Texas Herbs And Botanicals Vendor Review 

Who Are They?

Texas Herbs and Botanicals is a Lone Star state company. It’s based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth region and enjoys great popularity. They carry a big collection of capsules, powders, live plants, seeds, and even resins. The Texas State legislators legalized KratomSpeciosa in 2018. Ever since then, this vendor has gained hundreds of customers. As the Kratomlegality is a touchy topic, they only deliver to areas where it is legal. The brand is open from Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 4 PM CST. They do not work on holidays and weekends.

When you visit the website of Texas Herbs and Botanicals, you will notice that the URL is a link for a free sample. This means that the vendor offers a free selection, excluding shipping charges. But this outstanding offer is only available for people who have placed a regular order.

Texas Herbs And Botanicals

The sidebar to go downward the website can be annoying sometimes, but the interface is user-friendly, the menu can be navigated easily, and overall, the website is well-designed.

The brand displays all essential information and a Frequently Asked Questions Section located under the Info Tab, which benefits the customers. A link to the Instagram account is also given.

This review article will scrutinize this e-commerce company to judge if they are worth your money. And after going through the whole review, you, as a reader, will determine for yourself if this seller should be given a chance.

What Products Are Stocked In Their Inventory?

An attention-worthy aspect of the online store is a big Kratomcollection with separate lists of new arrivals and an easily accessible coupon code. They do not only sell powders but lots of other items as well. Their extensive range is impressive enough to satisfy everyone. Texas Herbs and Botanicals sells seeds, resins, live Kratom plants, and powders, capsules.

Red Vein – Hulu Kapuas, Maeng Da, Malay, Bali, Gold, Chocolate Bentuangie, Sulawesi, Super Red, Horn, Borneo, Cambodian, Elephant, Jong Kong, Thai, Dragon, and Sumatra.

Green Vein – Hulu Kapuas, Super Green, Kali, Maeng Da, Sumatra, Malay, Thai, Elephant, Cambodian, Bali, Asia, Dark Green Malay, Dark Green Indo, Jong Kong, and Borneo.

White Vein – Hulu Kapuas, Maeng Da, Thai, Super White, Elephant, Vietnam, Sumatra, White Gold, Borneo, and Horn.

Yellow Vein – Thai, Super Yellow, Borneo, Vietnam, Sumatra, Yellow Gold, Maeng Da, and Yellow Gold.

Specialty Blends – Sunshine, Austin, Hometown, Rose Gold, Highway 19, Abbey Road, Texas Two-Step, Houston, Texas Red, and Dallas.

Apart from this, Enhanced Strains are also sold in Red, White, and Green vein colors. Green and Red Kratom Extracts are offered too. A rare item available at their online store is Kratom Resin Candles. These candles can be infused with green, red, and white Kratomin, ginger, chocolate, and original scents.

All Kratom options also have the choice to include ginger chews for $7 or a measuring spoon for $3. Consumers can make an account on the website to gain Reward Points that can be used for their next purchases.

Is Their Pricing System Reasonable?

The pricing structure of Texas Herbs and Botanicals is consistent all through the website. This is a relief for all the customers. The only varying aspect is that some powders have a one-ounce increment, whereas others start with ½ ounce packs. The costs of all increments are mentioned below:

  • ½ ounce is sold at $4.
  • One ounce is available for $7.
  • Two ounces can be bought for $14.
  • Three ounces are sold at $20.
  • Four ounces are priced at $25
  • Nine ounces are priced at $35.
  • Half kg is sold for $50.
  • One kg is available for $90.

This pricing system is competitive, which makes it clear why this brand gains tons of repeat customers. The brand accepts payments made via Money Order, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, PayPal, Personal Check, and Zelle. It should be noted that the personal check and money order need to be directly mailed to the company.

Texas Herbs And Botanicals

What Are People Saying?

Not only do people love Texas Herbs and Botanicals, but they constantly rave about their owners as well, especially Abbey. Customers have exclaimed that doing business with Abbey was a pleasure. Shoppers rank them quite high for product quality, customer support, and shipping process.

Their website is loaded with plenty of positive reviews that are real. Almost all of their products are rated 5-star, and most of their price points are sufficiently competitive to look tempting. The fact that they offer free samples is something no other vendor does.

How Do They Process Refunds?

According to their website, Texas Herbs and Botanicals accepts returns if any user is dissatisfied with the product. But to initiate the return procedure, you have to call or send an email within seven days of receiving the package. Their phone number is 469-661-5005. As for their email address, it is support@texasherbsandbotanicals.com.

As an alternative, you can reach out to them by filling out the contact form.

Shipping Quality Of Texas Herbs And Botanicals 

Texas Herbs and Botanicals ships all orders via USPS Express Mail, and this service delivers within a few business days. Plus, they use USPS Priority Mail, which usually has within 2 to 3 working days. All orders above $125 are given free delivery.

Same-day deliveries are guaranteed for the orders placed before 12 PM CST, Mondays to Fridays. And if you place the order after this time limit, it will be delivered the following business day, excluding holidays and weekends.

Once the order is dispatched, the user can track it directly on their website and view the tracking tool. Plus, a USPS tracking number is issued to the customer too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get Coupon Codes?

Due to lots of consistent discounts, many Kratom admirers do not buy any product without using a coupon code. This is why Texas Herbs and Botanicals always make sure that sufficient promo codes are available for their wide customer base. They usually have a promo code displayed on their website as well as on their Instagram account.

Other special deals include the chance to win free Kratom through the Reward Program and free shipping for all orders above $125.

What Is Their Usual Delivery Time?

If the order was shipped via USPS Express Mail, it should be delivered within two business days. But if USPS Priority Mail is used, you can expect to wait for two to three working days.

Are Customers Happy With Texas Herbs and Botanicals?

There is so much immense praise about this vendor that it is almost impossible to find negative feedback. Even the critical Reddit community highly regards this vendor. Many users have declared that Texas Herbs and Botanicals is their go-to place for all Kratom needs.

Does The AKA approve them?

A true indication of a reputable vendor is their alliance with the American Kratom Association. However, on their website, no information is mentioned regarding this. Plus, there is no solid evidence that they obey the rigorous GMP protocols promoted by the American Kratom Association.

Wrapping It Up: Should You Buy From Them?

Do you have to buy Kratom products in different forms? Then look no further. There is too much to love about Texas Herbs and Botanicals. Everyone is highly impressed with their services and the enviable customer reputation they enjoy.

This is a renowned and dependable Kratom supplier. Even if they lack approval from the American Kratom Association and lab tests, they still enjoy a great fame.

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