Royal Kratom Review – Worth Your Money Or Not?

The History Of The Company

Royal Kratom is situated outside of California, where lots of other Kratom vendors are based. Their working hours are 9 AM-5 PM, from Monday to Friday. However, these hours of operation are for the online store. This brand is kind of vague when it comes to any details of the history of the owners.

They lack an About Us page, and neither they disclose from where they source their Mitragyna Speciosa. This vagueness makes it difficult to understand whether they are a participant of the Mitragyna Speciosa community and their reputation in the industry.

But utilizing a tool to check the age of websites revealed that this online store was established in August 2014. This means that they are seniors of the majority of Kratom brands in the market. They gained popularity from head shops in the start.

Royal Kratom

By viewing their high-end packaging and the available product line-up, it seems that Royal Kratom concentrates on selling in smoke shops and other similar places. This is where it stands out from other brands.

Their official website casts a great first impression which achieves immediate credibility in the eyes of all Mitragyna users. Their branding tactics are modern and stylish. Plus, the website lays down simple categorization and a smooth interface to ensure a flawless shopping experience.

The Products Offered At Royal Kratom 

The online seller presents kratom powders, extracts, and capsules. The Extracts are offered in both capsule and tincture forms. Their product line-up seems to be misleading. This is because, instead of the actual number of items, the product pages appear to be more.

Upon digging deeper into the matter, you will see that every quantity a specific strain is sold is displayed as a separate product. This means that each product features as many pages as the number of increments it provides. This is unlike other vendors who say only one product page for a specific strain and choose at the checkout where the user can opt for the increment.

When it comes to the variety, there is a big lack as no standard strains are offered. Almost everything is a blend. The blends are made based on the vein colors, which can be either green, red, or white. Another lack is that no information is given for the blends to understand which vein colors were added in one particular blend.

Likewise, the blends are also based on Thai, Bali, Maeng Da, and Vietnam strains. Lastly, a Rainbow Powder Blend is also offered without giving any information on the included strains. They only state that it is their spin at the Trainwreck Blend.

The issue with blends is that these include another layer of the human element in the production. This makes it difficult to form steady blends which are consistent throughout the batches. All of the blends named above are available in capsule form as well.

Extra capsule items are silver and gold Kratom. Even if component strains are not disclosed, users can see the lab test reports of all the current batches. This professional touch is not visible in other sellers. On their website, you can buy the following available products:

Capsules: Maeng Da XXXL, Platinum Maeng Da, Bali XXXL, Maeng Da XL, Vietnam XXXL, Indo XL, Thai XXXL, Thai XL, Indo XXXL, Vietnam XL, Thai XXL, Bali XL, Indo XXL, Vietnam XXXL, and Bali XXL.

Powders: Indo, Maeng Da, Vietnam, and Bali.

Extracts: Platinum Maeng Da Capsules, Maeng Da 7 ml bottle, Bali 15 ml bottle, and Maeng Da 15 ml bottle.

Kratom Powders

Royal Kratom boasts many different powders such as Royal Gold, Green Maeng Da, White Bali, and Red Indo. Some of these strains are not great, but the following ones are exceptional:

● Yellow Thai

This Thai Powder is given exposure to sunlight and packed in a bag, which makes the leaves fermented. Afterward, the leaves are ground and properly sifted to result in a powder rich in 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

● Rainbow Powder

This is the store’s signature combo of red, green, and white vein colors. As expected, the resulting product boasts a great potency with the combined qualities of each specific vein color.

The bold aroma is due to the White Vein, for example. Combining the various alkaloid percentages of each Mitragyna Speciosa strain ended up being a versatile product.

● Premium Bali

This is one of the oldest and highly regarded forms of Mitragyna Speciosa leaf.

● Capsules And Kratom Extracts

This is a category in which Royal Kratom showcases the best qualities. Their line-up of Liquid Kratom and Extract Powders is one of the most robust in the market.

The Gold Maeng Da XL transformed the Extract Capsule by presenting infused Mitragyna in huge yet easy-to-swallow capsules. This item was one of their best-sellers until they introduced more extra options.

The 7 ml bottle of Gold Maeng Da Tincture is one of the favorites of many customers. Their Diamond Extract Capsules include 1.4% Mitragynine, with ideal purity and potency.

The Liquid Gold Maeng Da is one of their Extracts which is not stated as one of the most potent Mitragyna products. This is because they don’t have to. The item speaks for itself with its beautiful aroma.

The Pricing Strategy Of The Vendor

The powders are available in 75 grams, 150 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams, 500 grams, and one kilogram. The starting price of the most affordable strain is $20.95 for 75 grams. This jumps to $191.95 for a kilogram.

If you want high-end powders, their starting price is $23.95 for the lowest increment and $209.95 for the highest quantity. These costs are considered to be expensive, and you can call them an elite price range.

The capsules are available in 75-count, 150-count, 300-count, 500-count, 1000-count, and 2000-count bottles. The most affordable bottle has a starting price of $17.95 and goes to $290.95. As for the most expensive bottles, their lowest price is $23.95, and the highest price is $320.95.

Coming to Extracts, 3-pack capsules of diamond and platinum Extracts are sold. The Platinum Extract is sold at $44.95, and Diamond Extract is available at 83.95. The Tincture costs $29.95 for the 15 ml bottle. It is available in Maeng Da and Bali strains.

Their Customer Service And User Opinions

Not much feedback is available regarding the company. Royal Kratom features only a few reviews about each item on the official website. What’s more, no one can say those reviews are real as there’s no way to judge.

On both Facebook and Reddit, little to no conversation is covered on the brand. This is quite strange for a well-known vendor. However, the lack of feedback is still better than seeing negative reviews.

Refund Policy And Shipping Quality

Royal Kratom offers a glowing 30-day money-back guarantee to any shoppers who are not satisfied with the order. Just communicate with the seller, send the unused or unopened order back to them, and wait for a complete refund.

If your order exceeds $75, the shipping is free. As for the orders under this limit, a flat $8.99 shipping charge is applied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The American Kratom Association approve Royal Kratom?

No, this brand is not approved by the AKA.

Do They Provide Coupon Codes?

Royal Kratom uses ‘Slyng’ to make promo codes. Both in-house and third-party coupon codes are regularly unveiled for the customers to avail big discounts. Plus, year-round clearance sales, gift certificates, and promo codes are readily available.

Royal Kratom

What Are The Advantages And Cons Of This Brand?


  • ProprietaryKratomproducts
  • Potent Mitragyna
  • Quick shipping
  • Provides Cyber Week discounts
  • Great packaging
  • Accepts credit cards and Bitcoin
  • Yearly clearance sales


  • Slow Live Chat service
  • Expensive pricing structure

The Last Few Words On Royal Kratom 

This brand is not operated by someone who wants to share its history with real customers. There is barely any information about the company to attach some personality to it. Although it is excellent that they carry out lab tests on all the product batches, it is strange that they only offer pure strains and blends.

This seems like a decent business, but it is way too costly. However, the cost-prohibitive nature of the pricing system does not push their loyal customer base away. This is because the products are tempting and appeal to many Mitragyna consumers. With an intuitive website, catchy product names, and an upscale look, they have managed to steal the hearts of many people.

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