Why Buy Bulk Kratom Online?

You enjoy the benefits of kratom and have found it improves your overall wellness. The first time you purchased it was at a local smoke shop. When you went back, you noticed their supply was limited. You may have had trouble finding the same strain and went online to get it. Stop chasing the products you love. Buy bulk kratom at thegoldenmonk.com to save time, money, and the headache of constantly searching.

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Avoid Running Out 

The first problem- You started using kratom, and you love it. Taking a daily dose is improving your quality of life and helping you meet your wellness goals. You know you’re running low, but a quick Google search for buy kratom locally came up empty. The store you originally purchased it at doesn’t have any in stock. Stop the never-ending cycle. Buy kratom wholesale online. eCommerce is a growing platform that can handle all your needs quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, by going with the bulk option, you won’t experience repeated anxiety issues when you start running low. Most people don’t realize it, but these added worries can put a damper on their wellbeing. Stress can increase anxious feelings, reduce sleep, interfere in your work concentration, and put a damper on any health and fitness goals you’re trying to achieve. 

Buy Bulk Kratom & Save Money 

For most purchases, buying wholesale costs less per unit. For example, you can buy an ounce of white vein powder for $7.95, which sounds like a steal, right?

  • You purchase one ounce per week, and it costs you about $32 per month plus shipping costs. Again, that doesn’t seem like much to spend. Now, compare it to the average bulk prices. The same quality white vein in bulk quantity or a kilo is $99.99. A kilo of kratom is 35 ounces or almost a 9 months’ supply. In addition to top-shelf blends, we offer incredibly competitive pricing. 

Skip the other online distributors and go with a company that has a proven track record for supplying only the best, lab-tested bulk Kratom. The TGM Store is an audited member of the American Kratom Association’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices Program. Our extensive testing practices ensure you’re not saving money on inferior products. Instead, when you buy our kratom wholesale, you’re purchasing items that went through six lab tests per ton. Our safety checks screen for a wide range of contaminants, including


  • Mold
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria

and heavy metals, such as

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • and Cadmium.

Only Pay for Delivery Once 

Another way you save money with online bulk sales is on delivery charges. One of the downers for purchasing products that come via the mail is the cost. If you’re making small weekly transactions, you’re paying the delivery fee four times per month. Depending on that charge, shipping is costing you anywhere from $20 to $40 or more for your products monthly. Put this money back in your pocket or use it to purchase more when you buy bulk kratom

Stock up on Your Favorite Strain

Do you have a specific strain you prefer over others? If you’re like most users, the answer is yes. There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite strain, but with some varieties of the potent powder are harder to come by than others. This can make finding what you want locally and even at some online locations harder.

Additionally, once you find a trusted seller, you want to stick with them. If the distributor carries your go-to red, green, or white vein powder in bulk, consider picking up a kilo or 35 ounces for about $99.99, rather than 2 ounces for $16.95. You can do the math—The savings are amazing.

Avoid Local Legal Confusion 

Trying to figure out the kratom laws from one area to another is confusing for everyone, which is one reason why it’s so hard to find local distributors. Sometimes the problem is a lack of specific laws that cause police and other enforcement agencies to take an unjust stand against Kratom. Another common issue is your local government has bans on various products, and they are lumping kratom together with illegal items. These situations can cause stores nearby you to keep limited supplies or not sell kratom at all to prevent scrutiny from law enforcement. 

  • Skip the legal mumbo jumbo all together and purchase bulk kratom through a trusted, online distributor. Our potent powders are safe, and each fresh batch comes with third-party lab testing results to give buyers peace of mind.
  • There’s no legal confusion to worry about when purchasing online through the TGM Store. We don’t have to jump through legislative hoops to get you quality products quickly, at a price you can afford. 

Sell Kratom at Your Store 

Save and sell Kratom

If you own a smoke shop or similar business, consider stocking kratom for your customers. You may already offer sales at your store and have the same problems as buyers. The popular all-natural products that are native to Southeast Asia can be hard to find sometimes. Unlike other popular plants that can grow in nearly any climate, kratom is derived from a tree that’s not as portable. Legal confusion that varies from state to state and country to country to the limited growth conditions and other potential pitfalls. It’s easy to see why the powerful powder can be hard to come by sometimes. 

  • When you buy kratom wholesale, through quality online sellers, such as the TGM store, you can keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Additionally, they’ll share their happiness and good fortune with friends and family that will head your way for their kratom needs.
  • As you sell more of the potent powder, you’ll be able to purchase more bulk kratom and always have a fresh supply for your customers, which in return, will also keep them coming back. If you have clients that have different preferences, consider purchasing several bulk strains to keep in-stock. 
  • Even without a large customer-base for kratom, carrying several ounces of different varieties at your store can come in handy when problems arise in the supply chain. Although it doesn’t happen for all strains, issues can occur, such as droughts in Indonesia, where the tree grows. Natural disasters, whether floods, droughts, and even health crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic, can throw a monkey wrench into the kratom supply chain. 

Additionally, when these shortages occur, the remaining supply price increases. While most suppliers hope for minimal downtime and price increases, there’s no guarantee. You can avoid getting caught up in these shortages and the extra cost that comes with products in low demand by purchasing bulk kratom

As mentioned, when you buy in bulk, you save money. While you can pocket the savings, you can also choose to pass it to your customers. The cost reduction without a cut in the quality will make your store the place to go for kratom. We are a GMP approved vendor that keeps many local stores stocked with top value strains of the famous South Asia herb.

Buy kratom wholesale today at the TGM Store. We carry a wide selection of quality strains, including Maeng Da, Red Bali, White Borneo, and Green Sumatra, with affordable bulk rates.

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