Types Of Kratom: What To Know Before Buying Them

The history of mitragyna goes back centuries, but it came to the limelight in the late 2000s, when it was discovered in the west as a natural remedy for various conditions. It is said that the active compounds within the leaves of this plant act as a potent component in providing relief from many chronic problems. Therefore, some people consume it to help with their chronic conditions, while others use it as a supplement or an alternative to coffee.

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is used in traditional cures. It is grown in several parts of the world and its native habitat. It is widely distributed throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. This popular botanical has been used by natives of this region for many centuries for various reasons, including agony relief and increased work performance depending on its form and degree of potency.

The leaves were chewed directly in ancient times to get the benefits of the herbal plant. However, many different forms are available in the market for use, including extracts, powders, capsules, tablets, resins, etc.

Being one of the famous herbs in America, ketum is surrounded by many controversies. The plant is on the “Drugs of Concern” list of DEA, which states that Ketum has a high potential for abuse and dependence. The statement is hardly acceptable because the issue always arises with adulterated Korth products, and this beneficial plant is not harmful in its natural form.

There are three significant types based on the colors of plant leaves. And in this article, we will learn about the differences between these types of Kratom. So be with us till the end and learn all about these types of Kratom.

Types Of Kratom

Reasons of Color Variations In Kratom Plant

Korth leaves have different properties based on the maturity level of the plant they come from. As the plant ages, various alkaloids build up in the leaves. For example, white vein ketum, the youngest and most potent strain, is high in mitragynine.

While red vein Korth, an older strain, has more 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The age of the plant also impacts how it is dried and processed. For example, white veins are typically picked before they are fully mature and dried with less exposure to direct sunlight than other strains because the direct exposure of young leaves to sunlight destroys their alkaloid content.

Types Of Kratom Strains According To Leaf Color

There are three different types of Kratom according to leaf color:

  • red vein ketum
  • white vein ketum
  • green vein ketum

The color of the vein and stem of the leaf determines the type. These colors correspond to different effects. However, two more colors are available in the market, but those are not named after the vein color but because of the drying process.

White Vein Kratom

White vein (sometimes called white Kratom) leaves are collected from the younger mitragyna plants. After harvesting, the leaves are dried indoors to avoid sunlight exposure.

It is an excellent choice for people seeking an uplifting, energetic experience. It is a stimulant and positive mood enhancer, but its intensity makes it harder for beginners to appreciate. However, experienced users find it worth the effort.


White Vein strain is one of the most potent strains available. It is characterized by high quality, intense aroma, and effect.Because of the early harvesting of the strain, it possesses the highest alkaloid levels, making it the most potent of all types of Kratom. Therefore, it is advised for beginners to take the lowest doses of this strain so their bodies can tolerate its high potency.

Best Strains In White Types Of Kratom

You can find many white-veined types of Kratom in the market. However, some of the most famous and loved white vein strains include

Red Vein Kratom

Red-veined Ketum is one of the most popular strains. This form is harvested from trees that are at their peak maturity. Many people prefer red veins due to their supposedly sedative effects. Harvested from mature trees, red-veined ketum possesses the highest concentrations of an active alkaloid, 7- hydroxy mitragynine.

The leaves of red-veined strains are dried with exposure to sunlight or light from UV lamps to create a reddish hue, which comes from the anthocyanins in the plant. Red strains may also be fermented during processing to create bent angle Korth, slightly different from the standard red Ketum. This strain is suitable for people looking for sedating experience or rest aid.


Red Ketum is milder than the other major strains of this herbal supplement. Red strain is not a stimulant, so it will not make you feel like you have a jolt of caffeine. It is more approachable for new users because of its less energetic and stimulating effects than white or green strains.

Best Strains In Red Types Of Kratom

If you’re looking for red veined strains, you can find many in the marketplace. However, classic strains like Borneo and Bali are popular among seasoned users. Some other includes

  • Red-veined Maeng Da
  • Red-veined Thai
  • Red-veined Indo

Green Vein Kratom

Green Korth is a fantastic middle-of-the-road option between white and red varieties with its unique benefits. Green Vein leaves are known for their milder stimulation and are harvested in the middle stages of a tree’s life cycle. They offer a pleasant head buzz as well as an invigorating physical rush.

Green Kratom is a happy medium between the stimulating white and relaxing red strains. It offers similar alertness to white strain but with slightly less habit potential. If you’re new to the community, green will be your best bet.


More subtle than the white vein, green strain is known as a stimulant by most who have used it.

Best Strains In Green Types Of Kratom

There are many different strains of the plant available. The best-known of these are

  • Green-veined Bali
  • Green-veined Malay
  • Green-veined Borneo
  • Green-veined Indo

Some Other Color Types Of Kratom Available In The Market

Apart from these three major color types of Kratom, you must have seen some other colors such as gold, yellow or black. These names are mostly given to Korth blends by manufacturers. There is no specific vocabulary used for ketum products by companies, and that’s why they name their products according to their own opinions.

Yellow Or Gold Kratom

More and more vendors are offering a yellow vein strain every year. For quite some time, the origins of yellow Korth were a mystery. Three popular theories surround the origins of this type.

  • Some say that yellow coloration comes from harvesting leaves in a much later stage of the mitragyna lifetime, providing the leaves with a yellowish hue. The harvest of these leaves in a powdered form was then named yellow Ketum.
  • The second approach involves combining red, white, and green leaves before fermenting them to give the resulting product a yellow hue.
  • According to the third theory, yellow strains are created through a unique drying process. Some people believe that yellow hues are obtained by drying red vein strains for a more extended period. Others claim that yellow Korth is made by drying a mixture of white and green vein strain outdoors rather than in an indoor environment.

The problem with yellow strain is that there are more theories than facts surrounding yellow types of Kratom, making them less credible.

Black Kratom

Black strain is making quite a stir in the world of mitragyna. Black ketum powder is dark, smooth, and considered an excellent choice for any blend. This powder is a specialty item made of red vein leaves that have been fire-roasted and finely ground. The fermentation and roasting processes through which the red vein leaves pass give it its pungent smell, which most people don’t find appealing. Nonetheless, the process dramatically reduces leaves’ bitterness, which makes them easy to consume orally.

Types Of Kratom

Which One Would Be Best For You Among All The Types Of Kratom

Well, the answer to this question depends upon your preferences. For example, some of you may find white veins more promising, while others feel that red is more appealing.

It’s helpful to get involved in online communities before trying out some products. This way, you can learn a bunch of info about what to expect from each strain and each product.

It would be best to experiment with different strains to figure out your true calling. Stay patient, be cautious, and set your expectations right to avoid feeling disappointed in the end. It can take a while before you find the right product and dosage.

Bottom Line

Each strain certainly has its benefits. However, when it comes to picking the right leaf, it is imperative to know what types of Kratom are available. Knowing which color best suits you will help you get better results in any issue you want to tackle with this herbal product. Choose quality over quantity and see how your days change for the better. Always use a small amount of product and never mix it with other drugs.

Remember that the primary purpose of this guide is to provide you with a basic introduction to the different strains, and if possible, make you want to read further.

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