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About The Brand

Treasure House Botanicals is situated in the United States, and its website is straightforward. Everything that the offer is organized into batches, and products remain on display until the stock ends up dry. You can benefit from big discounts and a lot of other perks by being their customer.

If you are familiar with the scams and frauds that are the norm in the Kratom industry, then you must also be aware of how difficult and challenging it is to get fine quality Mitragyna Speciosa without having any fillers and preservatives.

Since this all-natural herb is getting more and more popular, the search to find it is getting more complex. You never know who you should trust and who you should avoid.

Treasure House Botanicals

Almost all Kratom have experienced fraud or got trapped in some way. Therefore, it is imperative that you should read real reviews from real customers if you ever get interested in a brand.

Keeping this in mind, this comprehensive review on Treasure House Botanicals is written. This is a highly popular vendor, and referring to the name, it is a wealth of numerous botanicals, herbal supplements, ethnobotanicals, CBD, and more.

Keep reading to know more about this company so that you can decide whether or not it’s a good place for you. Their website displays a useful strain guide that serves the purpose of erasing all confusion and concerns regarding any product.

The Celebrated Products Of Treasure House Botanicals

The website is frequently updated to display the availability of the stock. Just check out the homepage to see what the current offerings are. Various kratom strains are available in powder and capsule forms. There is no way you could be disappointed with the extensive portfolio of this superior company.

Various product categories are neatly organized. You can find extracts, powders, compounds, capsules, and so much more! Red Piaman Kratom is their secret lethal weapon. It emits an outstanding aroma, which makes you fall in love. Even a tiny amount of it is sufficient to know how great it truly is.

You will never want to look at any other vendor once you taste any of these strains. Plus, the packaging quality is top-notch. Some of their products are:

Below are the manufacturing process of the prominent strains:

Maeng Da

This strain is made by grafting and breeding chosen strains, which makes it a unique item. MD has its own importance in the marketplace.

Modern Maeng Da

Even if this is available in other stores too, Treasure House Botanicals makes them differently. After the picking of leaves, they are arranged according to colors, then dried and grounded to make a particular shape. The aroma of this strain is distinct.

Elephant Kratom

The name refers to the big size and animalistic shape of the leaves. It shares some similarities with Maeng Da, and due to the classic full spectrum fragrance, it is gaining fame.


This is a type of Elephant strain, but its shape is different. The leaves are sourced from the Hulu Kapuas region.

The Treasure Of Treasure House Botanicals

Now, we will expose the actual gem of this seller. Its product range includes a huge range of Maeng Da strains, which is loved by everyone. The leaves are plucked carefully and dried out in-house. This crafts an excellent and lovely aromatic effect. These tactics manufacture a premium strain that is robust and one of a kind.

However, this sets rivalry between two of the most stellar strains of the brand – Elephant Kratom and Maeng Da. Both of these are loved by the consumers. However, some people claim that Elephant is the winner as it comes with huge leaves – it’s basically bigger and better than Maeng Da. But it is different for everyone. The decision depends on the individual choice and taste.

If you are a fan of gentle fragrance, you should go for the Banjar strain. Likewise, the Piaman strain comes with a rich alkaloid percentage and is rich in nutrients. These are the top 4 finest strains and are called the treasure of the vendor.

Is This Brand Affordable?

Treasure House Botanicals is quite frank and transparent with its price points. It does not hide the pricing structure at which everything is sold. They are quite honest and openly show the costs. After making adjustments to the shipping charges, those are displayed too.

There is an option to buy split kilograms: 4 strains ×250 grams. The 250 gram Kratom bag is available for $21. This split kilograms option makes it easy for consumers to get their hands on the preferred strain in the desired amount. If you are buying for the first time, you will get this for only $11 for 150 grams.

And don’t worry. Discount deals and coupon codes are readily available on the website, as the brand is fond of holding tempting sales throughout the year. These special offers cut down the total amount, giving you a very low cost. This helps you to save 5% on the total amount.

Treasure House Botanicals

Their one kg can be bought at industry-low costs by applying the coupon codes. These codes are automatically applied on the ten kilos and 500-gram orders. Plus, there is a Reward Program for repeat customers. With this program, loyal customers can save as much as they want. Each dollar can make you earn a point, and 20 points will save one dollar.

Shipping Procedure and Return Policy

All the orders are delivered via USPS within two to three days. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything for delivery.

Treasure House Botanicals presents a convenient refund policy. Customers not only admire the offerings but the policies as well. The brand allows refunds up to 20 days, and opened packages are refunded too. This is why they are showered with excellent compliments.

Their Services in Education

Treasure House Botanicals boasts top-tier distinctions and specialties, which makes them a rare breed. They have set themselves apart in many aspects. One of these ways is educating the public about literally everything. This vendor has promised to deliver only the best.

When you take a look at the website, you will see lots of detailed information scattered around – information on their importing, items, lab tests, and most importantly, the specs of each available strain. This offers tons of awareness to the interested buyers and allows them to decide which strain would be an ideal fit for them.

Treasure House Botanicals delivers the safest, freshest, and purest Kratom leaves to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do Customers Think About This Brand?

Treasure House Botanicals is usually in the good books and is discussed on all platforms. They have a bit of an appearance on social media. People put all their trust in their business dealings and love the team.

What Is The Best Characteristic Of This Seller?

All the other vendors are here to fill their pockets. This is because they only post their items and are here to sell them. But Treasure House Botanicals has a differentiating factor – they not only sell the safest Mitragyna but also justify this claim by presenting the evidence. There is a tag on all the products, and a code too. This allows you to know how fresh a product is.

How Can We Pay Them?

Treasure House Botanicals makes sure not to disappoint customers in any aspect as the available payment methods are plenty. All varieties of credit and debit cards are eligible, which is rare.

Most companies either do not accept credit or debit cards. Even if they do, only the selected are accepted. Plus, E-checks and cryptocurrency are also accepted. But E-checks are processed slowly.

Do They Conduct Lab Tests?

Currently, no such information is mentioned on the website. However, all their offerings are genuine and original. You won’t have any concerns regarding the quality while shopping here.

What Do We Think About This Brand?

If you want to treat yourself, blindly trust this company. Treasure House Botanicals is highly recommended by past customers who have tasted their products. Their presence in the Mitragyna community and the e-commerce website is evidence of the love people show to them.

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Lab Tested & GMP Approved Vendor