White Elephant Kratom – A Product Review

There are many types of Kratom on the market. Many of them are very potent, but none of them can reach the Elephant strains potency. There are so many strains playing catch up like Bali, Maeng Da, Indo, Malay, and more. This is a very particular and rare white strain, and we’ll go over the details below.

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What is White Elephant Kratom?

White Elephant is a strain of Kratom that is called White Elephant Kratom because of the size of its leaves. The leaves look like elephant ears, and that’s where the strains name comes in to play. It is known to be one of the most potent strains because of its large leaves, and because of where it comes from in the world.

Where do the Origins of the White Elephant Kratom Strain Lie?

Elephant strains are unique in the way that they are made because they can come off of any evergreen mitragyna speciosa tree that is grown. They know that it’s an elephant vein because the leaves are massive compared to other leaves. They are grown in southeast Asia in the jungles and by the rivers in the following countries;

  • Thailand
  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Papua New Guinea

What are the Key Features of the Strain?

There is so much that you can feel with this strain, and the key features are the extravagantly large leaves for one. Another key feature is that it has a highly potent dose, and is one of the strongest on the market. There is so much more to get into, but these are the key features of the strain.

What are the Key Alkaloids of the White Elephant Strain?

There are hundreds of Alkaloids in all of the Kratom strains, but for this particular one, it has trace amounts of all of them. However, the difference is the key alkaloids, and the main one for this particular strain is the mitragynine, it also has high amounts of 7-hydroxy-mitragynine.

What are the Effects of the White Elephant Strain?

There are a lot of effects that go along with the elephant strain. There is one in particular that we can define without scientific research, and that is, that it follows the white vein strain, and has energy for days. Okay, maybe not for days, but it does give a substantial boost in energy like all of the other white vein strains. This one differs in potency, which means that it can have stronger or longer effects, and sometimes both.

How Much White Elephant Kratom Should You Take?

White Elephant Kratom Review

That depends on what type of strain you use, but if it’s your first time using Kratom or White Elephant Kratom in particular, then you want to go low on the dosage. People who are new to the products should typically try less than 2 grams at first.

However, that depends on the person and

  • What you weight
  • How tall you are
  • Your medical history
  • Your age, and more.

There is also a concern that taking too much Kratom can lead to moderate to severe side effects, but that again just depends on the person.

How Popular is the White Elephant Kratom Strain?

It is very popular in terms of sales. When they get some elephant Kratom regardless of the strain, it is rarely on the shelves long before they sell out. They are popular because of their potency, and they stay popular because of the effects that they give. It is also rare that Kratom strains fly so far off the shelf, and this one is the exception to the rule. However, it is quite pricey at some vendors because its hard to get status.

How do You Find White Elephant Kratom?

There are many great sources in finding the best Kratom, and with White Elephant Kratom, it’s no different. There is nowhere harder to find it than in person, though, and they are hard to find even when you find a place that sells Kratom. So what you want to do is look into reputable vendors that have the lab results, and companies that you trust. Look them up online, or look up white Elephant Kratom online so that you can find out if any of your trusted sites are selling them.


Q#1- Reddit Review of White Elephant Kratom

A- There isn’t much to be said about White Elephant Kratom. Most people say that it depends on the vendor that you get it from, and if the vendor recommends it, try it. However, as per Reddit, there isn’t anything negative about the strain; it’s all primarily positive.

Q#2-White Elephant Capsules vs. Powder

A- Okay, so now there is not really much difference in the Kratom except that they have different gram contents. If you get capsules, they have specific grams in them, and you don’t need to measure them out. They also have the ability to be taken as a pill. On the other hand, the powder can be taken in a variety of ways. On the drawback of that, you do have to take it out and measure it before you can take it.

Q#3- Does White Elephant Kratom Give You Energy?

A- As a white vein strain, it’s a natural energy supplier, but with the Elephant strain too, it has a ton of potency backing it. It has a longer-lasting effect and has a stronger potency. This strain gives you energy for a while, and you can attribute that to the high potency white vein strain. So, the short answer is yes.

Q#4- Gaia Elephant Kratom Review

A- The review is that their products are awesome; they have a ton of great strains. The range from red, green, white, and yellow vein strains so that they offer variety. There is so much that they offer, that it’s nearly insane. There is so much that they offer, and the potency on the strains are amazing. People just can’t get enough of this strain, and keep coming back for more.

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