Can You Replace Your Morning Coffee With White Indo Kratom?

You wake up in the morning wondering, why am I waking up? After two or three snoozes, you reach for your first pot of coffee, because who can get moving without coffee, and you feel the familiar sense of dread. Sure, coffee will get you moving, but your hands will shake like you’re holding a jackhammer, and your heart will race faster than a rocket.

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Why Can’t They make something to help pick me up and calm me down at the same time?

No, it’s not calm if your heart is racing, your brain pulses, and your hands shake. Sure, you may feel a slight mellow as you sit staring into the half-empty coffee cup, but that feeling races away at the same pace as your heart.

I looked around for an answer. Black tea? Not strong enough and tough to find a great-tasting variety. Energy drinks? They make coffee’s heart racing look like a high school runner chasing a world champion. Caffeine pills? See coffee, above. I finally found White Indo Kratom. It helps pick me up while it calms me down, without sending my heart on a 5-mile run. It might just be able to help you achieve the same effect.

What is White Indo Kratom?

White Indo Kratom is a variety of Kratom. Different strains (varieties) come from different leaves. Users report different effects from each strain. Some provide more of a stimulant effect, while others reportedly provide more of a calming effect. Some reports have the same strain providing both effects at the same time.

White Indo Kratom results from white Kratom leaves harvested from centuries-old trees. The older, more mature trees produce more mature leaves, which many users report produce the best effects.

However, the best way to determine how a particular strain may impact you is to try it. Everyone experiences Kratom differently, and you will realize slightly different impacts than other users. You will not know how it works on your body until you try it.

Where Is White Indo Kratom Grown?

Grown in Indonesia, primarily Borneo and Sumatra, White Indo Kratom contains three different strains from three separate regions of Indonesia. While not identical, they mainly contain the same active substances.

  • Ancient forests in Borneo and Sumatra produce the White Indo Kratom leaves, which exist in smaller numbers than their red and white cousins. Leaves from ancient trees in Aceh and North Sumatra are thought by many to produce the best quality White Indo Kratom.
  • Kratom from most of Sumatra ships under the name White Vein Sumatra Kratom. White Vein Riau Kratom hails from southwest Sumatra. Plants from Borneo produce White Vein Borneo Kratom.
  • Many believe that White Vein Sumatra Kratom offers the sweetest taste of the three. They report that the experience of consuming it beats the experience of White Vein Borneo or White Vein Riau Kratom. But remember, some like their steaks rare and some like them well done to the point of burnt. Your tastes may differ from others.
  • White Vein Riau Kratom ranks as the rarest of the three White Indo Kratom types. People report receiving an energy boost without jitters or nervousness. Try finding a caffeinated coffee-producing that effect!

White Vein Borneo comes from the same plant as White Vein Bali. They are the same product. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bali share the island of Borneo. Because the strain shipped from Bali, some labeled it White Vein Bali, creating the confusion.

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Which Alkaloids Does White Indo Kratom Include? And Just What Are Alkaloids?

Alkaloids are the substances that researchers believe provide the impacts felt by users. Caffeine, a substance that you know quite well and probably consume multiple times a day, without or without six flavors, is an alkaloid.

  • White Indo Kratom leaves, like all Kratom leaves, come packed with alkaloids in various quantities. 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine top the White Indo Kratom alkaloid charts. In animal studies, both of these alkaloids exhibited pain-relieving and pain-blocking effects. The studies note that pain relief ranks as one of the top reasons people, especially consumers in the West, use Kratom. Therefore, the studies’ results seem to confirm the consensus of users.
  • Mitragynine pairs with the opioid receptors in the brain. This may account for the reports of pain relief, pleasure, and a calming or sedative effect. It also appears to work with other parts of the brain to produce a stimulant effect. Users report that the stimulant effect works best at low doses. Higher doses produce a more significant sedative effect.

Studies report that 7-hydroxymitragynine produces more potent pain-producing and pain-relieving effects than morphine. The study was performed on mice. It may or may not translate to humans. However, it could also account for Kratom users praising the leaf’s ability to control chronic pain.

Can White Indo Kratom Help You At Work?

Kratom and coffee belong to the same plant family. The Rubiaceae family contains many plants with medicinal or stimulant properties. Remember, we told you that caffeine was an alkaloid, the same type of substance that gives Kratom its reported benefits. And we all know the high potency of the caffeine stimulant effect.

Studies report that workers in Southeast Asia for centuries chewed the leaves of White Indo Kratom plants to allow them to work longer with less pain. Some also brewed White Indo Kratom tea for the same reason. Although outlawed, Kratom remains in wide use in Indonesia. White Indo Kratom may offer nootropic impacts, including increased focus and energy. These benefits could help move you through your day in a more productive, less anxious manner. They would also explain the widespread continued use in the face of the Southeast Asian bans.

Both White Indo Kratom and coffee reportedly produce stimulant effects. One absolutely gives you the jitters and shakes. One may not. Which one would you like to try first?

Ok, Sounds Good. How Much White Indo Kratom Should I Take?

The short answer — it depends. The long answer — dosage will vary based on age, height, weight, medical conditions, and previous experience with similar substances. Unfortunately, no “take two and call me in the morning” strategy exists here. You will have to find the best dose for you through trial and error.

  • More experienced users generally encourage newbies to “start small.” They claim that trial and error work best when you begin with lower doses because you understand the effects a small dose produces.
  • If a small dose produces insufficient impact, you can add more. If a large dose produces an unwelcome impact, you cannot subtract from it. You have to ride out the negative impact until it wears off before starting with a smaller dose the next time.

The start small and add strategy sounds like a better and safer way to me.

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So White Indo Kratom May Pick Me Up? What Else Can I Expect?

Many users report pain relief, lower anxiety, and relief from depression. Some claim to use White Indo Kratom to reduce the impact of alcohol and opioid withdrawal.

White Indo Kratom may provide you with some of these benefits. Some claim that White Indo Kratom promotes more of the stimulant effect and less pain relief. Again, what benefits you receive will depend on how it interacts with your body chemistry.

I’m Sold. Where Do I Buy It?

Skip your local smoke shops and head shops. They may lack sufficient knowledge of Kratom to help you find the strain you desire. You will have almost no information on the reliability of the manufacturer.

Look for reputable online vendors with good reviews and lab testing. The Golden Monk; Lab testing ensures that your product is free from contaminants, such as salmonella, and has the desired alkaloid content. From there, enjoy your taste of White Indo Kratom. Hopefully, it treats you better than coffee.

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