Riau Kratom – What Makes This Strain Entirely Unique?

Riau Kratom is one of the rarest strains of Mitragyna Speciosa that has become a fan-favorite of numerous Ketum enthusiasts in no time. This strain has massive demand and has taken the western botanical industry to a new level. You must be wondering what is so special about Riau and how it has become hot-selling? Worry not, and you are at the right spot! 


 This piece will spotlight everything you may need to know about Riau Mitragyna leaves and what is so matchless about them. So let us have a deep dive into this most sought-after Speciosa strain with an exclusive genetic makeup!


The Homeland Of Riau Kratom


Have you ever heard about this small yet beautiful part of Sumatra Island known as Riau? This strain only grows near the Malacca Strait, on the central-eastern part of Sumatra. Riau largely includes dense and deep rainforests with huge trees in lush green contrasts. The climate is similar to those of tropical islands and is usually wet and windy, which adds to the unique characteristics of the Riau Kratom.


Moreover, the mineral-rich soil with enough moisture is extremely fertile for growing Riau trees as high as 100feet; sounds amazing, no? Since natural and authentic Riau Kratom can only be found in this little piece of the island in Sumatra, you can have an idea about its rarity instantly now. These leaves are rich in alkaloids and infused with a delicate and nice-smelling aroma. If you are looking for potent and fresh Riau Korth, make sure your vendor directly sources it from Sumatra Island. 

Riau Kratom


Growing And Harvesting The Unique Riau Strain Of Kratom 


You may get surprised to know this, but farmers do not have to put any extra effort apart from monitoring the growth of Riau Kratom. Since it grows naturally in its native land, farmers check on growth and continue with the harvesting procedure when the optimal conditions, like the potency of the leaves, are favorable.


The farmers pick each Riau Kratom leaf by hand and ensure that it does not contain any blemishes and is entirely juicy and fresh. Then, these leaves are carefully dried in the sun and collected back for the grinding session. Industry-grade grinders are used to turn these leaves into soft, granule-free, and potent Riau Kratom powder. Afterward, manufacturers conduct lab testing for quality control, and later labeling and packaging are carried out. 


The Unique Features Of Riau Kratom


Every kratom strain is different from another one, but with Riau, the uniqueness truly makes it stand out. Firstly, it is mildly bitter, while most other Ketum strains have a prominent bitter taste. This makes this strain the best option for those who get nauseous and cannot tolerate the bitter taste of Kratom.

The sweeter taste and calming aroma turn the user experience into a memorable one, and for this reason, this strain is one of the in-demand varieties of Mitragyna Speciosa. Moreover, Riau kratom has the best qualities of both Indo and Sumatra strains. Therefore it is an all-rounder Ketum strain with a well-balanced alkaloid profile and potency.


Alkaloid Profile Of Riau Kratom


 Do you know that alkaloids are those key chemical agents that trigger brain receptors? They are responsible for all those million-dollar effects of Mitragyna Speciosa. The alkaloid profile varies across strains and vein colors.


The Riau Kratom has a strong alkaloid profile that contains both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids. These two alkaloids are extremely potent, and their composition directly tells about the strength of a Korth strain. 


The Five Unique Riau Kratom Types


Like all the other kratom strains, Riau Kratom also comes in different vein colors. The veins of Kratom leaves change their color as the alkaloids change their composition. You will come across five different types of Riau Speciosa:


1) White Riau

2) Green Riau

3) Red Riau

4) Yellow Riau 

5) Gold Riau


However, the Green and Red variety of Riau kratom are more common, but each strain’s remarkable and unique features are a true treat for the enthusiasts.  


Let’s explore these rarest Riau Kratom strains in a bit more detail.


White Riau


White Riau comes from young, dark green, and juicy Speciosa leaves that grow in the highlands of Sumatra Island. These leaves have prominent white veins that depict the higher concentration of Mitragynine alkaloid. This strain is known for its potency and numerous health-related benefits. 


