that will never occur at Mit 45 Kratom.

Customer Thoughts

Mit 45 Kratom is most likely a seller about whom you’ll never hear anything negative. Customers have given all the goods 5-star ratings; newbies have declared this their favourite seller. Some customers have only said that their products, mainly liquid extracts, are superior to their competitors. If you check Reddit, the Mitragyna good lovers there love this brand.

Final Words

Mit 45 Kratom is passionate about making its customers happy by providing premium products. You won’t find many Kratom vendors providing prime-quality items at a reasonable price. Hence, if you’re interested in consuming fresh, authentic, and carefully manufactured herbal goods, Mit 45 Kratom is the place to go. So, go ahead and visit their website right now and reward yourself with the finest kratom!

Mit 45 Kratom

Pros and Cons


  • Potent products
  • High-quality items
  • Return is possible
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of products
  • Good customer reviews
  • AKA verified
  • Meets GMP standards
  • Lab-tested products


  • Not warned about safety dosage
  • Not FDA approved
  • No active social media pages


How much dosage should one take?

Since their products contain 45% active compounds, it is best to start with small dosages.

Do they make false medical claims?

There are no false medical claims. All the things produced are fresh and have a high concentration of alkaloids. Besides, they are members of the AKA and make their products go through lab-testing, so there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Can I get sample products?

Nothing gets said on the webpage about samples. Hence, we can assume a no.

Is this vendor’s social media active?

The vendor has a Facebook and Instagram page. However, the Facebook page hasn’t been in use for a while. On Instagram, you have to be above 18 to view their account.

Does Mit 45 Kratom sell all over the USA?

Most of the places in the USA are lucky enough to get a taste of Mit 45 Kratom. Due to the ban, the brand does not deliver to the following cities and counties Rhode Island, Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Denver, Union County, and San Diego.

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