SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom – Now First Coast Tea Company?

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom company is one of the oldest in the Kratom game. They have been around since early 2015, and have since enjoyed fame, recognition, and a bevy of financial profits. However, the new company name is First Coast Tea Co., and they have the same recognition of the old SoCal Herbal Remedies.

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Why Did they Change Their Name from SoCal Herbal Remedies to First Coast Tea Co.?

At the top of their fame, they were riding the recognition and raking in profits. However, they were starting to get scrutinized by the important people in California, and the boiling climax that would inevitably take the name from them was fast approaching. Then in early 2020, a young Pennsylvania man bought some Kratom, and had an overdose, and died. This is all allegedly, and no one knows if there were other products in his system either. Regrettably, they paid the lawsuit that had them sued for the death of the man. Hence, they had to kill all of their bad publicity and started the First Coast Tea Co.

What Type of Products Does the First Coast Tea Co. Offer?

Let me tell you the selection they offer is amazing. There is so much on the site other than just Kratom that you could make this place your one-stop-shop for any and all herbal remedies. They offer Kratom, CBD, and other Herbal supplements for teas. They also have a lot of supplies that you may need for your Kratom products like scoops and the like.

What Kratom Strains Do F.C.T.C. Sell?

There are so many strains on the market, and the vast majority of them are sold here. They have a wide selection of Kratom powders, teas, and capsules to choose from. There are green vein strains, gold vein strains, red vein strains, and white vein strains. Here is the full list of Kratom strains they have on their site.

  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Borneo
  • Red Borneo
  • Green Borneo Tea
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • White Hulu Kapuas
  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Vietnam
  • Gold Maluku
  • White Papua
  • Green Thai
  • Green Papua
  • Red Vietnam
  • Red Cambodian
  • Red Sulawesi
  • Green Riau
  • Red Riau
  • White Riau
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • White Horn
  • Green Horn

The Top 5 Kratom Strains that F.C.T.C. Offers

#5 Green Maeng Da

If you want a blend that is going to relax you while also giving you a subtle boost of energy, then this is you’re best friend. It is also a great strain to play games on and then collapse.

#4 Red Hulu Kapuas

This is a rare blend that you don’t wanna miss out on. They have a great quality of the product, and this is one of the better strains. It has some similarities to Red Borneo and Red Bali but has its own mellowing effects. It has some properties of the Red vein strains but is primarily its own strain. You have to try it to know for sure, but this isn’t one you wanna sleep on.

#3 Red Borneo

Red Borneo is similar to but more potent than Red Hulu Kapuas. However, it does have similar yet different effects. It’s well worth the price and the try.

#2 Gold Maluku

Gold Maluku is one of the best strains on the market, and it is potent because of its unnatural drying process. You should give this strain a try. It’s one of the better ones they sell.

#1 Gold Maeng Da

This strain is how its name says Golden. It’s one of the strongest strains on the market, and also one of the most popular. So if you’re looking for the right product that you know you can trust, look no further than the Gold Maeng Da strain, it’ll rock your world.

Does the Company Offer Sample Packs?

At the moment, they are currently not offering any samples for their Kratom. However, they do periodically have sample packs so that you have the ability to sample all of the great products that they offer.

How Much Does Shopping For Kratom at First Coast Tea Co. Cost?


Their Kratom is top-tier, and they are on the top of the list when it comes to prices and products. For their Kratom though, they offer a wide price range, and that’s $30 for any capsule strain at a 100 count, some of the tea or powder strains at 250 grams run at $32.50, and some of the lesser strains of tea, depending on which sizes you get, run anywhere from $5 to $26.

What Payment Methods are Excepted?

This is one of the shops that take a wide array of payment methods. You can pay with your credit or debit card so long as it’s Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. There are also other ways to pay including;

  • Money Order
  • Zelle Payment
  • Greenbeanpay

Lawsuit At SoCal Herbal Remedies?

SoCal Herbal Remedies was already on the fence with a lot of people, and when the lawsuit came, they had no choice but to discontinue the name as a company. The lawsuit was won by the family who claimed that the Socal Herbal Remedies company had no warnings posted on their site about the dangers of Kratom use, or its lethality. However, the death occurred in a car accident, as he presumably fell asleep at the wheel after taking the product as an energy booster. SoCal was found guilty and was sued, but still believes that it has no liability for these actions.

What is Being Said About SoCal Herbal Remedies on Social Media?

They are now a separate company, and the lawsuit basically put the nail in their coffin. The lawsuit is plastered to every social networking site on the web, and they couldn’t escape it, so they changed the name of the company for better publicity. They are located in Big Bear City, CA, and have all of their social media profiles done through the owners and web designers within the company.

What is the Shipping and Customer Service Like?

The company has a great support team in their customer service department, and if you ever need help, assistance, or tracking a package, the customer service team will take care of you. Shipping for them is relatively affordable and can be delivered in a two-day express mail from FedEx. On top of that, all of their packages are secure, safe, and discreet, so you will have no problem with the delivery.

What Are People Saying About SoCal Herbal Remedies?

They are telling people that this is a great company that has amazing products at high quality and affordable prices to boot. They say that the customer service is excellent and that they have no trouble ordering or receiving their products. They are one of the best companies to by Kratom from. There are so many more, but it’s clear that their customers love the product they offer.

Can You Trust the Company?

Yes, you can absolutely trust them. They have been in business for over five years now, and have the longest track record of any American Kratom company. They are also family-owned and operated, and their employees and customers seem to love working for them as well.

What Does SoCal Herbal Remedies Offer in the Coupon Department?

There are coupons everywhere you look. They will accept the codes at checkout, and not only can you find online coupon codes, but you can find them directly on their social media accounts, and they’re up to 25% off on all products you order.

What’s the Bottom Line With This Company?

They are 100% legitimate. They offer discounts to their already low prices. They have been known to put forward some high-quality Kratom, and have a following that is just astonishing. They have been open for more than five years, and are still a top their game in everything Kratom related. What’s not to love, they have all your Kratom needs in one fine-tuned site.

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