Njoy Kratom – A Guide To A Trustworthy Vendor

Njoy Kratom is an affordable vendor dealing with a unique and extensive product line. Mitragyna Speciosa lovers always search for a reliable vendor selling this herb. However, they need to look at some things, including fresh products, good customer service, reasonable prices, and sometimes not all merchants succeed to prove it. That’s not the case with Njoy Kratom; they are true to their words and never fail customers’ expectations. But before you decide to buy from this brand, you must know everything about it. Proceed reading that will answer every question!

Who Is Njoy Kratom Kratom?

Njoy Kratom is a Rockville, Maryland-based vendor excelling in the art of selling top-quality Mitragyna Products. We don’t know when this firm began offering its services but based on the number of individuals they have satisfied- it appears they have been in the industry for a long time.

You won’t only find this Kratom vendor on the internet, but also physically as their stores span in some cities in the US. Njoy Kratom takes pride in its staff, consisting of botanists and herbalists, who take measures in putting forward the freshest leaf. Not only that but, this company has contracts with the native plant farmers who supply raw leaves locked with 100% alkaloids harvested from the oldest trees. No artificial methods get used for manufacturing their items; instead, every process gets controlled.

Njoy Kratom has assembled a good reputation by proposing distinguished products, besting the trust of both new and returning clients, resulting in a committed fan base.

Njoy Kratom

Are This Brand’s Product Safe To Use?

Putting consumers’ health first should always be a brand’s priority. So, yes, all the products get lab-tested before being put on the shelves for the consumers. If you go on their website, on the section of the lab result, you will find that their batches go through 3rd party testing by four different laboratories. Hence, their products are free from heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, and Salmonella. Along with that, the packaging gets taken into consideration by following the GMP Guidelines.

The only bad aspect of this firm is that there is no indication of whether or not the American Kratom Association has approved this merchant. However, there is nothing to be concerned about because this Njoy Kratom is a significant player in the botanical industry, servicing over 50,000+ customers with top-grade products.

What Are The Products Offered By This Vendor?

Njoy Kratom has a uniquely broad range of 8 strains to offer their clients. The all-natural herb comes in two varieties: powders and capsules. Items get divided into two categories, one for each. Take a peek at some of their tree leaf powder products:

Loose Powder:

Red Malay, Red Maeng da, White Maeng da, Maeng da, Yellow Borneo, Bali Powder, Vietnam Powder, and Green Malay are eight different strains of powders available under this category.


Like the other product, Mitragyna tablets also get bought in 8 strains which are Red Malay, Red Maeng da, White Maeng da, Maeng da, Yellow Borneo, Bali, Vietnam, and Green Malay.

The Prices Of The Items

Compared to other premium Kratom brands, it is true that Njoy Kratom is a little pricey. However, looking at the 100% pure quality of the items, it is not hard to notice why. There are slightly expensive costs, which may cause some people to reconsider purchasing at a little higher price, but if you get it from here, you will be amazed at the quality; scratch the idea of receiving a bad batch from this brand.

  • The herb tablets come in seven measurements, 20ct, 42ct, 75ct, 75ct-bottle, 150 ct, 300ct, and 300ct-bottle. All these weights will cost $8.99 to $39.99.
  • The loose powder is available in 30g, 85g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, and 1kg bottles. The cost price of this stock costs between $11.99 to $113.99.

Njoy Kratom’s Best Sellers

Although all the products presented are good, with flourishing individuals with euphoric and ecstatic effects. Red and White Maeng da capsules- along with Maeng da powder, sit on top of the list for being the most sell-out products.

Are There any Discounts or Coupon Codes Available?

Don’t mind the prices of this vendor; to counterbalance the rates discount get given. Aside from concession, coupon codes also get offered, saving up to 10% to 20%. Sign up for their newsletter and Njoy Kratom special offers, discounts, coupon codes, and any future promotional deals.

Ways To Order From This Vendor

There are two main ways to book your purchase. People who live outside Maryland or find it convenient to order via the internet can use their website to place the order. Sign up for an account and Njoy Kratom shopping for your desired package. Njoy Kratom has physical stores in addition to its online presence. 22-stores sell this peddler’s merchandise in over 11 cities and counties around the United States.

What Is the Design of Njoy Kratom’s Website?

Their website isn’t showy or filled with hard-to-read material. It’s visually appealing, clothed in a green hue, and simple to use. On their page, you can get all of the information you need about Njoy Kratom, from their contact information to their social media presence. With just a few clicks, you can have your desired herb.

Njoy Kratom’s Shipping Policy

Njoy Kratom ships scheduled shipments by USPS, UPS, and FedEx. This company is committed to shipping securely, and its quick dispatch system has impressed many customers. One of the good things about this company is that they charge no extra shipping fee on orders. So, no matter how many botanical products get bought, no delivery charges get assessed.

If you wish for your order to be at the doorstep on the same day, make sure to place the booking before 1 pm EST; any orders placed after the given time will get delivered the next business day. When the booked orders depart the company’s premises, a confirmation message gets sent to the clients.

What Is The Payment Approach?

This seller accepts six different payment methods, including Visa, Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Cash on delivery, and Mastercard. These extra measures make it easy for everyone to buy. If you are hesitant to pay over the internet, go to a store that sells this brand, if it is accessible in your area, and pay cash.

What Is Their Refund Policy?

If they received a wrong order, customers should contact ring a call Njoy Kratom or contact them through email. However, to do so, you only have 24 hours. The product must be unopened, and the seal must be intact for the exchange to happen. All the costs charged due to the refund/exchange of the package will get covered by the company.

Customer Reviews

The reviews don’t get shown on the website. But the rating of every single item is present with a 4-star rating. Although, the talks on other sites about this brand have been nothing but full of happy customers. Kratom lovers on Reddit have made kind comments about this brand and the effects experienced after consuming the packs.

Njoy Kratom is a fan favorite not only because of the items but also because of the quick shipment. This brand is one of the most favored vendors, loved by the customer for years. Buying from them will never leave you disappointed.

Njoy Kratom

Ways To Contact

Customer service headquarters are open for help and to answer any question 24/7. On a more positive side, the brand gives a cell phone number for easy contact. You can reach them between 11 am and 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Pros and Cons


  • Free delivery
  • Fast shipping
  • Lab-tested products
  • GMP guidelines followed
  • Return/exchange possible
  • Various payment options
  • High-quality stock


  • A little above budget
  • The company does not ship internationally
  • Not many shipping categories

Final Words

True, this vendor is more expensive than others, but after tasting their strains, you may feel that the current price is reasonable to the quality of their products. Njoy Kratom is an excellent, trustworthy peddler vending top-notch quality kratom products, so don’t miss the chance at taking advantage of them. Just like their name “Njoy Kratom,” you have bound to Njoy Kratom their services!


What is the rating of this brand?

This brand has been rated 3.5 stars by loyal customers.

Do they sell internationally?

This brand only sells in the US, minus where kratom is illegal or banned. Check the laws about this herb where you live before making your purchase.

Are free samples offered?

Yes, before deciding to buy, you can always ask for free samples, and this brand will happily send them to you.

Can I buy in bulk?

Nowhere on the webpage it says, Njoy Kratom deals with bulk Kratom buying, so it is hard to say. But you can always reach out to them to erase this curiosity.

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