Everything You Need To Know About Turmeric Kratom

Human beings love to do experimentation. All the inventions and innovations owe to this urge of the experiment. It works in the pharmaceutical field, too, bringing about a great revolution in the medicinal field. This experimentation has also been tried on botanical substances, including kratom. Gladly, it worked best and enhanced the positive effects of the herb.


This Turmeric Kratom blending has also shown that this fantastic organic compound not only possesses healing effects but is also capable of linking with several other natural herbs and plants. Many plants and herbs have been mixed with this natural compound successfully. One such mixing is of two naturally occurring compounds, turmeric kratom. 


Turmeric is as good as ketum, being a natural substance. It possesses anti-inflammatory and agony relieving properties with several other fantastic health benefits that make it ideal to combine with this herb. So Turmeric Kratom combination is an excellent source of getting natural organic compounds. To completely know about this potentiation and its potent effects, let’s have a brief introduction to these compounds.

Turmeric Kratom

What Is Kratom? 


Kratom plants are tropical and evergreen. These are abundantly found in Southeast Asia. They are members of the Coffee family and have been used for various health issues for thousands of years. Commonly, mature leaves of the plant are used as such or brewed into tea. In the last few decades, the unique plant has become the point of research for many botanists. Many renowned pharmaceutical companies have been harvesting, manufacturing, and distributing it. Being an organic compound, it has been used as a food supplement. 


Kratom has many types based on the color of the vein leaves possess, including red vein, white vein, green vein, and yellow vein strain. Plants have been grown in fertile soil, and leaves are harvested when fully matured. These leaves are processed through various chemical techniques and finally ground into a fine powder. These technical procedures are sure that the whole alkaloid profile remained unbroken. 


Each strain is highly rich in alkaloids and has particular benefits. The main constituents of Speciosa are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. These two alkaloids work compatibly with human physiology, so they cause positive health effects. 


Some people have problems with the unique taste of ketum. It does not work well with them; for this reason, many manufacturers enclosed the powder into soft gelatin capsules or other hard shells of gelatin. But this miraculous herb’s unique behavior is that it mixes well with other natural substances. You can mix it with your smoothie, food, tea, coffee, or some juices. You can also combine other raw herbs with it as a potentiator.


What Is Potentiator?


Potentiators are those substances that enhance the usage duration and power of the specific meaning. The process of mixing potentiator and particular importance is known as potentiating. There are various advantages of using a potentiator. It can mask the bad taste and smell of the drug, save money by using less cure per ingestion and enhance the potential of the specific compound. 


As far as potentiating of kratom is concerned, various natural ingredients can be blended successfully with it like cats claw vine, citrus fruits, vinegar, chamomile, caffeine, and turmeric. Let’s know something about turmeric.

What Is Turmeric? 


Turmeric, scientifically, Curcuma longa, is a flowering plant and belongs to the ginger family. This is a perennial and herbaceous plant native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Turmeric powder has a black pepper-like flavor with particular bitterness and warmness. Its aroma resembles earthy mustard.


It has been used in Ayurvedic and herbal cures for thousands of years. The active ingredients in turmeric are curcuminoids. Among these curcuminoids, the most potent substance is curcumin. Its powder is bright yellow and gives sunflower-like color when added to any food like gravies and curry. 


Traditionally, turmeric has been used to help people with the problems of fatigue, inflammation, rheumatism, aches, and indigestion problems. Being a member of the ginger family, it possessed natural abilities of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant. 


It also contains essential oils. These essential oils carry bioactive components like α-turmerone, β-turmerone, and ar-turmerone. These substances have excellent anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Another beneficial extract taken from Curcuma roots is turmeric oil which possesses the qualities of the anti-fungal and anti-allergic agent.


Recent medical studies have shown that it also works as an anti-depressant when it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Though its complete mechanism has not been known yet, there is some relation between inflammation and unhappiness. Research has been conducted in 2017, showing that turmeric is a harmless and effective natural organic substance. It is believed that turmeric kratom blend can help in uneasiness and cure Major Depression Disorder (MDD). However, more accurate experimental working is required to know the exact potencies of both substances to work in MDD.


Best Source Of Nutrition:


Not only does it adds color and spice to the food. Turmeric possesses a much higher nutritional value. It contains vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium, manganese, iron, proteins, and carbohydrates in different amounts. Regular use of this herb makes you fit and strong, as it is a low-calorie spice, so it could be a permanent part of your daily diet plan. One full tablespoon of turmeric bears 29 calories. 


A Unique Blend Turmeric kratom:


Turmeric links with alkaloids present in any kratom strain to make a good combination of Turmeric Kratom herbs. Biochemically, there are specific enzymes in our liver, named cytochrome P450, which metabolize the Speciosa. These enzymes inactivate ketum; that’s why its effects do not last forever.


According to pharmaceutical research, curcumin, the primary component of Curcuma longa, slows down the activity of cytochrome P450 enzymes. So, when ketum is taken after turmeric, it is degraded slowly because turmeric goes down to the liver first and slows down the activity of cytochrome enzymes. Ultimately, kratom lasts for a long time in your system and completes its effects.


One more significant benefit of turmeric kratom, both miraculous herbs, is that this combination allows you to use speciosa strain in lower quantities and obtain the same effects as gained by a higher amount of it. It not also enhances the outcomes but also saves your money too.


Now comes the consumption of this heaven-made Turmeric kratom mixture. It is crucial to take the first dose of the blend on an empty or almost empty stomach. The reason for this step is that the kratom will not be fighting for space for absorption in your intestines.It does not mean that you would not get the best consequences. Your stomach is relatively empty after about 2 hours you eat. Like always, start with a small mixture dose, which makes you feel comfortable and suits your digestive system. A serving of 2.4 grams having perfect turmeric to kratom ratio is recommended within 24 hours to exceed two servings.


According to experienced and regular users and many health professionals, the best ratio of both compounds in the Turmeric Kratom mixture should be made by mixing 2/3rds of turmeric and 1/3rds of kratom. If you got turmeric with pepper, you would experience much better. That’s because pepper helps your body absorb turmeric. If you couldn’t find turmeric with pepper, try Theracurmin; it is a form of turmeric whose particles have been reduced in size. It increases the water solubility of the herb.


Moreover, you must take turmeric one hour before taking the Speciosa. However, don’t exceed the limit as it could be harmful if mishandled. Consult with your physician and get the full benefits of this Turmeric Kratom potentiation.

Turmeric Kratom

How To Make Turmeric Kratom Potentiation:


Many different forms of turmeric are available in the market, but we recommend you use natural extract. Now come to prepare turmeric tea, take some of it, and ground it; you can also use the ready-to-use powder available in many grocery shops. Next, boil the powder in water. For every 4 cups of water, put 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric. Boil it for 10 minutes, and tea is ready. You can add any sweetener to it, like honey or sugar. 


Golden milk is also a better option. You have to add some turmeric, black pepper, ginger powder, honey, and cinnamon to milk and heat it mildly. The fantastic golden milk is ready. It potentiates kratom and treats sore throat, fever, and runny nose. If you don’t like these ways of using turmeric, then you can find enormous different ways of using it on the internet. After an hour, take your kratom dose and feel the heavenly effects on your body as turmeric kratom mixture induce log time soothing effect to your body.

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