OPMS Silver Maeng Da – Understanding The Ups And Downs

OPMS, or Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, began producing Kratom Products in 2005. OPMS remains one of the longest-running Kratom manufacturers in the United States. OPMS sells exclusively through physical stores. They use distributors to bring the Kratom to market. Many Redditors describe OPMS as a premium head shop brand. OPMS produces three Kratom lines,

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Liquid.

The Gold and Liquid lines contain only extracts. The Silver line contains extracts, powders, and what OPMS deems alternative products.

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OPMS Silver

OPMS offers several products under its Silver line. They come from different types of Kratom trees. Silver is OPMS’ brand name, not an actual Kratom vein. Because they result from different trees, each Silver product may produce different effects. You should research them before buying to determine the one best suited to your needs.

  • OPMS claims that they strive to sell the highest alkaloid content Kratom possible. They test every Silver batch for purity, ensuring the absence of salmonella, heavy metals, and other contaminants. They also test for alkaloid content. Each batch receives a batch number.
  • OPMS blends batches of their Silver products. They claim blending ensures consistent alkaloid levels.OPMS Silver 1x Extract Maeng Da claims to be an extract, even though OPMS admits that its Silver extracts are not actual extracts. The Maeng Da tree resulted from a graft of other Kratom trees in an attempt to increase alkaloid yield.

OPMS Silver Capsules

  • OPMS Silver 1x Extract Malay contains the “1x” designation, which would indicate that it contains the same level of alkaloids as a regular Malay Kratom. It should also produce the same effects.
  • OPMS Powder Maeng Da comes from the green vein leaves of the Maeng Da tree. Some users report nootropic effects and energy boosts. OPMS markets the product as organic, but does not state which standard it uses to meet the organic designation.
  • OPMS Powder Thai comes from the green vein leaves of the Thai Kratom tree. Some users note that this is an energizing and mood-enhancing product. Some reviews also claimed that it increases attention spans and contains other nootropic properties.
  • OPMS Powder Malay Special Reserve comes from the green vein leaves of Malaysian Kratom trees. OPMS fails to explain the “Special Reserve” portion of the title. Users report that it provides a defense against anxiety, helps promote sleep, and effectively kills pain.
  • OPMS Silver Mitragyna Javanica contains no Kratom. It contains Mitrajavine rather than Mitragynine. Mitragyna Javanica enjoys legal status worldwide. Many consider it much milder than Kratom.
  • OPMS Sumatran Cats Claw results from a vine grown in Asia. It supposedly contains anti-convulsive and other neurological benefits, however, no independent testing confirms these effects. It contains no Kratom.
  • OPMS Mitragyna Hirsuta contains the alkaloid Mitraphylline rather than the Kratom alkaloid Mitragyna. Users find their effects less potent than Kratom. It contains no Kratom, but some say it contains analogous but less potent effects.

What Is The Difference Between the Extracts and Regular Powder?

OPMS claims to make “1x” extracts. A Kratom extract typically concentrates the alkaloids, providing more potency per dose. A 2:1 extract contains twice as many alkaloids as the same size dose of powder. Therefore, it remains unclear how you would benefit from a “1x” extract. OPMS states that “Silver is not an extract as much as it is a ‘1 x times strength.’”

Many users on the subreddit r/kratom do not consider the Silver an extract. They claim it contains indistinguishable effects from regular leaves. OPMS’ website does not list the differences between the Silver extract and the regular Silver Powder.

What Will OPMS Silver Maeng Da Do For Me?

Maeng Da generally sports a higher level of alkaloids than regular Kratom. OPMS claims to use a process that leaves an even higher alkaloid content in its batches. Reports claim that OPMS Silver Maeng Da also contains salicin and curcumin, two products not generally found in Kratom. Salicin and curcumin both reportedly reduce inflammation.

Users report that OPMS Silver Maeng Da helps ease chronic pain. Some report that it effectively relieves headaches. Other users claim an energy boost and a mood lift. A few report nootropic properties that lead to higher mental functioning.

Remember, the FDA has not approved Silver Maeng Da to treat any medical condition. We make no representations regarding how Silver Maeng Da will impact you or what conditions warrant the use of Silver Maeng Da. For medical advice, consult a medical professional.

Side of Effects of OPMS Silver Maeng Da – What To Watch Out For

Silver Maeng Da may cause side effects. These effects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Shrunken pupils
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Very little research on the effects and side effects of Silver Maeng Da exists. Most reports of effects and side effects result from user reports. You could experience different side effects. You should not start other new products when you start Silver Maeng Da to help you understand which substance likely caused the adverse impact.

How Much OPMS Silver Maeng Da Should I Take?

Dosing varies from person to person. No universal dosage recommendations exist. Your size, drug history, and body chemistry all impact the effects and side effects you receive. The best advice is to start small, determine how the Silver Maeng Da affects you, and then adjust dosage from there.

How Much Does OPMS Silver Maeng Da Cost?

The price varies. Because OPMS sells to distributors, who then sell to shops, the shops set their own prices. OPMS makes pricing recommendations, but shops may freely disregard them.

The current prices posted as guides on OPMS’ website range from $6.49 for a 16 count package to $73.99 for a 480 count package. The more that you buy, the more the per-unit price will drop, assuming sellers follow the structure for pricing set by OPMS.

Does Reddit Like OPMS Silver Maeng Da?

Reddit users provide mixed reviews. In the same thread, one stated that the Silver

“is at the best average leaf,” while another user claimed that “the silver OPMS is actually really good.”

Another user claimed that “OPMS is definitely the best quality head shop brand. The Maeng Da ISN’T an extract. It’s a plain leaf, but very good quality.”

Other users suspect that OPMS Silver Maeng Da contains synthetic chemicals. One claimed that

“I’ve had OPMS myself in the past, and its effects are definitely distinct from natural Kratom. It most likely contains semi-synthetic alkaloids.”

Other users swear by it, saying that

I always buy the maeng da opms silver capsules as they seem to work the best, big rush of energy and I can pretty much feel it all day, as long as I take it first thing in the morning an hour before eating.”

Reddit reviews fail to reach a consensus on Silver Maeng Da, but some do find beneficial impacts.

How is OPMS Gold Different From OPMS Silver?

OPMS gold only comes in extract form. The leaves of green vein Maeng Da are used to process OPMS Gold. OPMS’ website fails to disclose the potency of the Gold extract. They do not say if it is 2x, 3x, or another strength. Most Reddit users find Gold to be quite strong, imparting more formidable impacts than Silver.

How Do I Know Which Are The Gold Capsules and Which Are the Silver Capsules?

OPMS marks its Gold capsules with three purple leaves and its Silver capsules with three gold leaves, which could be confusing. OPMS claims that people try to sell knock-off OPMS products. Therefore, it occasionally changes its packaging to combat fraud. You should check the website for any changes before shopping.

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