Soul Speciosa Vendor Review: What’s Good, And What’s Not?

The Story Of The Brand

Soul Speciosa used to be a West Coast vendor that was immensely popular for distributing fresh Kratom products. It was based right outside of Los Angeles, California. In its initial years of business, they were showered with tons of 4-star reviews.

There was a time when it was impossible to visit online Mitragyna platforms and not hear anything about Soul Speciosa.

But everything changed in 2018 when the FDA requested particular vendors to recall some of their products. Soul Speciosa obeyed this request and gave several batches of their capsules and bulk Kratom powders.

The items they recalled were Super Indo Kratom, Red Dragon Kratom, and Maeng Da Thai Kratom. When a Salmonella outbreak drove all kratom vendors in a panic mode, the company’s founders decided to go for a facelift.

Soul Speciosa

This family-run business shifted to Portland, Oregon, where Left Coast Kratom was birthed. This was an improved variant of the previous name. They take care of the entire manufacturing process from the beginning to the end. The vendor is recognized for their transparency, honest dealings, sourcing Mitragyna from Indonesia, and excellent product standards.

They maximize the potency, quality, and blend of alkaloids by directly collaborating with farmers. All their facilities employ deep cleaning practices. This is why their items are distinct as compared to their rivals. They entered the industry to offer top-notch quality and pure Mitragyna Speciosa to their users.

The Product Line-up Of The Vendor

If you look at the official website of Soul Speciosa, you will see that they present fresh products. You can get anything here, such as jumbo capsules, crushed leaf Kratom, Extracts, proprietary blends, fermented Kratom, and Enhanced Powders. The Green Vein includes Horn, Thai, Maeng Da, Super Green Malay, and OG Bali.

As for Red Vein, they include Red Hulu Kapuas, Bentuangie, Sumatra, and more. Finally, the White Vein includes Borneo, Bali, and Sumatra. The fermented options are Yellow Thai, Yellow Borneo, and Yellow Maeng Da.

Their online store is famous due to enormous traffic and customers at the website. It’s quite simple to place an order on the website due to its intuitive layout. All the items are explained with an attached product description. Their product catalog is diverse. Following are some of their most sought-after strains offered:

● Maeng Da Thai

This is a best-seller due to its high strength, unbelievable potency, and rich alkaloid concentration. Experienced consumers choose this strain as it boasts unrivaled quality. Soul Speciosa always prepares this strain because they are aware of how popular it is.

● FSE Kratom Extract 

No other strain can compete with this item because it is supercharged with alkaloids. Most of the consumers purchase FSE Kratom Extract from here because they love its quality.

All the products are accessible, and you can gain top-rated kratom strains without feeling doubtful as the brand is transparent and never shady tactics. A diverse variety of products entertains the users. Most visitors prefer to buy powder or capsules. If any beginner wants to purchase from this store, they can opt for low potency.

Their Pricing Guide

The starting price of powder is $8.40 for one ounce, $15.95 for six grams, 112 grams for $30.95, and 225 grams for $60.95. This is one aspect where they disappoint as their pricing structure is not affordable. Left Coast Kratom does not offer bulk orders, split kilograms, or simple kilos.

Based on their cost patterns, their kilogram price would probably come for $240, double the industry price. Their best-selling options are even more costly. They accept payments made with Quick Ship ACH, Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, and E-checks. If you pay with Bitcoin, you can enjoy a 10% discount.

Soul Speciosa Consumer Reputation

After they changed their name to Left Coast Kratom in 2018, they have scored a 4.8-star rating out of 200 reviews on the Trustpilot platform. The online feedback regarding Soul Speciosa is pleasant because they flawlessly offer pure powders, liquids, and other items to all their loyal customers.

They have not entered the market to make quick temporary profits in any way, which is why all their concentration relies on great standards and keenly inspecting the whole product inventory. Furthermore, they select those farmers that can meet their strict criteria.

Shipping And Refunds Policies

Soul Speciosa guarantees free shipping, and all parcels are delivered within the promised timeframe. Tracking numbers are provided so that customers can see how far their parcel is. Delivery time is set between three to five business days. In case any mishap occurs during the delivery, the brand will take full responsibility for it.

They use UPS and USPS services both, with free shipping done by USPS First Class Mail. Since USPS service is known for its unprofessional attitude in the past, if anyone is hesitant to have their package delivered, they can upgrade to a higher delivery option by spending a bit more cash. For instance, by spending at least $49, you are eligible for Priority Mail.

Moreover, if you spend $99 or higher, you can upgrade to UPS Next Day Mail. If you want same-day delivery, you have to place your order before 2 PM PST. By opting for UPS service, you can choose any speed which works best for you. The available options are Second Day Air, Three-Day Select, and UPS Ground.

When it comes to refunds, they are very flexible in this matter. Both exchanges and a money-back guarantee are ensured. However, remember to request either within 30 days, and they only accept unopened orders without any questions asked.

Lab Tests Report

Lab tests are an aspect that almost every buyer gives attention to. Without lab tests, no one can ascertain the standards of a vendor and whatever it is selling. If you wonder whether it provides lab reports, you’ll be happy to know that they do. The company tests all of its stalks, strains, and items.

Furthermore, they care for all products and do not tolerate any negligence as it can affect purity. You can check their lab test reports from their website, or you can ask for them too. Their tests check the presence of impurities, heavy metals, and other contaminants. When they are cleared from all impurities, they are ready to sell.

Plus, they observe the environmental conditions when they conduct tests for pathogens. This particular test involves a combining and mixing procedure, sanitation control policies, screening process, and a lot more. The vendor is not satisfied with one lab, and they utilize two labs instead to gain more proof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Vendor?


  • Rare Strains
  • They accept Bitcoin and credit cards
  • Pure and fresh powder
  • GMP compliant
  • Lab tests
  • 30-day return policy

Soul Speciosa


  • No kilograms option
  • Expensive pricing
  • Doesn’t reveal third-party labs

Do They Offer Coupon Codes?

You can unveil all types of tempting deals by following the vendor on Facebook. If you sign up for their email newsletter, you can gain discounts as high as 65% off at the checkout.

Are They Approved By the American Kratom Association Or GMP?

Yes, the brand is proudly approved by the American Kratom Association. This speaks volumes about their high-quality services. At their quality guarantee section on the website, you can see that their items have been approved through different quality tests conducted according to the standards of the AKA GMP program.

Furthermore, they are members of the American Herbal Products Association. Since they love details, they routinely hand over their products for QC inspection.

Do They Make Any False Claims On The Blog Or Product Descriptions?

Not. Soul Speciosa doesn’t claim any of their services. The brand is genuine and honest when it comes to its claims and dealings. This means it is easy to communicate with them for all your inquiries.

As their customer support team is generous, they promptly reply. If they do claim something, there is evidence attached with it.

Are They Present On Social Media?

You can find them on social media platforms because the brand is determined to maximize its success. You will see a huge number of followers, viewers, and dedicated customers on their accounts.

This glowing traffic is evidence of their fame. Plus, they always receive positive reviews from happy fans. Their buyers are always anticipating the latest launches, which means they are sought-after.

Summing It Up

Whether or not this is as great as Soul Speciosa, the public is raving on Left Coast Kratom! This company is exceptional, which is why it’s obvious to suggest their premium products to anyone.

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Lab Tested & GMP Approved Vendor