Stan David Botanicals Review – Why Popular As The Leading Vendor?

Stan David Botanicals is a firm that specializes in unadulterated and carefully prepared teas and herbal products for the delight of its clients. Stan David’s goal was to give the highest-quality items to his consumers. Due to its high-quality teas, flexible payment methods, and affordable split kilos, this merchant has won the hearts of several customers. They provide a variety of Mitragyna Speciosa supplements and other plant derivatives and have a lengthy list of delighted consumers.

Stan David Botanicals has put in a lot of effort to build a positive image amongst internet shoppers. The actual concern is if they are as good as they pretend to be and how they get such a prestigious reputation. How do you make your Kratom product stand out in a crowded industry when a new Mitragyna Speciosa brand materializes on the internet virtually every day?

Stan David Botanicals appears to have found out how to accomplish it effectively. We will look at all the facts to give you a better understanding of this Premium Kratom vendor. With this, you can make a more informed selection on where to go with this brand. So, let’s get started!

What is Stan David Botanicals?

Stan David Botanicals is a firm established by Stan David Peirce that has an internet-based shop originating from Virginia. They specialize in unique teas, improved strains, and extracts. Stan David Botanicals is also a credible supplier for Akuamma and other oils and premium herbal products while being prominent for its Kratom powder and Mitragyna Speciosa extracts. Since its debut in 2016, the fast-growing company has managed to establish an excellent reputation based on the feedback of numerous Kratom consumers.

They pushed tirelessly over these years to please their clients since their objective was to give the finest products to them. Additionally, since its inception, the brand has been working hard, exploring various strains to create an outstanding, broad product selection that has garnered them recognition from the internet Kratom community.

Stan David Botanicals

What Products Does This Brand Sell?

Stan David Botanicals’ online site is simple to use, and their items are well labeled. The CEO demonstrates his commitment to his clients’ pleasure. He does this by inquiring individuals about what they want and would like to see more of, continuously. He then takes this information into account and utilizes it to develop a product portfolio that is comprehensive yet plentiful and provides a multitude of choices for shoppers of all preferences. It supplies fantastic and delectable herbal teas. Their Kratom teas are likewise one-of-a-kind and magnificent.

They are well-known for their teas, to be honest. The dealer has a large selection of Kratom strains. Bentaungie tea, Elephant tea, Shilajit tea extract, and Moringa tea are among the herbal teas you must traverse through. They also have Red, White, Green, and Yellow tea in their Asian tea range.

But that’s not all. This Kratom vendor also offers other items in their marketplace, such as Brown international coffee, extracts, and the ability to acquire extra things for their clients if they run short. You will also discover a variety of improved varieties at affordable costs under every category. Their site features true strains like Red Borneo, Red Bali, Gold Bali, and Green Malay. 50x Green and Red Maeng Da extracts, and blends, are also available from Stan David Botanicals.

This store also sells akuamma, kava, hirsute powder, and other herbs. Buyers looking for yellow varieties will also find something to their liking. Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Sunda, Yellow Borneo, and Yellow Gold are among the yellow strains available. Consumers also enjoy the Enhanced PULSE blend, Enhanced Fibro Mix, and Enhanced Golden Gate Bridge blend, exclusive to this company. With so much to offer, customers will never get dissatisfied with what they get from Stan David Botanicals.

What is The Vendor’s Best-Seller?

There is plenty to appreciate at Stan David Botanicals, but their Red X is the best. It is a translucent powdered leaf that’s powerful, vigorous, and full of positive energy. Customers enjoy it since Red X lasts longer, starts mildly, and builds to a climax later. It is a dominant player all-around with a unique scent. Yellow Sundanese and White Silver Queen are also popular among Kratom enthusiasts, while SuperDuper Green is unquestionably the most prominent.

How Much Do Their Products Cost?

