White Bali Kratom – Origin – Effects – The Dosage Of Euphoric Stain

This is one of the better strains on the market. It doesn’t have high potency or even a huge energy uptick, but it more than makes up for it in the effects department, it kills everything on the market in terms of feelings. Without getting too much into it, it’s a great strain that is vastly underestimated.

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What is White Bali Kratom?

White Bali is a strain of Bali that is ripped out of the tree at its juvenile state and is one of the better feeling strains on the market. In terms of potency or stimulus, it’s kind of mute, but it is still Bali and has some of the same properties of the strain. It is a white vein strain, and while it gives a slight energy boost, it doesn’t have the same boosted potency as other white vein strains.

What is the Origin of White Bali Kratom?

White Bali Kratom is a derivative of the coffee tree family and grows on the mitragyna speciosa tree. It also has the same traits as Bali but is lacking in the White vein part of that equation. However, that’s due to it being grown in the third largest island nation of Bali. Bali itself is one of the most potent strains on the market because of where it’s grown and the number of Alkaloids in the strain.

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What Are the Main Features of the White Bali Kratom Strain?

Well, while most of the effects aren’t scientifically proven, the feeling of this strain is said to be blissful, and carry you away to comfort. It’s because of three balanced and combined feelings that we cannot discuss, but it’s feelings more than makeup for just about everything else it lacks.

What Are the Key Alkaloids in the White Bali Kratom Strain?

There are some 25 to 30 different alkaloids in the White Bali strain, and they are all core components. While this strain has considerably less 7-hydroxy-mitragynine in it, which helps with the energy boost, it has a fairly high amount of mitragynine. It also has trace amounts of Ajmalicine, which is an anti-allergin.

Effects of the White Bali Strain

There are many effects that you can get from any strain, and this is no different. All of the effects of the strain are still being scientifically studied by scientists. However, what we do know is that the feeling of this strain gives an energy boost. However, not as much of an energy boost as what other white vein strains provide. The feelings you get with this strain are better than other strains, and you will feel a sense of happiness, to say the least when using this particular strain.

How Much of a Dosage Should You Take with the White Bali Strain?

This is open to interpretation, and with this strain, it’s the same as many other strains. Experienced users will use what they need to, and new users are wondering where to start. So for starters, beginners should take lower doses, and probably stick to one or two capsules depending on the gram contents.

Ultimately though, you need to take your

  • Body Weight
  • Height
  • Medical issues
  • Health
  • Age, and more

into consideration when using any strain of Kratom.

How Popular is the White Bali Kratom Strain?

In terms of sales, it’s not as popular as the main leaders of the pack in Maeng Da and Red Bali. However, even though it’s not popular, it’s selling in every single Kratom vendor’s shop at the moment. There are so many people trying this strain out, either as a first time Kratom user, or someone who is new to the white Bali strain. They are surprised to find that they like it, and they buy more of the strain to get the same feelings. So while it isn’t as popular, nor as potent, it is gaining popularity.

How Much Would You Typically Pay for the White Bali Kratom Strain?

Like everything, it depends on where you buy it. Some stores sell them low, and others sell them high. However, there is a collection of prices that have varied throughout the internet market for Kratom users. The price can vary from time to time, but currently, you are looking at $12 to $25 low quantities, and between $90 and $250 in the higher quantities.


There are many questions that people have about Kratom, and while there are some answers floating around on the internet, and some of them are true, while some are false. Here are some of the facts that are swirling around on the internet. However, there is no way to prove that any of the effects or side effects are factual. These are the things that we know, and while we know them, they are not scientifically proven, and thus the frequently asked questions.

Q#1- Is White Bali Kratom Safe to Use?

A- The answer is a resounding. I don’t know. It is presumably safe unless it is taken before driving, or used on no sleep, or paired with other hard drugs. The truth is they need to do more scientific studies to prove one way or the other if the strain, or if Kratom itself is safe for consumption.

Q#2- What Countries Grow Kratom?

A- There are many countries in the South East portion of Asia that grow these trees. To name a few of them, there’s

  • The Island Nation of Bali
  • The Whole of Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia, and many more

Q#3- Is the White Bali Strain Addictive?

A- There have been no scientific studies that link Kratom to being addictive. However, there are also no studies that it’s not addictive. The point is is that most people say that it is not addictive and that it helps kick opioid withdrawal, but there is no evidence to back it. So the problem is that we just don’t know all of the answers as of this moment until further studies can be done.

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