PA Botanicals: A Comprehensive Breakdown Of The Company

Kratom is a botanical that has been growing in popularity for many years now. However, it has been used for centuries many of our first hearing of it only recently. Today we are going to look at “PA Botanicals” one of the frontline vendors that has been setting the modern Kratom stage and assorted botanicals trade.

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About the Company

The company is based in Pennsylvania and has been in operation for several years now. Their central vision is to provide the world with easier access to quality and lab-verified botanical products. Over the years since they first opened shop, they have built a considerable following among botanical-minded people. So what is it that sets this company apart from all of the others?

What Sets PA Botanicals Apart From The Competition

Three general areas help to showcase the difference between PA botanicals and other competitors in the industry. They’ve managed to craft a stellar reputation over the years. Like any company, it is not as if there have never been mistakes, but they’ve always held themselves accountable and consistently provide more than they promise.

Professional Lab Results Available For All Products

  • The first and the most significant aspect that tells you this is a serious vendor who wants only to serve quality products is they have a certificate of analysis from an independent third-party lab on all products they carry in stock.
  • Other competitors do not go through the steps to have results independently verified and will either have no certificate of analysis or only a certificate of analysis available from a dependent organization.

This means you have to trust the vendor’s authenticity and believe they are trustworthy.

By offering independently verified results, you can rest easy without throwing trust into an organization you have not done business with yet. Independent results report regardless of what the requesting party’s intentions were at the time.

PA Botanicals: Product Selection

PA Botanicals Products

While PA botanicals of rigidly began primarily as a vendor of Kratom products, they have since expanded into three other categories of botanicals. Each of these has its independent certificate of analysis and is held to the same rigorous standards they hold their famous Kratom. This ensures that no matter which botanical product would like, you will receive your products in record time and with guaranteed quality.


  • They offer Kratom available in powdered, encapsulated, and extracted forms. Each type is available in a variety of strains representing all three paying colors of the Kratom species.
  • They will often offer new customer emotions that will give you a percentage discount at checkout.


  • They have CBD available in multiple different forms, but each type is made with 100% pure CBD isolate.
  • The CBD isolate is created from industrial hemp does not have any other legally restricted cannabinoids it’s composition. For oil, they only use organic coconut oil with concentrated medium-chain triglycerides.

CBD can be purchased in

  • isolate form
  • like gummy bear edibles
  • encapsulated CBD isolate
  • CBD tincture.

Each product uses CBD isolate verified by an independent laboratory with a certificate of analysis to contain 100 and CBD no other contaminant cannabinoids.


  • Kava is another botanical available in either raw powder form or as candy bars. Each of their products is verified to contain a minimum of 70% kavalactones.

Laboratories provide this certificate analysis for these products as well to ensure quality standards are consistently maintained.


  • Fresh powdered seeds from the AKuamma plant are available for purchase on their site. These plants contain a particular alkaloid known as Akuammine, which is highly valued.

Akuammine belongs to the indole alkaloid family. This alkaloid family is also shared by serotonin, one of the most prominent neurotransmitters in the human brain and alkaloids present in other psychoactive plants.

Consistently Provide Quality Service

Besides their obvious statement to provide only the highest quality and most rigorously verified products, you also have a year’s worth of reviews that you can look back on. After serving in the industry for more than just a couple of years, the vocal online community would have decimated any company offering premium products but providing subpar results.

  • Everywhere from Reddit to Google reviews has nearly nothing but positive things to say about the company. Track records like these help inspire trust and new consumers and are part of the reason they have grown to be as popular as they are today.
  • Besides their products high-quality, most reviewers consistently mentioned both the price and the shipping speeds as points of aberration for the company.

Many users report being able to receive their products much faster than any other competitors can get them to their house. To top it off, the same users often indicate that the price per unit was often the best value out of all offers.

Premium Customer Service

  • The amount of care that customers receive before their purchase is often entirely different than what they receive afterward. However, thankfully this is not the case with the customer service of PA botanicals.

Instead, they have a fantastic team that will work with you and schedule appointments for your customer care because if there ever is an issue that arises. Avoiding the hassle of waiting on hold makes it not only incredibly convenient but also far more effective.

PA Botanicals: The Bottom Line

They may not have a million different varieties of each product type they offer, but each product they offer is hot quality. When we decide to purchase a product somewhere, we must ask ourselves whether quality or selection is the most important.

 PA Botanicals is a vendor dedicated to providing independently verified products at affordable prices and getting them to their customers quickly.

On all three of these fronts, they have consistently maintained stellar records since they first opened their doors with few pockmarks to stay in the file. No company is perfect PA botanicals does straddle pretty close to the line.

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