Sabai Kratom Review – Why Popular As The Best Brand In The Market

Sabai Kratom holds a reputation for itself in the kratom industry by offering a diverse choice of exceptional goods. People seek Mitragyna sellers who provide fresh, high-quality items at a price within their budget. Sabai Kratom is here to meet your demands, so putting an end to your quest right now and knowing everything about a seller – especially one who sells online – is the first step. This Sabai Kratom review will address your questions about cost, quality, and goods. So, let’s get started!

An Introduction To Sabai Company

Sabai Kratom is a small independent brand based in America in the city of Arizona that has lived in the industry for a time, founding in 2017. Existing only four years old didn’t stop them from supplying their creations to thousands of clients. The objective of forming this firm was to provide excellent content of all-natural herbal goods to enthusiasts, and they have lived up to every word mentioned so far. In just a few years, Sabai Kratom has made a name of itself alongside major botanical supply providers. Even though they only deal with powder and capsules, the medley is profound.

The firm sells botanical goods produced from fresh, all-natural leaves collected and transported straight from the kratom heartland of Indonesia. To ensure that only organic and clean leaves are shipped, all the leaves are handpicked by the farmers and go through testing for any decayed leaf.

Sabai Kratom

Is The Quality Of Their Products Tested In A Laboratory?

Providing fresh & pure products is their topmost priority. A customer comes first to them, along with healthiness. Previously, supplies went through house testing. However, for the time being, all items are sent to ARL and Wonderland Labs for third-party testing of the products for any microorganisms, alkaloids, metals present, and impurity.

Is Sabai AKA Certified?

Sabai holds no approval by the American Kratom Association. However, this does not imply you have reservations about the brand; all consumers are pleased, and no cases of anyone’s health getting harmed have got documented. This brand is active, and the fact that it is the number one botanical selling brand should be another sign that people may put their faith in them.

How Can I Order From This Brand?

Unfortunately, they don’t have any physical stores. All purchases must get made over the internet. This vendor website is simple & user-friendly, designed with the beautiful color of white and olive. All information about the firm and the items sold is available on their page for quick decisions. Purchasing Premium Kratom online from this vendor is a piece of cake; merely register, add the desired product to the basket, and check out.

What Type Of Products Does Sabai Brand Sell?

This brand sells only powder and capsules but in a wide range, not just that blends and variety packs are also available. They sell some primary and unique Mitragyna Specosia goods that no other vendors sell. Here are the product offered by the vendor:

Kratom Powder

This herb in powder form is available in four-strain shades.

  •  Red Strain: Red Bali Kratom, Jongkong, Vietman, Bentuagnie, Dragon, Gold, Thai, and Maeng da.
  •  Yellow Strain: Yellow Hulu Kapuas, Gold, Maeng da, and Vietman.
  •  Green Strain: Elephant Jongkong, Batak, Bali, Hulu, Horn, Malay, Maeng da, Borneo, Indo, and Super Green.
  •  White Strain: kratom Maeng da, Hulu, Elephant, Super White, Bali, and White Elephant.


For people who prefer this natural herb in tablet form, Sabai sells them in four-color; they are available in Red, Green, White, and Yellow. These capsules, like powder, are available in a variety of sizes.


Indo King, Arizona Snow, Jenn’s Juice, Mandy’s Miracle, Elizabeth Warrior Mix, Ocean Waves, The Twins, Red Relief, and Serenity Blend are just a few of the uncommon and eccentric names that this company provides in powder and capsule form.

Variety Packs

A 3oz, 250g, 500g, and 1000g powder sampler packs are available. 3oz pack is split in 3 ways, while 250g and 500g packages get divided in four ways. 1000g packet is available in a division of 5 ways. There is only one sampler of 250 capsules obtainable diverged in 5 ways.

Product Pricing

Compared to the quality and sizes of the product, Sabai is the Premium Kratom Vendor marketing affordable yet premium-quality items. Powder items are accessible in sizing of 1oz, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. The pricing flows in $7, $19.99, $34.97, $60, and $109.97 for individual size, respectively.

Capsules get sold in packs of 50, 100, 250, and 500 costing $14, $25.97, $39.97, and $60. The variety of packs of 3oz cost $19.99. While 250g, 500g, and 1000g have a price tag of $50, $65, and $114.97. The 250 tablets pack has cost $44.97.

What Is The Shipping Policy?

Sabai Kratom charges an extra $8 on orders under $90. However, there is free delivery on orders over $90. According to their policy, orders registered during the weekdays before 2 pm will get delivered to you on the same day. Orders booked on weekends get shipped on business days. After the order is confirmed and the customer receives a tracking number, they can see when their order gets dispatched.

The vendor gives USP’s delivery options of Priority Mail-Express and Flat Rate. All deliveries are delivered quickly and safely on your doorsteps. Although they ship globally, they do not deliver in several places, including San Diego, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. In addition, Sarasota, Union, and Malheur counties due to the ban.

Discount And Coupon Codes

This brand has a discount on their products, usually during holiday seasons. After the first order gets made, the customers receive coupon codes through the mail for about 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent discount. Moreover, signing up for their email will give you a 10% discount on your first purchase, as well as a discount code now and then. Buy Kratom online now!

Sabai’s Refund Policy

Only products that are sealed or delivered broken can be refunded. No exchange is possible on products already opened. To make any refund contact their email within 30 days; time took longer than that will result in refusal for repayment.

Payment Options

The Sabai brand proposes various payment methods to its customers so that everyone may experience the flavor of their delectable products. The payment alternatives are Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, Cash On Delivery, Cryptocurrency, Mesh, and Stripe.

How To Contact The Vendor?

For any questions about the herb, product, or the business itself, you can contact them during business hours, 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday, through their given email. You may also contact them by email by filling out the customer contact form on their website.

What Are Customers Responses?

All customers reviews are positive for this Kratom vendor. If you check their Facebook page, full five stars get given to them. On online sites like Reddit, the reviews over this trademark are positive. It will be hard to find any person who has a problem with this company. Despite living as a newcomer to the demand, Sabai Kratom has won over clients with its high-quality goods.

Sabai Kratom

Does Sabai have any social media presence?

This company has a strong media existence. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they frequently post information about their products, special offers, discounts, and coupon codes. Pinterest is another platform where you can find pictures of the items sold, giving you a clear idea of what type of output they give out.

Pros And Cons Of The Brand


  • Fast Shipping
  • Wide Variety
  • Lab-Tested Products
  • Premium Quality
  • Sample Products get given to customers
  • Diverse Payment Options
  • Inexpensive Rates
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Not much information is given about them on the webpage

Final Thoughts

No one would want to waste an opportunity to buy Kratom from such an honest and clean brand. Sabai Kratom will never leave you disappointed in any way, whether it is shipping, pricing, products, or customer service. Don’t waste your time, just hanging there looking for vendors when such a great merchant is right in front of you. Head over to their website at this moment to enjoy your favorite item.


Do they ship internationally?

Except for South Africa, this vendor delivers globally.

Do they sell sample products?

Yes, they do sell sample products. That is another reason what makes this brand special.

Can I bulk buy?

Of course, bulk Kratom buying is also an option. There is no delivery charge on bulk purchases.

Do They Make False Medical Claims?

Only authentic, clean, and fresh products get sold in this company. What they, is what they sell. So be free of any worry!

Is this company GMP authorized?

Yes, it is making their products safe for consumption.


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