Serenity Botanicals Review – Is This A Renowned Merchant?

Who Is Serenity Botanicals?

Serenity Botanicals is a herbal store located in Savannah, Georgia, whose founding year is unknown. But as for the online store, it was opened in 2015. If you are an enthusiast of botanicals, look no further.

This vendor quickly rose to mammoth success by ensuring professional customer support and high-quality products. Lots of people praise this brand as not only Kratom but a great variety of herbs are also found here.

This company was launched by a couple who were already admirers of organic herbs. The way they got introduced to the world of Mitragyna Speciosa is a charming story itself.

Twenty years ago, Kratom entered their lives and transformed them individually. This organic herb was the inspirational fuel that urged them to open a store.

Their intention was to share this love for Mitragyna Speciosa and other herbs with the public. Serenity Botanicals does not participate in any hypocritical trade shows because it is a family-oriented shop instead of a high-end brand.

Anyone who wishes to become a professional of Mitragyna Speciosa will need a minimum of seven different strains. In short, stocking up is the key.

Luckily, you can enjoy all the varieties of Kratom from this brand. Whether you want powders or plain leaves, you can keep a steady supply of strains. Purchasing various strains from one shop maximizes convenience.

The Mighty Product Line-up

Serenity Botanicals offers a huge catalog of items like organic tea powders, hemp flowers, tinctures, creams, bath and body, essential oils, CBD, Gummies, and lotions. Plus, you can find a whole range of skincare with botanicals as the ingredients. The bath and body section offers soaps and lotions with botanical-based ingredients.

However, this article will only discuss their Kratom offerings. Capsule, Liquid, and Powder forms are available for Mitragyna. The company persistently determines a friendly shopping experience along with the availability of so many ethnobotanicals.

This aspect makes them stand apart from the rest of the vendors in the market. Serenity Botanicals truly showcase the vitality of premium and organic quality with an uncompromising commitment.

The company aims to be consistent in manufacturing potent items. While their powder section is satisfactory, do not expect the same from the capsule category. A few sought-after powder strains are listed below:

Yellow Vein – Borneo

Red Vein – Bali, Maeng Da, Bentuangie, Thai, Vietnam, and Borneo

White Vein – Hulu Kapuas, Indo, Maeng Da, and Bali

Green Vein – Borneo, Indo, and Malay

If you want to taste a b of everything, their sample packs are a must-try. The following choices are available for this option:

  • A quarter-pound containing four strains
  • A kg with ten strains
  • A half-pound with eight strains
  • A half-pound including four strains

Finally, tinctures and 10x Powder Extracts are available from the Red Vein.

Is Their Pricing System Affordable?

Serenity Botanicals presents average costs in order to encourage prospects to buy easily. However, the pricing depends on the items themselves. Not only this, their quantities are larger than the usual company. The increments sold are mentioned below:

  • 10 grams
  • One ounce
  • Two ounces
  • Four ounces
  • Six ounces
  • Eight ounces
  • Sixteen ounces
  • One kg

If someone wants to purchase tea capsules, you can get a 28-gram bag for only $15. A lower quantity, a 10-gram sample pack, has an initial price of $2.99. Likewise, you can taste their Kratom powder at the starting price of $6.99, which is an absolute steal.

The complete range is only $129.99, whereas Maeng Da capsules are available for $14.99 in all vein colors. Finally, tinctures are sold at $19.99 for an 8.9 ml bottle. This might not be totally appropriate pricing, but the deal is sweetened with free shipping.

What Are People Saying?

Tons of people have reported that the customer support representatives of the vendor are professional and friendly. Whatever your concern is, you will be surrounded by helpful, efficient, and responsive staff. In short, no one is left unassisted or waiting.

All the concerns and queries are handled through live chat service, email address, phone number, and other communication modes. Users can express their reservations by sending an email or leaving a text.

All the feedback written by the past users can be viewed on the social media platforms and their official website as well. The majority of the public feedback reflects happy customers. Serenity Botanicals is praised for top-tier services, extraordinary standards, and efficient shipping.

