Releaf Kratom Vendor Review 

Releaf Kratom Overview

Releaf Kratom is a vendor like no other. If Mitragyna Speciosa is something new to you, it can be not easy to familiarize yourself with the herb. You can have many doubts and be hesitant to purchase from a vendor. But one foolproof method of determining the credibility of a brand is by reading online reviews.

Reading authentic feedback from past shoppers is a great determinant because users do not hold back and unleash all the company’s flaws. If you were hunting for a genuine Releaf Kratom review, then look no further.

This particular vendor has earned the status of being a dependable and successful company. It entered the Mitragyna industry in 2017 and is based in Ohio. They intend to produce and sell premium products to the users. They go above and beyond to guarantee that Mitragyna enthusiasts will find the best quality here.

Releaf Kratom

The company understands the importance of customer service and has hired a team to solve all customer inquiries. If a vendor has been stable in the market for so long, it ensures that they boast an unrivaled quality. As for the businesses that shut down quite early, they don’t have good standards.

Products Being Sold

Similar to other vendors, Releaf Kratom presents powder strains as the best-seller from their product inventory. There are different types of powders, but the starting price is $10 for 30 grams. The three prominent strains – white, red, and green vein colors, are all available. As their website is intuitive, it notifies the user what they are putting in their shopping cart.

When you click on a particular Mitragyna strain, you will be notified about its sourcing, information, and other specific details. The increments of the items are diverse, and they vary from kg to grams. JongKong and Thai Kratom originate from the White Vein category, whereas Maeng Da is sold individually.

Finally, Thai and Elephant are present from the Green Vein category. Tons of other strains for buying are available that you can view on their website. No user has ever complained about the lack of options.

Capsule Options

Releaf Kratom gained fame because of its versatile product range sold to the loyal customer base. If a shopper wants Mitragyna in capsules, there is a separate category for that. For $18, one can buy a total of 60 tablets. Likewise, packs of 120 and 180 capsules are sold in bigger increments as well. To completely coat the capsules, specific gelatin is applied.

All their capsules are accommodated in a Dry Pack technique to prevent the accumulation of any moisture or mold in the delivery process. The details that go into the manufacturing and packing of capsules are evident to the shoppers.

The majority of customers like to consume Mitragyna Speciosa in capsule form because it is simple to measure. Borneo capsules from the White Vein category and other colors are sold.


This is one of the least preferable ways to consume this herb, but many tincture lovers exist. If you are a fan of tincture too, you’re in luck because this company provides one of the most high-quality tinctures in the market. There are flavored tinctures for people who dislike the original taste of Mitragyna. 11 grams of the herb leaves are added to a 15 ml bottle.

The company makes the tinctures by using a triple filtered solution. They add 100% non-GMO ethanol in their tinctures to ensure that no harmful solvents are included. Some of their tinctures are Cafè Latte and Mandarin Orange Maeng Da.

Releaf Kratom also sells its products via a vending machine because it is simple to use and the quality is trustworthy. But vending machines are often inaccessible. On their website, they have mentioned that the vending machines are packed with strong powder strains, and these are available in the machines 24/7.

The founders of the company truly value nature and how it takes part in all lives. They know that plants are important for our culture, cure, growth, technology, and health. Modern medicinal practices have severed this connection from nature. However, with the Mitragyna trend, people wake up and realize that only nature is our savior.

Why Should You Consider Releaf Kratom?

It is not easy to judge which company is trustworthy and which is fake. But some variables can determine the legitimacy of brands. Below are some useful factors:

Routine Lab Tests

All customers should give the highest importance to this variable. You are here to purchase Mitragyna, which means no compromise should be made on its quality. But with Releaf Kratom, you can rest assured as the vendor never fails to impress.

Out of all the aspects, they invest the most effort into the standards. All orders delivered to the users are verified with third-party lab tests. This crucial step attests to the potency and purity of the items. This rare assurance is why customers keep coming back to the company.

Everyone knows that Releaf Kratom does not have to worry about the presence of alkaloids or contaminants because the vendor only offers the best. Plus, their products are more potent as they do not add any preservatives and additives.

Unparalleled Originality

The company never has, and in the future, will never sell fake Mitragyna Speciosa. Some Kratom companies feature pure products on their website, but it turns out to be affected after the user receives the order. These types of cheap brands disguise tainted and inauthentic Kratom as Mitragyna. Shoppers have often fallen into this trap.

Releaf Kratom

FDA Approval

Kratom enthusiasts seriously regard the approval from FDA, and some people only purchase from approved vendors. The FDA approval boosts the standards of products as this institution inspects the lab tests, facilities, storage rooms, and much more. In short, if a vendor is FDA-approved, you can trust it blindly.

The most important factor for gaining approval is carrying out independent third-party lab tests. These tests are highly strict and rigorously determine the legitimacy. Many companies do not carry such tests, and neither is approved because both tasks are impossible to achieve. The tests ensure that the products are free of impurities, fungi, contaminants, alkaloids, salmonella, and pesticides.

Good Customer Reputation

If you search for Releaf Kratom on Google, a flood of positive reviews will be showered on the results. Anyone can indeed leave these reviews, but the rating is 3.8-star. This means that the vendor is not filtering or editing the reviews. You will find some negative feedback as well, but the majority are happy customers.

If any user is confused about what to buy, they can guide top-tier customer service. Plus, their team adds a label on the items along with detailed instructions, which everyone appreciates.

Availability Of Coupon Codes

As for now, no coupon codes are present, but Releaf Kratom is popular for offering deals to returning customers. Follow their newsletter to be notified about future sales, promo codes, and discounts.

Refund Policy And Shipping Quality

All the orders are delivered with the help of USPS. If you place an order above $50, it will be shipped free of cost. Sometimes, same-day delivery is offered as well for all orders placed before 1 PM.

However, the orders are delivered timely, within 2 to 3 days. The average shipping cost is $6. Plus, they have orders on Saturdays too. When it comes to refunds, the vendor is helpful and flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do They Give Medical Advice?

The brand assures that the staff members never give medical advice. They believe that they are only here to spread awareness about Mitragyna Speciosa.

Are There Any Areas Where They Do Not Ship?

Yes, the brand does not deliver its products to all states, cities, and towns banned Mitragyna Speciosa. For instance, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Alabama, Rhode Island, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

Are They Available On Social Media?

No, Releaf Kratom does not have any accounts on social media platforms.

The Verdict On Releaf Kratom 

Shoppers rave about this vendor, and now we can see why. Releaf Kratom excels in all aspects. But because they prioritize so much, most of their items are usually sold out. They are known for having out-of-stock products, which make the impatient customers buy from somewhere else.

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