Urban Ice Organics OR Natural Organix – Best Kratom Strains And Cost Review

Urban Ice Organics is a blossoming company that is trying to make a name for itself. This task is never easy, but it seems like it is doing something right. A lot of folks are talking about it on social media platforms like Reddit.

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The following will help you learn more about this company.

Learning About Urban Ice Organics

There’s a lot to learn about this site.

  • Firstly, it is in Las Vegas. To be specific, the headquarters are in the heart of North Las Vegas, which is not too far from the famous Strip.
  • The company seems to be doing a lot to make sure it supports its local community. This is the reason they are running a special where folks who live in Las Vegas can get orders delivered for free. The orders have to be above $100, but this is still great. Keep in mind this is in-person delivery, which is awesome.
  • This is not to say the company doesn’t offer good deals for others. The company does its best to ensure visitors get fair prices for the products and shipping.
  • The company is pretty young compared to other sites. Still, even though it is young, it is doing its best to establish a good name for itself. One thing this company does well is being transparent. If you look over their site, they tell you everything.
  • They tell you about their products without delay. They tell you their prices without hiding them. The company offers free shipping on orders above $75.

On top of that, you also see that this company guarantees your satisfaction. If something goes wrong or you aren’t happy, you can contact them. It seems like you can get your money back, and that shows confidence.

Kratom Strains Offered by Urban Ice Organics

Maeng Da

Natural Oganix Maeng Da

Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains out there. The site offers a high-quality version of this kratom strain. You can get the capsule or the powdered type. Each has its pros and cons, so try to keep that in mind as you choose.

Green Malay

Green Malay is another option you have available on this site. This is only available in a capsule, but that’s a good thing. This is another one of the more popular kratom strains out there. You probably can’t wait to take it with you everywhere you go. When it’s in capsule form, kratom is easy to transport and quite discreet.

Natural Oganix Green Malay


You get 100 percent pure Bali here, and you get it in capsule form. This is a popular strain that many folks love to travel with as well. It is 100 percent natural like the other strains sold by this online kratom store. You should know you get the option to get kratom in bulk or just a small sample of about 10 capsules. This is way more than enough to start with.

Indo Leaf

The Indoleaf is another option available here with this site. This one isn’t as popular, but it is rising in popularity. Folks who had a hard time finding this strain can rest easy because they have it here. Many users talk about the quality of this along with other strains offered here. It seems like the online store is impressive enough for fans to come back and recommend it.

Talking About Sample Packs

The site offers two sample packs it calls Mix and Match. You get to choose from an Indoleaf sample pack or a more traditional option. The traditional option would have things like Maeng Da or Bali. The Indoleaf sample pack would have different types of this strain. You’ll find things like White Indoleaf or Green Indoleaf to name a few.

What’s All This Going to Cost?

  • Okay, so the smaller 10 capsule packets will only cost you $6.99. These aren’t available for all strains but a few of them. The Green Malay, the Bali, and the Maeng Da are the ones you can get in this quantity.
  • When it comes to larger quantities of capsules, you’ll find some with 50 capsules and others with 100. The bottles with 50 capsules are about $32.99; while the ones with 100 are $49.99. If you look at prices around the internet, you’ll see this is a pretty good deal.
  • There are other products in the online store like a CBD-infused kratom in capsule form. You get 175 capsules in one bottle all for just $79.99.

Natural Oganix CBD Infused

Payment Methods Available

People care about how much they’ll end up paying and how they can pay. Everyone knows the US makes it challenging for kratom vendors to operate.

They haven’t banned kratom, but they have tried to create obstacles. The thing is online stores have found ways around all that, which is good for you. Those in Las Vegas are lucky because they can pay in person with cash. Those online will have to rely on other methods. You’ll have to use e-Checks, or you’ll have to use Zelle to pay. Both of these are easy to use and quite convenient.

No, most online vendors won’t accept credit cards, and it’s the same here. As mentioned earlier, the US continues to regulate the sale of this product. Because of this, credit card companies don’t allow you to buy kratom using their services. This would get the vendors in trouble with these companies, and no one wants that. The sign-up process to buy and pay on this site is pretty straight forward. It won’t take long to see that your order is being processed.

Talking About Shipping and Customer Service

People care about how their items will get to them and how much they’ll pay. People also care about customer service.

  • First of all, you only have to read a few reviews to see that Natural Organix provides good service. Customer service takes care of concerns and focuses on creating satisfaction.
  • Shipping is pretty straight forward. If the package isn’t delivered in person like in Vegas, then standard shipping gets your stuff to you.
  • It’ll take three to five business days. Keep in mind this usually means you have to skip weekends. Shipping is $10 unless you get a large order.

What are People Saying at Reddit?

Reddit is where kratom things start. A lot of online stores, including this one, get talked about in Reddit. Here is where fans gather to talk about their experiences with kratom and vendors. You will definitely find Natural Organix there, and it seems customers are happy. Some Reddit users recommend this site over others.

Can You Trust Them?

If you believe the folks over at Reddit, then the answer is quite simple. You can trust them. It also helps that this company has been online for a while now, and that means people continue to support them.


Q- Are There Coupon Codes?

A- Yes, the trick is finding them and using them.

Q- Has the company been in trouble with the law?

A- The company is careful and is compliant to keep everyone safe.

Q- Is social media important?

A- Yes, the company knows folks have come to their site because of their social media platform. This should help you see whether this is the right kratom online store for you or not. There’s a lot out there, so pay attention to the details until you find the one that works for you.

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