Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom – The Effects – Usage & Cost Review

Looking for a rising star among Kratom Strains? Something new and fresh, with a kick that rivals the old classics? Red Hulu kapuas Kratom may fit the bill. Red Hulu Kratom originated in the Hulu forests from which it takes its name. Currently, farmers in Borneo and Malaysia grow Red Hulu. Because this plant grows in harder to reach territories, less product reaches the market. Most Red Hulu trees grow near the Kapuas River.

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Is Red Hulu One of A Kind?

Hulu is different in that the strain name tells you where it comes from. Some of the other Bali or Indo strains are grown in more than one area, meaning that the strain may not indicate the country of origin. However, Hulu typically only grows in the Hulu forest. Farmers only harvest Red Hulu leaves when they reach maturity, maximizing alkaloid content.

Its scarcity makes it rare. Its small growing area compared to other strains, and the remoteness of the area, reduce the amount harvested. Requiring mature leaves further reduces the amount harvested. This means you will find less Red Hulu for sale than some more heavily farmed strains.

What Gives Red Hulu Its Punch?

Red Hulu contains many alkaloids, with some reports identifying as many as twenty. The main alkaloids giving Kratom its punch are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine exists in larger quantities than 7-hydroxymitragynine, but many studies attest to the potency of 7-hydroxymitragynine. Given the reported effects of Red Hulu, which we will discuss shortly, it appears that Mitragynine provides most of the effects reported by users.

How Will I Feel After Taking Red Hulu?

Red Hulu reportedly provides several beneficial effects. Remember that Kratom impacts each person differently. You may experience these effects to a greater or lesser degree than other users. In fact, you may not experience some of these effects at all, while you experience others intensely.

  • Relieving stress tops the reasons why people choose Red Hulu. Many people take it after a long day of work or stressful situations to help them let the day go. While not many people report using it strictly as a sleep aid, stress reduction should allow you to fall asleep easier and enhance sleep quality.
  • Others report that Red Hulu works excellently as a stimulant. Many take it in the morning to give them an energy boost for the day. People also claim to maintain sharper focus after taking Red Hulu, making it ideal for work and school.
  • More people try Kratom for pain relief than anything else. Red Hulu does not disappoint. It reportedly possesses powerful analgesic properties, helping users control pain. Some also use it to assist with opioid withdrawal.
  • A growing number of people claim that Red Hulu relieves the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. They report that it boosts their mood and allows them to feel more comfortable.
  • Finally, some people claim a mild euphoric effect from Red Hulu.

How Much Should I Take?

The amount of Red Hulu you take depends on why you want to take it and how it interacts with your body.

  • First, you should know that your size, age, and body chemistry all play a role in how much Red Hulu you need to feel its effects.
  • Second, people use Red Hulu both for energy and to calm down. These will require different doses. Trial and error remain the only way to find the right dose for your body type and the effects you desire.

Reddit, at the subreddit r/kratom, contains discussions on the effects and doses for Red Hulu. You can consult those threads; just remember that Redditors are not experts. You should not place blind faith in their pronouncements. You should start with smaller doses, especially if you are new to Kratom or Red Hulu. Smaller doses allow you to obtain a better handle on what effects you can expect from Red Hulu. You can then cautiously raise the dose until you find the perfect amount for your needs.

How Much Does Red Hulu Cost?

  • Expect to pay between $35 and $40 for 250g of Red Hulu.
  • 1 kg of Red Hulu will cost between $89.99 and $190.00.

Remember that more expensive does not mean better. You should investigate the reputation of the seller before making a purchase. Read reviews on Reddit and on the seller’s website to determine if they merit your money. Better sellers typically offer lab tests to prove the purity of the product and the alkaloid content.

Where Should I Buy Red Hulu?

We told you that Red Hulu remains more scarce than most strains. However, it is available.

Below are three sellers with quality Red Hulu.

The Golden Monk Products

#1 The Golden Monk

  • The Golden Monk has thousands of satisfied customers. The lab test all of their products, rejecting anything that contains less than 1.4% alkaloids.
  • TGM offers Red Hulu at $39.99 for 250g. They provide quick shipping and satisfaction guaranteed money-back policy. Reviews on the site raved about the quality of the product and the customer service.

#2 Krabot

Krabot kratom Products

  • Krabot offers Red Hulu in quantities as low as 50g, which costs $14.99.
  • They charge $39.99 for 250g and $149.99 for 1 kg.

Users give the Red Hulu on Krabot 4.9 stars. The reviews praise both the company and the product. Users seem quite loyal to Krabot.

#3 The Kratom Connection

Kratom Connection Products

Reviewers seem to love The Kratom Connection and its products. They give it high marks and show strong loyalty.

The Kratom Connection appears to be much more expensive than the other two vendors we surveyed. 250g of Red Hulu cost $69.00, while 1 kg costs $195.


Q#8- Which Strains Are Similar to Red Hulu?

Red Hulu is probably most similar to Red Bali. Some users compare it to Red Maeng Da but claim that the Maeng Da is more potent.

Q#7- What Makes Red Hulu Premium Kratom?

Red Hulu’s harvesting process strives to obtain the highest possible alkaloid levels. This can lead to stronger effects, making it more sought after strain.

Q#6- What’s The Difference Between Red Hulu and Red Bali?

Most reports claim that Red Bali acts faster than Red Hulu and provides more sedation. Red Hulu, while slower, provides a more robust energy boost.

Q#5- Does Reddit Love Red Hulu?

Redditors appear to have good experiences with Red Hulu. One commented that “I personally prefer Red Hulu above all others. It’s consistently potent & has a nice euphoria/analgesia.” Another made the strong statement that Red Hulu “destroyed my depression like a pitbull on a pork chop. I now have the strength I need to get to work.”

Q#4- Should I Use Capsules or Powder?

Red Hulu capsules come pre-measured, for easy dosing. However, they lack the variety of ways that you can take them, while powder gives you innumerable options. We love it as a tea or in a smoothie.

Q#3- Earth Kratom Red Hulu Kapuas

Earth Kratom receives good comments from industry reviews and from reviewers on its site. It provides Red Hulu in several sizes, both as capsules and powder. It appears to be a reputable and safe vendor.

Q#2- Krave Red Hulu Kapuas

Krave receives high marks on its website for quick shipping and customer service. Users loved the product as well. They sell capsules in several different quantities.

Q#1- Will Red Hulu Help Me Sleep?

A- While there are very few reports of Red Hulu serving as a sleep aid, it will help you relax. After you unwind in the evening, dropping the day’s stress, you should fall asleep more comfortably and have a higher sleep quality.

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