White Sumatra Kratom: An Extensive Guide

White Sumatra Kratom has been a hot niche these days. Many people are using this herb currently, while some are eager to know about it. People love to use herbal products such as Mitragyna because they are easy to consume and have wonderful properties.

These natural herbs have always played a crucial role in human life. They have never failed to amaze us with their properties. That is the major reason why the world is reverting to using the old herbs like Mitragyna Speciosa. Its popularity is increasing day by day due to all the advantages its various strains offer.

However, there are different strains of Korth, due to which many beginners find it hard to select any specific strain. If you are a beginner and want to consume this tree leaf then, it is important for you to know every detail about the strain that you are planning to use.

White Sumatra Kratom

In this guide, we have covered the information related to White Sumatra Kratom that is important for you to know before consuming it.

What Exactly Is White Sumatra Kratom?

White Sumatra Kratom is a magical herb that comes from the young leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa tree and is available in white color as it is clear from its name.

Many people are using this strain due to its amazing properties.  If you are planning to buy this herbal product then, keep in mind that the origin, as well as the color of the strain, is important to think about. Out of all, one of the most popular veins of Mitragyna is white.

Mitragyna Speciosa tree belongs to a coffee family and is indigenous to Southeast Asian islands including, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, and many more. People have been using this for various purposes for centuries. Farmers use these tree leaves to prepare different strains of Korth. Mainly, there are 3 types of Speciosa; white, green, and red veins.

Different strains of Speciosa have varying impacts on the users. This is due to the different chemicals as well as the alkaloid content. White Sumatra Kratom contains a higher concentration of mitragynine. As a result, it has a low 7-hydroxy mitragynine level.

Where Does It Grow?

This variety of Korth has its origin in the Southeast Asian region – Sumatra. It grows in the wild region very well as the climate of this area is ideal for perfect growth. There are a number of minerals and nutrients in this tree leaf due to which this variety of Speciosa is famous among Korth enthusiasts.

Sumatra is a large island that is located in Indonesia. It is west of Java and south of the Malay Peninsula. It is famous for its rugged tropical terrain, volcanoes, and wildlife. It has some of the richest oil fields as well as coalfields.

Most of Indonesia’s coffee and rubber are grown on this island. Sumatra has dense rainforests and fertile soil that is perfect to grow high-quality Speciosa.

However, many farms use the soil and techniques of Sumatra to grow similar Speciosa in the nurseries. Farmers pluck the leaves before they are completely mature. After this, they collect the leaves, wash them, and send all the leaves for drying.

All the above-mentioned steps are performed in the absence of light; many farmers prefer to do these steps in an air-conditioned room.

Why Is It Known As “White” Sumatra?

It is known as white because of the vein color of Mitragyna. When people talk about the influence of this herb, they refer to a particular strain, not to the plant as a whole. Strain refers to the level of alkaloids that are present in the Korth type. Mitragyna strains are categorized by their vein colors.

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 main colors of Korth’s vein; white, green, red. Although there are other colors as well, for instance, yellow, they are not very common.

Every variety of this herb has its own properties and characteristics. As far as the white vein is concerned, the leaves are kept away from the exposure of light thus, it prevents it from darkening. At last, it retains this color.

White Sumatra Kratom VS Other Strains?

All the three major colors of the vein differentiate from each other. The white vein of this herb is the younger leaf and usually has a bitter taste. Users have felt that its influence can last for hours. Therefore, they prefer to use this in the morning.

Green vein Speciosa has a mild influence that is between white and red variants. Those users who want to have a balanced influence prefer this strain. Moreover, many Mitragyna enthusiasts say that this strain is the best one for beginners.

Lastly, the red vein Mitragyna is famous for its higher contents of alkaloids. They have higher levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This strain is the most mature one. Thus, this is the last one to harvest.

Moreover, it is not good for beginners due to its higher potency levels. Experienced Mitragyna users prefer consuming this strain.

Sumatra VS Bali

These both strains of Korth derive from Indonesia which means that they are botanically related to each other. Bali is a popular strain of this herb.

However, there is a major difference between both of them. Beginners can use Bali as it introduces the influence of Speciosa in their bodies, while experienced consumers prefer Sumatra Korth.

How Can I Consume It?

Many beginners are often confused about the ways they can consume this variety of Korth in their daily life. However, this entirely depends on your preference.

Many companies are selling this herb in the form of dried leaves. You can chew them but it has a bitter taste. People find it hard to consume it in this way. Nonetheless, you can make Korth tea with the leaves.

It also comes in powdered form. You can add the powder to any liquid, such as smoothies or soups. You can also take it with water.

Moreover, you can also buy its capsule form. It is the most popular form of Mitragyna. Many users prefer this form as it is easy to consume and has no bitter taste. Speciosa vendors are also selling the extract form of this plant. However, it is costly.

How Much White Sumatra Kratom Should I Use?

If you want to consume this strain but do not have an idea of the dosage, you should ask your doctor about it. He/she will record your age, weight, and medical condition. Based on that, you will come to know about the dosage you should take.

However, if you are unable to talk to your doctor for some reason, you can start by taking a small dosage of this herb. This will help you know about the actual influence. You can increase it as per your desires.

White Sumatra Kratom

You should never randomly take the same amount of Mitragyna as your friend or any person on the internet is taking. Since everyone’s body is different, it will react differently.

How Can I Choose The Best Vendor To Buy This Strain?

Since the Speciosa community is increasing day by day, many vendors are coming forward to sell Speciosa. It is extremely important to find the best seller to buy this herb as you want the best quality Mitragyna for you.

If you are buying this herb locally, make sure to check the quality of the product by asking them various questions regarding this herbal product, such as its origin, lab reports, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to buy it from an online vendor, ask them about the delivery options, charges, and lab testing reports. Moreover, you should compare their product rates with other vendors. By doing this, you will get the best product.

Final Thoughts

White Sumatra Kratom is getting a lot of popularity in recent years. Its amazing properties are attracting many Korth enthusiasts. It comes from the young leaves of Korth and has its origin in Sumatra island, Indonesia.

You can consume this strain in the dried leaf or the powdered form. However, many Mitragyna users prefer to use this in capsulated form as it is easily consumable.

If you are planning to use this for the first time, it is important to know about the dosage, or you can start with small amounts. Moreover, you should check the quality of this herb before buying it from any vendor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: In how much time can I get my desired results?

Answer: Results of this strain may vary from person to person. It depends on a lot of factors, such as weight, age, and medical condition.

Question: Can I legally purchase this herb in the US?

Answer: There are some states in the US where this herb is banned. However, it is legal in many states of the US. You should check your state’s laws regarding this herb.

Question: Is this strain cost-effective?

Answer: Yes, this herb is cost-effective. However, if you buy the extract form, it will be more expensive than the dried leaf or powdered form.

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