When browsing Stan David Botanicals’ online site, you will see their Kilo and Pound offer towards the peak of their suggested goods. Clients may divide their tea selections into up to four strains of Mitragyna Speciosa at Stan David Botanicals’ Kilo and Pound Sale, ideal for Kratom fans who wish to purchase in bulk. Moreover, their kratom kilos get supplied at an industry-low price. On the other hand, the improved mixes are not available at any split pricing.

Every ounce of their Mitrgyna powder costs $5, with eight ounces costing $35, a 16 oz package costing $55, and a kratom kilo costing extremely low at $110.00. This vendor has shipments in pounds and provides a 1-4 way division on kilos. A split pound costs $55, whereas a split kilo costs $110.00. A split pricing is not available for improved mixes. Their 50x Red Maeng Da kratom extract costs $30 per gram or $65 per ounce. They also sell K-concentrate, which begins at $4 a bottle and can get purchased in a 10-pack for $30.00.

Strong Social Media Presence

Stan David Botanicals has over a thousand subscribers on social media. They are utterly engaged on social media; one can see their postings nearly every day, and it is clear that they care about their consumers based on the content of their updates. The CEO of Stan David Botanicals interacts with the fans on an individual level, creating a decisive victory for his company.

Does Stan David Botanicals Offer Any Discounts and Coupons?

Customers using their Facebook page may get up to 15% off their purchase with regular discount coupons, promotional codes, seasonal offers, and giveaway contests. You can guarantee that this company will be offering tons of discounts now that the holiday season is here. Clients can also earn deals in their mailboxes if they sign up for the newsletter. Aside from that, you may try searching for “Stan David Botanicals discount code” or “Stan David Botanicals coupon codes.”

What is the Vendor’s Shipping Policy?

Stan David Botanicals may transport Kratom to any area if it is not on the roster of countries where this substance is outlawed. All purchases get shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS). With that, there are several postage options available. You can choose between the usual Priority Medium Flat Rate or Priority Large or Priority Express options. Verification of your order will get shown following payment verification before the shipment procedure can begin.

The time it takes to verify an order is determined by the payment form and is not factored into the shipping schedule. Monday through Friday is when most packages are delivered. On weekends, all purchases will get dispatched the next business day. Moreover, Stan David Botanicals also accepts credit and debit cards, e-checks, money orders, Venmo, and Cash App as forms of payment.

Is Stan David Botanicals’ Customer Service Any Good?

Clients have praised the vendor’s capacity to provide authentic items at a low price. While glancing at internet evaluations, it appears that loads of people are enthusiastic about this supplier. They are praising the good products and services and the dependable customer support. Tons of consumers state they have never needed to contact customer service; however, those who have expressed rapid responses and excellent encounters with competent, polite, educated, and passionate customer service employees devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction.

If you prefer to buy Kratom online from another vendor, other choices are apart from Stan David Botanicals. Buyers can go for SA KratomGolden Monk, or Kratom Basket and shop Kratom.

Stan David Botanicals

Should You Go For Stan David Botanicals?

Stan David Botanicals stands out above other Kratom shops because of its army of devoted customers who can testify to the efficacy of its strains. Stan’s brand gets recommended for those looking for bulk kratom powder with reasonable rates and tons of purchasing alternatives. If you’re looking for high-quality tea leaf powder at an affordable price from a reputable vendor, it is safe to say that this well-known, highly-regarded kratom dealer is a safe bet for your next purchase. To give you a better view of the brand, here is a concise summary of its pros and cons.


  • High-quality Kratom goods.
  • Exceptional customer care.
  • A wide selection of Kratom and herbal products.
  • They have intense kratom strains and combinations.
  • Affordable prices.
  • This seller now accepts e-checks.


  • They do not ensure that information gets shared openly and transparently.
  • Product testing does not get documented.
  • No page dedicated to frequently asked questions.


Are Their Products Lab-Tested?

There is no information on the Stan David Botanicals’ website about the testing of their Kratom products.

Are The Products Priced Fairly?

Stan David Botanicals offers a wide range of products at a reasonable price. They offer high-quality Kratom items reasonably.

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