Remarkable Herbs Review – Types Of Kratom Available For Purchase

Buying kratom isn’t as easy as you may think. You’ll often see a business advertising their products as the best or well-trusted, but it can be hard to know who is legitimate and who’s just selling to gain notoriety. It’s a known fact that buying kratom from headshops or gas stations isn’t the way to go if you want quality kratom. However, you might see some of those online sellers in headshops. One of these vendors is Remarkable Herbs. Does the question beg do Remarkable Herbs stand up to other kratom retailers?

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About Remarkable Herbs

Remarkable Herbs has been in the business of selling kratom since 2001. However, they didn’t have 2017 an online store established until 2012. They were mainly known for selling specialty herbs. That all changed in 2017 when they became recognized for their kratom. Remarkable Herbs is known for selling its products to headshops and you’ll often see their products there.

Your best bet for buying products from Remarkable Herbs is in a headshop. They do have their online shop but there is a process.

For example, those first getting into kratom might find this site confusing or not user-friendly. To place an order, you have to contact them. Other sites you just add to your cart and check out.

Wholesalers will have access to purchase directly from the site. Many customers don’t seem to mind the extra step. Some like that they can go into their local store whenever they’re in a bind and buy their products instead of waiting for shipping or order processing.

Types of Kratom Available for Purchase

Remarkable Herbs has a wider variety of kratom than most online sellers. They even sell one of the least sought out type of kratom: Vietnam kratom. The following are the types they carry in powder form.

The prices vary based on the amount you want and the strain type.

Other Products for Sale

Remarkable Herbs doesn’t just sell kratom. They sell other types of herbs not sold in most stores. They were widely known for their specialty herbs before their kratom!


Remarkable Herbs provide tested Kava and follow the FDA guidelines. They test for trace amounts of flavokavain-B which is a naturally toxic substance that’s found in Kava. they also check for heavy metals, HPLC, and acetone testing to ensure you’re getting the purest form of Kava. They offer the following types of Kava.

  • Fijian
  • Mahakea
  • Waka
  • Tongan
  • MO’ I
  • Vanuatu

Specialty Herbs

Their specialty herbs undergo rigorous testing like Kava. They offer many of the most sought-after herbs like the following:

  • Cat’s Claw
  • Mitragyna Hirsuta
  • Mitragyna Javanica
  • Mimosa Hostillis

Prices of these herbs will vary depending on the quantity you want.

Best Strains to Buy from Remarkable Herbs

Many people that end up buying from Remarkable Herbs usually go with the strain they were taking beforehand. The most popular types of kratom strains, in general, are Maeng Da and Red Bali. There’s no exception when it comes to Remarkable Herbs. Those that are new to kratom end up purchasing Green Maeng Da or Green Malay because of the effects.

Do They Offer Coupons?

Currently, they don’t offer any coupons or coupon codes at this time. This is because they mainly only sell to head shops and wholesalers, so there are no online store coupons available.

How Much Do Their Products Cost?

Based on the strain you want, and the quantity will depend on the price. The same goes for their herbs and Kava.

Specialty Herbs Price Range

Remarkable Herbs Herbs

  • Their Cat’s Claw ranges from $12.99 for 1oz to $33.99 for 3oz.
  • Mitragyna Hirsuta ranges from $12.99 for 1oz to $33.99 for 3oz.
  • Mitragyna Javanica ranges from $11.99 for 1oz to $33.99 for 3oz.
  • Mimosa Hostillis ranges from $11.99 for 1oz, $35.99 for 3oz, and $57.99 for 8oz.

Kava Products Price Range

Remarkable Herbs Kava

  • Fijian Kava ranges from $14.99 for 1oz and $38.99 for 3oz.
  • Mahakea Kava ranges from $14.99 for 1oz to $38.99 for 3 oz.
  • Waka Kava ranges from $14.99 for 1oz to $38.99 for 3oz.
  • Tongan Kava ranges from $14.99 for 1oz, $38.99 for 3oz, and $69.99 for 8oz.
  • MO’ I Kava ranges from $14.99 for 1oz, $38.99 for 3oz, and $69.99 for 8oz.
  • Vanuatu Kava ranges from $14.99 for 1oz, $38.99 for 3oz, and $69.99 for 8oz.

Kratom Strains Price Range

Remarkable Herbs Kratom

  • Red Bali kratom starts at $7.99 for 1oz and ranges to $85.99 for 20oz.
  • Indo ranges from $6.99 for 1oz to $81.99 for 20oz.
  • All three types of Maeng Da start at $6.99 for 1oz to $81.99 for 20oz.
  • Malay kratom starts at $7.99 for 1oz and ranges to $85.99 for 20oz.
  • Thai kratom ranges from $6.49 for 1oz to $77.99 for 20oz.
  • Vietnam kratom ranges from $6.99 for 1oz to $81.99 for 20oz.

How is Their Customer Service?

Regular consumers can’t exactly attest to their customer service since they only sell to wholesalers. However, they do have an FAQ site that answers the most common questions people have. You can also reach out to them via their contact page.

Where Do They Ship?

Unfortunately, that information isn’t widely available. If you are looking to sell kratom and would like that information, they offer an email contact in the FAQ section of their site.

Is It Legal to Buy from Remarkable Herbs?

Kratom has faced many legal gray areas in the past years. Both the FDA and DEA don’t recommend kratom and have talked about possible bans. However, they decided to forgo making this illegal until more research about the efficacy and safety of kratom is done. Some countries and states do have it banned though.

What’s Their Social Media Presence?

They are quite well-known in the kratom community because of how long they’ve been in business. Their kratom has a reputation for being sold in headshops when you run out of your usual batch and don’t want to wait for shipping times. However, it’s a mixed view on whether their kratom is worth it compared to other vendors and brands.


  • Sold in local stores
  • Tested for quality for some products
  • Mid-range priced


  • Not sold to individuals
  • Quality of kratom is inconsistent

What is Their Customer Reputation?

Many of the reviews of Remarkable Herbs are mixed. Some Reddit users swear by it, while others deem it only worthy in times of emergency. Users report inconsistent qualities for the kratom. Many don’t like the steeper price points either.

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