Green Riau


Green Riau Kratom originates from medium-sized Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. These leaves have green veins running throughout the leaf structure, which signifies the concentrated Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid. This strain is a hybrid of both Red and White vein Riau and is ideal for those looking for a blend of both. 


Red Riau


Red Riau is a relatively different yet highly sought-after variety of Riau Kratom. It originates from huge, massive, mature Riau Ketum leaves with prominent Red veins. This variety is known for a concentrated amount of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid as the leaves are larger. 


Yellow Riau


All three Riau strains grow naturally, but that’s not the case with the Yellow one. The Yellow Riau Kratom is a tailor-made strain made by following a distinctive drying technique. Usually, either Green or Red-vein Riau is sun-dried for a long time until the vein’s color is changed into a yellow one.


The alkaloid profile is also altered as a reaction of sunlight with the leaves. This strain offers a spectrum of health-related benefits, and for this reason, numerous users have added it to their health regime


Gold Riau


Gold Riau Kratom is a blend of Riau kratom strains and helps the user get the best of each Riau variety within a single strain. It is a mild strain and comes in soft and even textured powder, having a strong gold-like color, and is free from crumbly granules. It is best for beginners who do not want a stronger kratom experience. 


Four Easy To Follow Consumption Methods For Riau Kratom 


Do you want to enjoy your Riau Speciosa to the fullest? I have jotted down four easy-to-follow yet best ways to take your dosage right here. These methods won’t take much of your time and will take your Riau Kratom experience to new heights.


1) Toss And Wash Method


Are you in a hurry and have got just a few minutes to take your dose? Worry not; the toss and wash method has got you covered! Here’s what you have to do:


● Measure your dose.

● Take a water bottle along. 

● Take our dose and wash it down with water.

● Take a few more sips so that no more power is left in your mouth

It is a quick way to take your dose, and the effects would appear in 15-20minutes. Moreover, you are left with a pleasant after-taste as Riau is a bit on a sweeter side. 


2) Riau Capsules


Capsules are extremely handy when you are on the go and have no time to measure your dosage. You can buy Riau Kratom capsules online from an authentic vendor and take your pre-measured dosage whenever required. The effects would kick in a bit later as the covering would meltdown first in the stomach, but it would be worth it. 


3) Organic Tea


Do you like the organic taste of herbs? You should try making Ketum tea with Riau Speciosa and try lemon juice and a spoon of honey to have an amazing citrusy yet sweet taste. Cherish your tea!


4) Riau Kratom With Orange Juice Or Smoothies


Do you know numerous folks infuse their dose in orange juice ad smoothies of their choice? It is the best choice for those who are a fan of juices and smoothies. You have to add your dose once the juice is extracted and mix it with a spoon. If you are adding it to a smoothie, add the dose in the blender with all other ingredients and blend for 2minutes. 


Riau Kratom

How Would You Know You Have High-Quality Riau Kratom?


It is entirely true that the rich and aromatic blend of Riau kratom can immensely add to your health regime. But, it is equally important to know if your Riau Kratom is of high quality since you deserve to have the best quality for your hard-earned cash. To enjoy the best Riau kratom, have a look at these evaluative measures, and make sure you cross-check each of these before trying it. 


1) The Aroma of high-quality Riau kratom is earthy, subtle, and sweet. IT leaves your nostrils with pure bliss, and you never get enough of it. So make sure your Riau Speciosa has a prominent enticing aroma.


2) The authentic and pure Riau Kratom feels sweet and a bit earthy upon consumption. So make sure the taste is not dusty because the powder has molds usually smells like that. 


3) Makes sure that your Riau Kratom is directly sourced from its homeland in Sumatra Island. That’s where the Riau Speciosa grows in an exceptional climate, and it is hard to find anywhere else. 


The Bottom Line


Riau Kratom is one of the rarest varieties of Korth that only grows in the small Riau region, in Sumatra Island. This variety is known for its unique alkaloid profile and sweet yet earthy taste. Make sure you buy Riau Ketum online from an authentic GMP-certified vendor who keenly looks after quality control. 

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