In this privacy policy, you get to know how we handle the information we collect from you. As a way of improving our services, we collect information about your interaction with our site. The way you interact with our website content is tracked through the use of cookies and other site tracking mechanisms to ensure we offer you the best experience. At, we provide guides and reviews about different kratom products, and you may be required to sign up after which we can offer various services. Our privacy policy is being updated regularly; hence you need to check it out more often to stay updated.

Type of information we collect

When you visit our website, we gather information through tacking such as cookies. It is aimed at making our services better so that we can serve you well in the future.

Information gathered when you register

You may be required to register so that you can access part of our services. The information you will enter as you register will be stored in our databases.

Why we collect information

The information we collect from you is aimed at assisting us in helping you buy kratom. You need to be identified, and that is why we will collect information. We get details such as your name, telephone number, email address, credit card information, and your physical address.

Communication purposes

The information we collect from you can be used to reach you in case the services you require needs clarification. All the contact information you provide on our website is securely stored to avoid any unauthorized use.

Customer service is made better through the use of the contact information you provide to us. We use the contact information to reach you so that we can help you solve any issue you may encounter as you use our website.

Information sharing

We share the information with third-party service providers as a way of processing your kratom orders. The information shared does not contain any personal information. At we are a law-abiding company and the information may be shared to law enforcers if need be. The law enforcers can ask for any information regarding you, and we will provide it under legal terms.

Email communications

After you sign up for our newsletter, we will be sending emails to update you on the services we offer. The services are updated regularly, and the emails can be sent out to notify you. You can opt-out of the email list any time by unsubscribing.


We use cookies to monitor your engagement with our website so that we can improve the user interface. You are free to opt-out of the cookies at any given time.

Information protection

We have to store the information you give to us securely. We rely on the latest technology to guarantee you the highest level of information protection.

Rights to information

You have all the right to edit or alter the information you offer to us at any given time.

Children’s policy

The services we offer are not for children. Children are discouraged from accessing our site at any given time.