Is Vivazen Kratom The Best Option For Extracts?

Vivazen Kratom is a Mitragyna Speciosa online vendor that sells Mitragyna in liquid forms. Kratom is getting popular as time goes by, and people are searching for various online ways to obtain it. Everyone is leaping on the bandwagon; some prefer all-natural herbs in powder, while others favor extracts. Vivazen Kratom is the ideal place for the fans of the later stuff to relish some liquid shots.

There aren’t many vendors who only offer extract bottles. What distinguishes this merchant from others; the primary focus here is kratom in liquid form. This article has all the facts you need to know about this well-known internet shop to pique your curiosity.

Who exactly is Vivazen Kratom?

Vivazen Kratom is a brand that only deals with kratom extracts. It is a South Jordan, Utah-established company, existing in the botanical market for a long time, building well-known importance amongst the competitors and fanatics. Thanks to their high-quality products, this merchant has risen to the top of the chain as the number one liquid shot vendor.

True to its motto, “Multi-Purpose, Feel Good Relief,” their fresh goods provide fantastic advantages such as feeling active and peaceful throughout the day. There isn’t more to know about this brand because Vivazen Kratom doesn’t give personal details on its website.

Vivazen Kratom

Is Their Website Simple To Navigate?

It is a simple website with a rough combination of red and black, easy on everyone’s eye. The front of the website features images of the extract bottles, giving you an idea of what product you will get. Vivazen Kratom’s webpage offers you the option to check out customer-written reviews over their product to make you fully satisfied. As previously stated, it is a straightforward and appealing website, so you will have no trouble discovering the product you are searching for. All of their powders get made with care and love with the purpose of supplying you with safe items.

Are The Presented Products Lab Tested And AKA-Certified?

Before putting Mitragyna herb goods on the market, brands must ensure that they have been lab-tested and are free of any pathogens. Vivazen Kratom has no information about their items being 3rd party lab-tested. Nonetheless, that does not mean in any way they are selling harmful products. At the bottom of the page, a sticker will get plastered announcing themselves as a Kratom vendor selling 100% authentic products. Furthermore, if the items had any ups and downs, the firm would not get flourish year after year.

Any clue if they have been certified by the American Kratom Association is not present, so it is hard to say. Anyhow, their past performance tells us there has been no harm done to any individual’s health.

What Kinds of Products Does Vivazen Kratom Have To Offer?

This seller takes care in preparing its items for its clients. Vivazen Kratom, on the other hand, only sells Mitragyna Specosia in liquid form. They currently only sell three products: the Vivazen Kratom Original, the Vivazen Kratom Ultimate, and the Vivazen Kratom Max. As written on their website, extracts such as Willow Bark, California Poppy Ariel, Passion Flower Ariel, Valerin Root, Boswellia Serrata Resin, Corydalis Yanhusou Rhisome, and Mitragyna Spesocia get used to creating these mixtures.

What Are The Prices Of The Bottles?

The one trait of this online vendor that marks them on top of the customers’ list is how affordable the products are. Each product has a separate tag price and can also get purchased in bulk.

  • Vivazen Kratom Original comes in a bottle measuring 56ml. The price of 3 bottles is $17, making one bottle costing $5.67. Twelve bottles cost $59, per bottle costing $4.92, while 36 bottles and 72 bottles worth $159 & $288, $4.42 and $4 per container respectively.
  • Vivazen Kratom Ultimate has 3, 6, and 12 bottles, measuring 15ml with five servings, valued at $49, $95, and $127. One container for each can get bought for $16 for three bottles, $15.85, and $15 for 6 and 12.
  • Vivazen Kratom Max has only two purchasing options. The package is 56ml of 12 and 24 bottles. Per bottle for these two options gets priced at $6.24 and $6. However, if bought in bulk, the 12 bottles are $74 and 24 for $145.

Vivazen Kratom’s Shipping and Delivery Policy

A piece of happy news, there is no shipping cost on all orders. Buy as many natural liquid products you like and only pay the price shown on the cart. No matter where you live in the USA, no additional fee for shipping is required to get paid. That is true for both new and returning consumers. The order gets sent the same day it is booked and gets scheduled to arrive at the customer’s doorstep in 2-3 days. The items get sent through express shipping, which ensures their safety.

The Refund Policy

The Vivazen Kratom merchant offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a liberal return policy. You are guaranteed a 100% money refund if any product does not live up to taste. No other vendor could have a guideline for refunds that last two months. If you wish to replace a damaged contact with this brand within 48 hours or in a week and, to make things better, you will get charged no additional cost for any refunds made. A form will be available on their forum regarding submitting any claims.

What Is The Brands’ Payment Policy?

Vivazen Kratom offers much different payment options so that every kratom fanatic enjoys their service. Mastercard, Visa, Cryptocurrency, and E-cheques are the pay alternative proposed by this brand.

Do They Provide Discounts And Coupon Codes?

Vivenza excels in attracting and retaining clients by enticing them with new deals. At this merchant, if you send a $10 gift card to a friend and they use it, you will receive a $25 credit on your next purchase. Aside from that, there are several more choices, such as creating an account and earning 75 points, receiving a $10 discount card to commemorate your birthday, or referring this business to a friend to get 375 points. Get 20% off by subscribing to their newsletter along with free samples and special offers.

In addition, a Christmas sale is presently running on their website, with discounts of 10%, 15%, and $20 on orders totaling $25, $ 75, and $150+, respectively.

Where Can I Buy Their Products?

The first choice to purchase these exceptionally high-quality products is through the internet. Go over to their website, create an account, place an order, and relish the taste of these naturally made extracts. Those apprehensive about online shopping can go to a merchant that sells Vivazen Kratom items, such as Murphy USA, Circle K, and Moto Mart, among others. To find out more stores in your location, check out the map given on their website.

How Should You Contact Them?

Their staff is available to answer questions or for any inquiry. When you arrive at their website, there will be many options to contact them listed at the bottom. Reach out to them via email, contact number, or visiting the given address. There is no particular time when it is best to contact this seller. So you can reach out to them at any time. The staff is kind, professional, and helpful, working hard to react to each client as swiftly as possible to eliminate any lingering curiosity.

Vivazen Kratom

What Do Customers Have To Say About Them?

The reviews from their customers can easily get found on the brand’s main webpage. They signify no problems with the goods or the customer service; everything gets scored 5-stars. The quality is dependably high, and customers are entirely delighted.

Final Verdict

To end this, Vivazen Kratom is the perfect place to buy the all-natural leave herb in a liquid form. You will undoubtedly have a mind-blowing experience with their high-quality merchandise, plus the products are highly-effective, kicking in your body in just 20 minutes. So, go ahead and treat yourself to the premium kratom by visiting their website right now!


Does Vivazen Kratom Sale In All States Of The US?

Due to the laws regarding tree leaves powder, 12 counties plus cities where this brand does not deliver, including Rhode Island, Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Sarasota County, Denver, Union County, and San Diego.

Do They Make False Medical Claims?

All creations consumed stand 100% pure made from fresh leaves. This seller has had 0 complaints, making it easier for them to survive in such a competitive market.

Can I Buy From This Vendor Through The Internet Only?

Yes, you can easily buy kratom online by ordering via their webpage. However, that is not the only option; Vivazen Kratom’s liquid shots get sold through 1000 shops in the United States.

Is This Company Active On Social Media Platforms?

They are active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where daily posts about products, sales, and much other stuff get posted.


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