White Vein Kratom – Origin – Types Of White Strain And Usage

Kratom is a plant that is grown specifically for medicinal and recreation uses. It gives a high and supposedly helps with pain. There are three different types of Kratom, and they are Red Vein, Green Vein, and the one we’ll discuss today, White Vein Kratom.

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What is White Vein Kratom?

White vein Kratom is one of the plants that grow off of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. The leaves are harvested at the beginning of the harvesting process, making it the youngest vein strain of Kratom. It has different effects than the other strains and is made into a fine white powder. The leaves are the only part used in the process of making Kratom, as the stems and veins are removed during the process.

Where is White Vein Kratom Grown?

White Vein Kratom is grown almost entirely in South East Asia. There are a lot of countries that grow it in their borders, though, and mainly in Indonesia and Thailand. They are also grown in

  • Vietnam
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Malaysia, and others.

However, some of the white vein Kratom plant strains are grown in certain areas, like white Indo Kratom is grown specifically in Indonesia, and so on. Each country has its own strains of white vein Kratom.

What is the Difference Between White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein Kratom?

  • There are a plethora of differences between the vein strains, and the first of those is the fact that all three hold separate effects.
  • Another thing is that they vary in their color as they are red in the vein (Brownish red powder), green in the vein (Greenish powder), and white in the veins (Lighter brown powder). There is also yellow Kratom, but it’s rare.
  • However, the main difference is in how they harvested.
  • The white vein Kratom is not at full maturity, green is somewhere in the middle, and the red vein strain is the harvested at full maturity, making it the most mature vein strain of the pack.

What are the Different Types of White Vein Kratom?

White Vein Kratom types

There are many different types of Kratom, and in this case, many different types of White Vein Kratom. There is a vast amount of strains that use this white vein to give the desired effects for their customers. The white vein is also grown in different regions, making them have different potencies, hence the different strains.

White Bali Kratom

This is one of the strongest strains and is grown on the island of Bali. Its potency gives it a long-lasting effect that customers come back to every time.

White Maeng Da Kratom

This is another strong strain, in terms of long-lasting effects, this one is the longest. Its potency isn’t as high as others, but it’s a long-lasting strain that many customers call relaxing.

White Vein Kali

This is a strain that could qualify to have the effects of the Red vein strain, but it is considered a white vein because it’s a white vein strain. This doesn’t have as much potency but is said by the customers to give energy, which makes this a popular stain for many of the working class.

White Vein Indo

As its name suggests, it is grown and harvested in Indonesia and is then processed. It is less potent, as well as short-lasting, but what it lacks in that department, it makes up for in has stronger effects than other strains.

White Vein Thai

This is clearly home-grown and harvested in Thailand, and it shows, it has long-lasting tendencies, and can on occasion, do it. However, this isn’t as potent as other strains and doesn’t contain any trace effects of the red strain counter-part. This is a true white vein strain.

How Much Should You Buy?

There is no true way to know how much you should buy. However, you can go on personal preference, but take a few things into consideration first. You want to take your weight, age, height, medical health, and more in order to know exactly how much you’ll need.


This is one of the best ways to control your intake. You will have a clear label, with how much white vein Kratom is in one bottle. You can then take according to what you have considered above. Everyone is different, so doses will vary for everyone.


You will need to measure out exactly how much Kratom you have in order to keep your intake in check. As opposed to the capsules, the powder takes a little longer to take, as you have to weigh it out. Again though, you need to take into consideration the above-mentioned health items before figuring out how much each individual will need, and it will vary greatly depending.

What Products Use White Vein Kratom?

There are a few different ways to use White Vein Kratom, and there are products all over that have Kratom in them. However, this is one of the strains that offer fewer options. The options are capsules, powder, and extracts.


An extract is a form of Kratom that is done by extracting the Kratom from the plant and turning it into a liquid. You can then do all sorts of things with your Kratom at that point, like adding it to a vape pen, adding it to your food, mixing it with a drink, and so much more. It is the purest form of Kratom that you can on the market.


The powder is a substance of Kratom that is the main source of Kratom, and it is the most common one. You can find powder in all online Kratom retailers, and you will be able to find it quite easily. It is made by grounding up the Kratom leaves (after removing the stem and the veins) and reducing it to the fine powder you see when you buy the product.


This is by far the best way to use Kratom. Especially white vein Kratom, as you are able to control how much Kratom that you take. Which is a good thing, because your dosage should be watched, and you should know just how much you’re using, which makes capsules the easiest way.

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Where Can I Find White Vein Kratom Near Me?

There are many places to find White Vein Kratom, and the most popular place that you can find them is online. If you don’t want to, or can’t buy online, then the next option is to find a store that sells Kratom near you. The easiest way to find out what near you sell Kratom is to use a search engine to “Find Kratom Near Me,” and it should give you a result.

If it Doesn’t?

Well, if there is nothing that pops up for Kratom, then the next option is to go on an adventure to look for your Kratom. It’s not that hard to find if you know where to look, which brings me to where you can find Kratom near you even if you can’t pull it up on the internet.

Head Shop

The best place to start looking for Kratom is to go to a local head shop (Weed Shop), and you should be able to find some in the store. If you can’t find it, then they might be able to tell you where you can.

Cigarette Shops

Some Tabacco stores and smoke shops have Kratom available, but not all of them, and they may help you find one if they don’t have any.


You can also find them in stores, and especially gas stations. There are right places to look, and you can start with any of these options if they have them in your location.

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