Save On Kratom Vendor Review – Diversity, Affordability, And Quality!

A General Overview Of This Seller

Save on Kratom, also known as SoK, is an online seller located out of Springfield, Illinois. The vendor provides choices of standard and premium Kratom in different increments. It boasts one of the most competitive prices, referring to the name, and its delivery time is fast.

You should know that this particular store does not only sell Mitragyna but also specializes in the herb and associated organics. Plus, it promises to consider all the variables that play a big role when a client is searching for good quality.

In other words, Save on Kratom aims to be as trustworthy and customer-oriented as it can get to determine an excellent shopping experience. It was established with the only intention of making the Mitragyna industry a better place by providing top-class Kratom at convenient rates.

Moreover, the company intends to stay true to its roots as the product range is packed with all-natural solutions and items.

This company loves making lots of claims on the website, but it seems like they fulfil most of them. Interested buyers can purchase a variety of strains, but whether or not they are cheap is debatable. Free shipping is provided for all orders above $25. This is a lower threshold than the ones set by the majority of vendors.

Plus, their website displays many educational tidbits about Mitragyna Speciosa. Generally, this is a standard seller that does not serve anything special, but it does not disappoint either.

The Strains Available At The Store

The variety of items sold at the online store is the biggest highlight of Save on Kratom. The visitors can choose from more than 35 strains, which means no one will be empty-handed. Basically, there are three quality classes – Standard, Premium or Select, and Ultra-Fine.

The majority of strains arrive in powder form. All the vein colors are displayed. Plus, Premium Bali, Crushed Leaf Green Maeng Da, Red Wildcraft, Green Premium Bali, and White Thai are also readily available.

Some of the rare items are Golden Reserve Extract and UEI. This range of items is enticing. However, there is no mention of lab tests on the website. But there is a logo saying, “Guaranteed Authentic Product,” and it is not possible for Save on Kratom to earn a stellar reputation if this was not true.

In order to search for the desired product, there is a filter bar on the main product page. This is used to sort out the items depending on four filters – recency, fame, cost from greatest to lowest and lowest to greatest. The salient features of the main product categories are mentioned below:

Green Vein

  • Adds Maeng Da Premium Coarse and Maeng Da Premium UF.
  • Extra items include Malay, Premium Bali, Borneo, Thai Select, Indo Select, and more.

Red Vein

  • This adds Horned Leaf and Wildcraft.
  • The extra items are Sumatra, Maeng Da, Malay, Borneo, and more.

White Vein

  • The premium products are Premium Bali and more.
  • Other items are Sumatra, Maeng Da, Borneo, and more.

Other Categories

  • Mitragyna leaves are ideal to be consumed with tea. This category includes Wildcraft, Maeng Da, and Bali.
  • Extracts should be purchased if leaves and powders are not attractive enough. Golden Reserve and UEI are the available strains.

An interesting thing about the store is that a number of pages are committed to discussing Mitragyna Speciosa, the current strains, variables to consider while buying, associated herbs, and more.

This proves that the team behind Save on Kratom possesses immense knowledge of the herb. But the best part is that they are out there, sharing this wealth of knowledge with the world.

What Is Their Pricing System?

Considering the name of the vendor, it is natural to expect low costs, and this is true! The prices are definitely lower than other sellers and are fairly standard. For instance, the powders have an entry-level price from $7.99 to $14.99 for one ounce.

If you want to stock a kg, the costs will vary from $119 to $299. A few sellers have priced kilograms under $100, which makes it confusing why they call themselves Save on Kratom.

But they are generous enough to give free shipping on all orders worth $25 and above. Users can clear the payments via cash on delivery, E-checks, and money order.

How Do They Help The Customers?

If you are not too happy with the company’s policies, customer service is where they will make you smile. First of all, the minimum amount required for free delivery is reasonable.

Plus, no one can be unhappy with the free Kratom powder samples. The deliveries are made timely, and the refund policy is lenient. It definitely feels like the vendor prioritizes their clientele.

Shipping Procedure

There are three shipping options, as mentioned below.

First Class Mail: This is the slowest option, but it gives free delivery on orders above $25. Otherwise, it costs only $3. The delivery time can take a few weeks.

Priority Mail: This gives free delivery for all orders above $100, but the standard charge is $6. It gives guaranteed 2-day delivery and fast speed, as long as the order was not placed on Friday or weekend.

Express: This delivery option can be selected for all orders above $21.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Available Coupon Codes?

Yes. The brand frequently shares coupon codes that offer relief to the budget. Apart from the free shipping on orders totalling $25 and priority delivery on orders worth $100, the company also adds free Kratom powder samples on all orders.

Even if this is not a discount, these free samples do actually save money in the future. Furthermore, customers are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter to be notified regarding the latest offerings, discount deals, and new blogs.

What Is The Reputation Of This Seller?

Save on Kratom gets mixed feedback. All the online platforms have posted reviews that claim that their products are high-quality. However, a small portion of the public is unhappy with the pricing structure.

But all the seasoned consumers are aware of the fact that you get what you pay for, which means their quality is worth the price. If you have some extra cash, you will not be disappointed to shop here.

What Are The Pros Of This Seller?

Trustworthy company: With an expertise of numerous years, Save on Kratom has gained recognition in all the corners of this industry.

Finest quality: Whether you are looking for Standard or Ultra-Fine strains, you should know that everything boasts superior quality. Whatever item is displayed on the website, it got a green light only after going through a rigorous testing process.

Reasonable prices: Considering the enormous competition on the horizon, this company aims to adapt to all trends by presenting a convenient pricing structure. Thus, you can gain premium quality strains at a reasonable rate.

Superior complimentary service: If your order exceeds $25, First Class Shipping will be made free. For orders worth $100, free Priority Shipping is available. The icing on top is free samples with all orders.

Social Media Presence: They are present on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Quick customer service: The vendor strives to be active at all times in order to guide customers with any concerns or questions.

Exceptional shopping experience: Their website is simple to navigate and understand. Just make an account there, choose the strains, add them to the shopping cart, and voila! When the payment is made, tracking numbers will be sent.

What Is The Refund Policy?

Only the unopened and unharmed packages are eligible for refunds. If a refund is accepted, a refund fee of $4.50 will be deducted.

Summing It Up

Save on Kratom is a prominent online store in the Mitragyna scene. Their reputation can be made clear by stating that all Kratom platforms are aware of its acronym, SoK.

If you are hunting for a vendor that boasts friendly customer service, sells top-rated Kratom strains, and has average prices, this is a great place. If you don’t try it, you will never be sure of the quality.

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