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Philly Kratom, just like most vendors, sells all-natural herbs. But the difference is that, unlike other merchants, this brand sells high-quality products at the most affordable price. Looking at the rate of how Mitragyna is growing and how many online premium kratom vendors are popping up every day, it may be easy to choose. However, as a Mitragyna Speciosa enthusiast, you want an internet-based vendor who matches your standards, and the appropriate brand for this is Philly Kratom. Please continue reading to find out more about them!

An Introduction to Philly Kratom

Philly Kratom has earned a good reputation for selling premium quality herbal products. It is a Philadelphia-based company that came into the spotlight in 2018. This brand is also called “Your leave, your life,” that name came as kratom helped the owner fight drug and allowed him to live life again. Hence, to spread awareness, the owners came up with this slogan.

Every product is lab-tested; no product batch gets created in warehouses. Aside from that, to put forward fresh, raw, and authentic items, Philly has been working with Indonesian farmers for three years. All leaves go through a natural process of harvest action and get handpicked to keep the freshness intact. This brand does not have a variety in the products; they only sell powder, but the sole item sold is without no doubt the best tasting.

Philly Kratom

What Are The Products Offered?

Even though Philly only deals with powders and blends, their products get favoured among the clients. Philly Kratom vends products not seen sold at any other vendor. All items get manufactured with care from the freshest, potent leaves directly shipped from Indonesia. You can find unique strains of different colours, blends, 4-way splits, enhanced products. Not only that, but this brand also markets collectable spoons and sample products. Here are the products:


There are 20 various types of powder sold under this division.

  •  Red Strains: Bali, Riau, Maeng da, Red Horn, and Suede.
  •  White Strains: Thai, Sumatra, Super Riau, Jungle, and Borneo.
  •  Green Strains: Hongkong, Cobian Blend, MD Pure, Malay, Kali, Plantation Thai, Riau, and Super Green.
  •  Yellow Strains: TanJung.

Enhanced Products

Enjoy top-notch extracts from this brand. Unlike other merchants who make their extracts with alcohol, Philly’s liquids get made from citrus fruit; these are Green apple spectrum, Mitra burst berry, and K-blast full spectrum.  More items under here are Pepper (a mix of white strains), Philly crystal no.70,71, 72, and 73, Philly special, and true grit.


The Blends get mixed of rare strains, Javanica and Hirsuta.

Is It Safe To Consume These Products?

Suppliers must verify that their goods are free of heavy metals, microbiological pollutants, Salmonella, E-Coils, and Listeria for this to be possible. That is where you can rely on this vendor; all the items ended via this company get sent out for 3rd party lab-testing. To verify this claim, they include the report of lab-test stamped on the site. All batches meet the guidelines improvised by GMP. So, it is safe to say their products have no health reactions.


The prices differ from one product to the next. However, given the high quality, the costs are reasonable. No other vendor would allow their consumers to acquire high-quality items at such a low price.

  • 56 grams of loose powder package has a price tag of $12, while 112 grams and 224 grams get priced at $20 and $36.
  • The blends come in 3 different weights, 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz, and cost an inexpensive rate of $14, $20, and $37, respectively.
  • 4-way split costs $50 and $90; can be bought in 500g and 1 kg.
  • All ten enhanced selections vary in price. Prices of green spectrum, Mitra, and k-blast are $11, $15, and $17, respectively. All the other stuff has the same price of $10.

The Top-Rated Items

Three goods have received the highest customer rating. These trios are Red Suede 56g plus 112g and Philly Crystal no.72, priced at $12, $20, and $10, respectively. All these products are rated 5 out of 5 stars.

How Can I Order From This Brand?

Philly Kratom has no physical store, so you have to go to their website to buy from this merchant. All products can get easily found on the page, divided into categories. When you search this brand to ‘buy kratom online,’ the searches might show a jamboree website of Philly Kratom, don’t get fooled by that; Your leave, your life is the correct address. Complete the simple steps of creating an account, adding a product on the cart, and checking out for having a chance to consume A-garden products.

Easy To Use Website

The website gets shaded in the dark colour of black and green with easy to read font. It is a user-friendly page containing all the information you need. FAQs, policies, details about the company are also gets mentioned. To tempt users and show them what they are buying, images of crushed leaf powders get stamped on the option of shop products.

What Is The Shipping Policy?

Philly Kratom has a policy of free delivery on orders costing $50 or above. If booked orders are below the said price, $8 gets charged as a delivery fee. Packages get dispatched via USPS Priority and Express and UPS 2 Day Air and Ground. Orders made before noon EST get shipped on the same day but made after the fixed time will be on the doorstep the next day. Furthermore, they do not ship on weekends and holidays.

The Payment Options

You may trust this seller when giving payment information; safe and secure measures get implemented. The best thing is that this brand has several payment alternatives, making it possible for everyone to buy. Examples include Debit and Credit, GreenBean Pay, Venema, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Cash App, Money on delivery, and Zelle.

Return/Exchange Policy

If you get an order that is damaged or unsatisfactory, you may always return it by contacting them within a week after receiving the order for any return or exchange. Only packages that are sealed and not opened are eligible for returns. However, it gets guaranteed that a moment like that is far-fetched to happen.

Are Discount/Coupon Codes Given?

Philly showers its patrons with some incredible deals. Currently, there is a new year’s sale going on their website. The splits have been on sale for a limited time. However, to receive a 20% discount on other products, including samples, use the code “2022.” Paying through bitcoin is another way to obtain a flat 10% off on your order.

On signing up an account, the brand gives 30 points; not only that, sign up to their email for 10 points, 50 points if it’s your birthday, and welcome 2 points on every dollar spent. Not only that, there is a Veterans/Disability Program. Prove the company that you are a Veteran and get a lifetime discount of 15% and 10% off a whole lifetime if disabled.

What Do They Customers Say?

If nothing still convinces you to buy from this Kratom vendor right away, maybe the customers’ review will. Under individual items, customers reviews get presented, all rated five stars with reviews written by happy customers. Sites like Reddit get filled with people complimenting this brand, deeming it as their most favourite merchant out there. You can even discover fair reviews on google along with 5/5 ratings. Day by day Philly Kratom grows more popular, carrying a family of happy and satisfied customers; be a part of it right now.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique products
  • Affordable rates
  • Fast delivery
  • Board variety of stocks
  • Loyalty points given
  • Discounts for veterans and disabled
  • Diverse payment methods get accepted.


  • Only powders are available
  • Not AKA Certified

Philly Kratom


Stop the struggle of finding a vendor that satisfies the temptation of high-quality products with euphoric effects and order from Philly Kratom this instant. The brand will give you the best customer service, treating you like a close friend. Furthermore, don’t miss the chance to collect loyalty points and use them to your advantage. So, if this is enough to persuade you, go to the website and press the add to cart button. Enjoy your premium Kratom shopping!


Do they sell worldwide?

Philly makes no such claim, so nothing is confirmed.

Are they active on social media?

Yes! You can find this company on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Can I bulk buy?

The brand does not say anything about bulk buying. However, you can purchase a 4-way split.

Does Philly Kratom offer samples?

Give their excellent items a try before deciding to buy from them.

Do they make false medical claims?

Every batch only gets approved to sell if they are lab-tested, and Philly proves that by showing evidence on the webpage. Hence, no false medical claim gets made; all products are 100% authentic.

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