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The Mitragyna Speciosa market is expanding at the speed of flash. This is clear from the influx of so many vendors like Virginia Botanicals that have made an appearance everywhere. This is shocking as the all-natural herb was unveiled only recently.

Originating from the Southeast Asian forests to almost all regions of the world, the popularity of Kratom is truly undeniable. So resultantly, Mitragyna enthusiasts are showered with unlimited options to purchase Kratom, and even more, vendors are established.

It is not a far-fetched idea to enjoy a sufficient stock of Mitragyna Speciosa products. But there is only one negative side to this sheer convenience. Not all brands guarantee good quality, meet the promises, or obey the market’s standards. Even if some companies are genuine, a lot of them are just shady.

Virginia Botanicals

If shoppers do not practice caution, this can backfire in the most tragic way because no one likes to waste money on poor quality. If you do not want to be a victim of this fraud, you should properly carry out research about the vendors you are interested in.

Whatever vendor you choose at the end of the day, their products should be safe for consumption, and the quality should be consistent. In this detailed review article, we have discussed all vital aspects of Virginia Botanicals so that you can make a conscious decision.

The Company at a Glance

Virginia Botanicals was established in 2017, which means they are comparatively new. But even in a few years, the brand was able to gain an amazing reputation. They are located in Virginia, where very few vendors are based. They invest hard work and efforts to ensure that no credit is lost.

Apart from Kratom, they are an expert at selling coffee blends and natural herbs. This versatile variety is the reason why all types of clients surround them. In other words, this renowned company serves natural alternatives to conventional Western drugs.

Their Extensive Product Catalog

The product line-up at Virginia Botanicals is one-of-a-kind. Unlike other brands that only sell capsules or powders, this is not the case here. You can purchase all your favorite strains in Powders, Pills, and Capsules.

As all users have reported, all strains boast unrivalled potency. Plus, their taste gains completely different praise. There are above 55 varying variants and strains found in this online store. A few popular strains are listed below:

The last item is an excellent blend liked by all customers. As a separate assortment of natural botanicals is available, some best-sellers from this category are:

  • Pink Lotus
  • 30% Kava Extracts
  • Coffee Beans
  • Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Whatever your preferences are, there is something for everyone. Another thrilling feature of this product range is that you can purchase split kilograms as well. With this option, you can create your own recipe by combining various strains. It’s very similar to the “make your own burger” case. In fact, the company earns most of its profit by split kilograms and proprietary blends.

But they lack a storeroom to accommodate such variety. It is no wonder then that they usually run out of stock with many items. The products are restocked at the earliest and with more experience, it is expected that they will get a storeroom.

What Is Their Pricing System?

Not only is their product inventory so diverse, but the prices will also put a smile on your face too. One-ounce pouches have a starting price of just $4, whereas a half kg can be purchased for $45. If we compare to other companies, their costs are much higher. These are wholesale costs for top-tier products.

Another impressive thing is that Virginia Botanicals are aware of how to satisfy their target audience. They don’t waste time by presenting mini options. Instead, the choices are lowered down to fit the palette of a Kratom connoisseur.

While other brands allow you to buy bits and pieces of various items, this online seller is perfect for anyone who buys in bulk. The last increment is a whole kg which is famous as lots of people want to stock up. A kg of Kratom will be available for $70 only, which is reasonable.

How Do They Ship The Orders?

After reading the reviews online, we have known that the vendor ships fast by ensuring convenience to clients. Only one to three business days are required to ship all orders. Virginia Botanicals does not work or deliver orders on holidays and weekends.

An impressive fact is that foreign Kratom users can taste their products too as they ship to other countries. But even with non-US orders, the delivery is swift. The maximum time period for foreign orders is one month. Their shipping procedure is reliable, and the charges are affordable.

For one ounce of order, the shipping charges are $7. This cheap rate encourages people to order in bulk. Right after dispatching the order, they offer tracking numbers to the shopper.

How Do They Treat The Customers?

Since it has not been much time since they entered the market, they don’t enjoy much popularity. But the people who tried them are quite satisfied with all the services. They have reported that the deliveries are swift, the packaging is discreet, everything smells nice and earthy, and the products look fresh.

They pack everything in vacuum-sealed bags and add tiny “thank you” notes to delight the shoppers. All the Kratom powders are crushed finely. The people who were tired of the high rates and unsatisfying quality of other vendors think that Virginia Botanicals is their ideal haven.

It is clear that they are committed to giving benefits to the customers, which is evident as only the finest quality is offered by the team.

The staff members are responsive, and they are skilled enough to solve all complications. A prompt reply is ensured within 15 to 24 hours after a customer submits the contact form. Their official website is intuitive and easy to use.

You can ask any questions through the live chat service. At all times, customer support representatives are present to guide users in their shopping experience. Plus, there is a comment section where you can leave questions, reviews, and suggestions. To offer even more communication options, you can write them an email or even call them.

All the Praiseworthy Aspects of Virginia Botanicals

Virginia Botanicals

  • Both local and international clients can freely shop and get their packages delivered in time.
  • The customer service is efficient, useful, and friendly. The team is always present to solve all complications.
  • The products boast unbeatable value and quality.
  • The website is user-friendly and quick.
  • All the relevant information on the products and Kratom is displayed on the website.
  • They are 100% legal and genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are There Any Cons Of This Brand?

Yes, just like any other vendor, Virginia Botanicals needs improvements in some aspects. The following disadvantages might change your intention of buying from them:

  • There is no evidence of lab tests on their website.
  • Only raw Kratom is sold.
  • It is a beginner brand in the market.

Do They Provide Discounts?

You can avail of discount codes from the websites that frequently share promo or coupon codes. For instance, the website “I Love Kratom” can be helpful. But make sure that it is a verified coupon code before applying.

Are They Found On Social Media?

Their social media presence is not as impressive as other brands because they are a newcomer. However, their following is increasing gradually.

Last Words on Virginia Botanicals

As seen from the information above, this is an affordable and genuine brand where premium quality is guaranteed. Due to many impressive reasons, lots of Mitragyna consumers say that Virginia Botanicals is their go-to store, and for others, it is a favorite seller. Even with such cheap rates, they make sure that quality, potency, and freshness are not sacrificed.

Plus, their eager customer support representatives are well-trained and make all customers happy. If you love consuming various strains and are not scared to taste the exciting variety, this should be your next purchase.

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