Red Riau Kratom – Is This The Best Red Vein Speciosa ?

Are you a regular Red vein Kratom strain user and planning to change to a newer yet rarest variety of Speciosa? This new Kratom strain has become a favorite of numerous users for its exotic properties. Yes, I am chatting at one and only – Red Riau Kratom.

Although this strain has all those typical properties of the mightiest red vein strains, what set it apart is its origin, alkaloid profile, smoothness, and ever-lasting effects. Are you excited to learn more about this strain?  Let’sLet’s move forward and spotlight everything you would like to know about Red Riau Kratom.

What Is Red Riau Kratom ?

Riau is a small region located on Sumatra Island. The Kratom trees in Riau are fed upon the fresh ad nutrient-rich water of the Kapuas River. This strain is known for its mighty green leaves rich in alkaloids.

Since Red Riau Kratom comes from mature M.Sepciosa leave that has reached their adulthood, the Green veins shift their color to darker Red at this stage. The Red color of the leaves shows a higher concentration of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid, which is one of the essential alkaloids of Kratom, responsible for initiating various health-boosting effects.

Since this strain is native to this small part, Riau, in Sumatra Island, it is near to impossible to source it from anywhere else in the world. Therefore, the pure, fresh, and high-quality Red Riau Kratom cannot be found outside the borders of Riau.

Red Riau Kratom

How Do Farmers Grow Red Riau Kratom ? 

The farmers in Sumatra Island are known professionals for growing Red Riau Kratom, as they have been cultivating and harvesting this strain for years and years. Red Riau Kratom typically grows in the natural climate of Riau that comprises heavy rainfalls, humidity, hot winds, and nutrient-rich soil.

This climate is hard to mimic, and the Riau strain gets all of its unique features because of these exclusive climatic conditions. Farmers often take cuttings of already grown Red Riau Mitragyna Speciosa leaves and produce an entire tree from the cutting. Increasing Kratom is relatively easier and does not require much effort. However, the farmers usually have to monitor the plant’s growth and necessary water consumption.

However, Red Riau Kratom also grows from natural kratom seeds. The seeds are sown into moist soil, and fertilizers enhance the growth. Once the plant pops up, more water is required since the kratom tree consumes more water than other plants. The harvesting procedure starts as soon as the leaves become more massive and the Red veins are prominent.

After harvesting, the Red Riau leaves are cleaned and sun-dried for a limited time to keep the alkaloid profile intact. Later, manufacturers produce soft, silky, and smooth Red Riau Kratom powder by grinding these leaves in fast-acting grinders.

How Is Red Riau Kratom Different From Other Kratom Strains ?

Are you a fan of Red vein Indo and Sumatra Kratom? What if I tell you that Red Riau will help you get the combined effects of both strains? Yes, that’s true! Red Riau blends the unique features of both strains. That’s a huge plus, and for this reason, this strain has become hot-selling in no time. Additionally, Red Riau is a bit sweeter. At the same time, other kratom strains are strongly bitter and need to be neutralized with something sweet like honey or citrusy like lemon or orange juice.

What Are Red Riau Kratom Products Available Online For Sale ? 

Now you must wonder what would be the best Red Riau Kratom product you should buy online to give a solid shot to this rarest yet matchless kratom strain. Whether you want a quicker dose in the form of caps or want to brew a tea out of kratom powder, Red Riau products have got you covered. Here’sHere’s how you can enjoy and dwell on this strain.


Since the most common form of kratom products is the powdered formulation, you would find Red Riau Kratom online at reputable kratom stores. It contains a smooth powder of pure Red Riau Mitragyna, made out of fresh and potent leaves. It is essential to measure your required dosage before you take Red Riau Speciosa powder, so make sure you have a measuring spoon or scale to be precise about the quantity you are taking.


You can use capsules if consuming Kratom is challenging for you and not put up with its bitterness.  The capsule is an entirely hassle-free and quick way to take your dose. Moreover, you do not have to measure your dose as they are pre-measured, and you have to count the number of caps that would be equal to your amount. The only downside with caps is the price, which is higher than the powder.


Extracts are extremely concentrated formulas of Speciosa and need to be consumed in smaller dosages. For example, red Riau Kratom extract is made by concentrating the kratom powder into a resin and later drying it in the oven until it is super hard. Later, it is ground to form powdered Red Riau Kratom extract. Tincture and Resin extracts are also available now.

What Is The Best Way To Take Red Riau Kratom ?

It depends on how you would like to take your precious Red Riau Kratom. If you love herbs’ earthy and organic flavor, you can go with kratom tea. If you love juices and citrusy drinks, you can add your dose in the blender while making your favorite one and mix it well into the glass. You can also add your amount in smoothies, shakes, and gravies. Finally, if you frequently bake and love brownies and cookies, then you can also go for kratom cookies and brownies and enjoy it all hidden inside your favorite baking recipes.

Red Riau Kratom

What To Look For Before Buying Red Riau Kratom Online ? 

This piece will not be completely covered if we miss the essential factors you cannot overlook at any cost before purchasing Kratom online. So be vigilant and cross-check each of the below-mentioned guidelines to have the best quality kratom.

  • Make sure you buy your Red Riau Speciosa from an authentic and trustworthy kratom vendor who is GMP-certified. GMP-certified kratom vendors conduct third-party lab tests for quality control, and you get your hands on superior quality products.
  • Since Red Riau is native to Riau only, your vendor should be sourcing it from its homeland. You can inquire directly over a call or look into the product descriptions on the product page for complete info.
  • Do not forget to research the user reviews before choosing the best kratom vendor. The user reviews over Reddit are extremely helpful, and you can find numerous subreddits with quality discussions over various brands.
  • Pricing varies from vendor to vendor. Search for the best vendor offering quality Red Riau products at competitive prices.
  • Lastly, look for deals and coupon codes. Although this is not as important as other guidelines, we all get super excited when we hear about 10% off. So search for the coupon codes online for your preferredkratom vendor before placing an order, and enjoy a few bucks that you would save. 

Final Thoughts 

Red Riau kratom is one of the rarest kratom strains cultivated in Riau. This strain is unique for its matchless sweet and earthy taste and how it helps the user get the benefits of both Red Sumatra ad Red Indo varieties of Mitragyna. You can enjoy Red Riau in the form of tea or add it to your favorites, juices, smoothies, and gravies. You can also add it to your favorite baking recipes like brownies and cookies for a more indulging experience.

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