OPMS Kratom Silver: What Is It About?

OPMS Kratom Silver is the most popular product in the herbal supplements market. Kratom has its origin in Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries for various purposes. It comes from a plant named Mitragyna speciosa. Many companies are making various products out of this tree leaf. OPMS Kratom is also one of them.

Many vendors have emerged to sell Kratom due to the high demand for this herb. However, most of them are not concerned about the quality of the product; rather, they only focus on the profit they receive. They sell ineffective and impure Kratom Strains. Due to all this situation, you must take extra care about where you are buying your products from.

The company of the product matters a lot. This has always been a controversial brand. However, their products always grab the attention of Kratom users. If you are someone willing to try out OPMS Kratom Silver but want to know it in detail first, you are at the perfect place. Keep on reading to find out what this product is.

Who Is OPMS Kratom?

OPMS is a company which is based in Georgia. It was established in 2009. Since then, it has been winning the hearts of many Kratom users. This name stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solution. They are extremely focused on selling high-quality Kratom products.

This company is best among the majority of Kratom sellers. Their products are sold online as well as on various store shelves near you. Most Kratom enthusiasts love this brand due to its unique cold extraction process.

This process consists of various steps. They start by making a mixture of Kratom Kratom and then dissolve it in hot water; immediately after that, they cool it down. As a result, the insoluble substances precipitate. At last, the mixture is filtered out to get the powerful extract.

This brand does not sell kratom strains. They sell three different types of it: Silver, Gold, Liquid. Moreover, they also sell kava extracts.

They claim to have highly formulated Kratom products that are scientifically led. Furthermore, their website has authenticity links, and each one of them leads to the page about the products they sell. They have talked about the counterfeit products there.



Why Should I Buy OPMS Kratom Silver?

OPMS Kratom Silver is their oldest and best-selling product. It is available in three blends, Thai, Malay Special Reserve, and Maeng Da. You can get this in capsule or powder form. However, the silver capsule costs more. But it is the easiest way to consume Kratom. It is the most popular form of this herb as it safeguards from the bitter taste of this substance.

On the other hand, the powder form is relatively cheaper. But, you have to endure the bitter and unpleasant taste of this herb. However, you can be creative with it and easily consume it. For instance, you can take this powder with flavored juices or even make its tea.

It undergoes various tests to make sure that it is contaminants-free and also to check its alkaloid content. This brand tests Kratom for its molds, heavy metals, and other contaminants. In this way, they try their best to sell high-quality products to the buyers. They also ensure that their customers get the safest product and do not suffer from any reaction. Most of the Kratom sellers do not carry out these kinds of tests.

Furthermore, the alkaloid tests identify the concentration of alkaloids present in the powder. It is important to get a balanced number of alkaloids. Unless you will not get the wanted results. This brand makes sure to test the alkaloid content so that you can get the results you want.

How Much I Have To Pay For OPMS Kratom Silver? 

This company does not sell its products on its site. Its products are sold by many local sellers as well as online vendors. This company just suggested a retail price list on its site. But, most of the vendors do not follow that list. They have mentioned the prices at which they sell those products. Due to this, we are unable to mention the exact price.

Another factor on which the cost depends is the quantity and blend. For just an idea, the silver Maeng Da Capsules can range from $6.50 to $24.00 for 16 to 120 counts.

The Thai silver capsules can begin from $5.99 up to $25.22, and the silver Kratom Malay capsules can start from $6.98 to $23.99. However, these prices can also vary.

This product of this company is considered the oldest encapsulated form sold in the United States.

Is This Better Than Other Extracts?

Their product line has three popular kratom extracts: Silver, Gold, and Liquid. Apart from the silver and gold form, other vendors sell liquid forms like theirs. OPMS’ single liquid form costs around $17.99. On the other hand, different vendors sell these extracts, which range from $15.99 up to $49.99. However, the key difference among them is that the other extracts start with more than 1x.

Here 1x means that 1 gram of liquid or powder was made with 1 gram of Kratom. The main reason to tell you about the extract strength listing is to explain how much quantity (in grams) of Kratom is used to make the capsule, liquid, or powder. , the 1x capsules of OPMS silver contain 1 gram of Kratom.



What Do The Customers Say Regarding This Product?

Every Kratom Enthusiast loves to try out a new product. However, this product is old, but it is still famous for all its amazing properties. As Kratom is a controversial herb, the government is concerned about its safety most of the time. The users are also afraid to try brands other than what they have been using for years.

There are many brands emerging now and then due to the popularity of this tree leaf. However, it is important to find a brand on which you can easily rely. OPMS has gained the trust of its customers due to the high-quality products they are selling. Owing to their unique process, everyone is interested to know more about this brand.

Many customers have shared their reviews about the OPMS kratom silver. They have spoken very highly regarding the quality of their products. One of the customers said, “It is the best. No question. If you haven’t tried these, you really should”. Another user continued, “I always buy the Maeng Da silver capsules as they seem to work the best.”

These reviews prove that this brand has won the hearts of many Kratom users.

Final Thoughts

OPMS kratom silver has become a hot topic among Kratom users. This company is standing out on its own due to its unique extraction method. In OPMS silver, you can select from 3 different blends of your choice. Kratom users love this company due to various reasons, as discussed in detail above.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Where can I buy OPMS products?

Answer: You can buy this brand’s products from any nearest smoke or head shop. Moreover, you can also buy them from any reliable online vendor.

Question: Is this brand popular among Kratom users?

Answer: Yes, this brand is quite famous among Kratom users. The reason is that they offer the safest product and perform various quality tests, which makes them a reliable seller. Their unique extraction technique is another reason for their popularity.

Question: How much OPMS kratom silver should I consume?

Answer: To know about the dosage of this product, you should consult your doctor. The dose may vary from person to person. However, you can start with a small amount and gradually increase it if you cannot meet your doctor or health professional.

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