There is one downside, though. Their website does not record any proof of shoppers placing their orders or of any shopping activities.

Plus, the Reddit community has not stated anything about the vendor. You won’t find any third-party feedback on TrustPilot and Google either. This can be a cause of suspense.

Does The Brand Conduct Lab Tests?

The manufacturing procedure of the company and their lab certificates are a prominent indication that lab tests are conducted on the product range. Many experts are hired by the company to ensure that all testing processes and operations obey the instructed guidelines.

The lab tests include the examination of heavy metals and germs. All these efforts are made for the safety of the customer base. But their website does not say a word regarding Good Manufacturing Practices. However, users can find screenshots of lab test reports and the reports themselves on request.

What Is Their Shipping Quality?

Both local and foreign delivery services are guaranteed. Same-day deliveries are only eligible for all orders finalized before noon EST. The packaging is reliable and completely sealed. Serenity Botanicals ships via USPS. However, they offer freedom to choose other shipping methods such as Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail.

All the packages are delivered quickly and with convenience. You can see where your package is headed by the tracking numbers. The usual delivery time and shipping charges for all modes are listed below:

  • Packages below ten ounces are shipped via First Class Mail, and it costs $3.65.
  • The Priority Mail demands two to three business days, and it is priced at $8.15.
  • The Priority Express Mail is shipped within two business days, and it costs $24.75.
  • The Priority boxes cost between $8 to $18.70.

Do They Accept Refunds?

Yes, they do! However, not all orders are eligible for a return or exchange. They only accept packages that are 95% unopened. On top of it, a refund fee worth $5 is demanded as well. If you want to initiate a refund process, simply contact the company.

Are There Any Special Offers?

When you see the website for the first time, an engaging poster settles in front of your eyes which either offers free delivery or a discount deal. The vendor is popular for persistently holding tempting sales and running promo codes that work for some time only.

As they are so open-hearted, the thriving customer base is always attentive towards them so that they can benefit from these deals. Plus, they also have a special Consumer Rewards Program. This is for the users who are taking part in improving the website.

Simply by reviewing items, you can avail a total of ten award points and fifty reward points as a result of signing up for the email newsletter. One hundred reward points are equivalent to 1 dollar. Another method for gaining reward points is giving them a follow or tweeting them.

The Cons Of This Brand

There are not enough Mitragyna capsules.

No detailed information is mentioned about the Ultra Enhanced Extracts and Blends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is This Vendor Approved By The American Kratom Association?

No, Serenity Botanicals is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association, which is shocking as the owners claim that they are fans of Mitragyna Speciosa and would be hurt if the DEA actually banned it.

Since they already conduct independent third-party lab tests, they would most likely achieve approval if they ever applied. The American Kratom Association is famous for its advocacy towards the all-natural herb and its efforts to legalize it everywhere.

Can We Get Coupon Codes?

Yes, the customers praise the never-ending flow of special deals and coupon codes. With so many exciting discounts, you can buy anything you want.

How Can We Pay Them?

Serenity Botanicals takes payments made via MasterCard, American Express, VISA, credit and debit cards, Google Pay CashApp, Zelle, E-checks, and Discover.

Can I Find Them On Social Media?

Definitely! The brand possesses a massive following on all the major social media platforms. There is a private Facebook group in which more than 3,400 members are added. Similarly, they are available on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram as well. No other vendor boasts a similar online presence.

A Pile-Up! Should You Buy From Serenity Botanicals?

This is a prestigious and reliable vendor in the Kratom industry. They have paved their way by providing top-notch quality Mitragyna products and extraordinary services. All the other business aspects reflect unbeatable professionalism.

The owners and its team go above and beyond to ensure that they satisfy all customer preferences and stay at the top of the game. Serenity Botanicals can be anyone’s favorite resource for stocking Kratom items. They are aware of how to run a business because they possess the experience of a physical store and a wholesaler.

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