Yellow Borneo Kratom- A Mystical But Overall Well-Rounded Strain

Borneo, a small island located in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago that is best known for its beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and tropical rainforests. Another thing from Borneo that people all over the world, -especially, US- are becoming huge fans of is nothing else but Kratom.

Borneo Kratom that is produced exclusively on the island, is considered one of the best blends because of its unique alkaloid profile, high potency and wide range of symptoms management. This herbal plant has three known strains that are distinguished by the color of their leaves:

Red Borneo, Green Borneo, and White Borneo.

However, there is another strain of Borneo Kratom, that is relatively uncommon but highly helpful for users in inducing calmness and euphoria.

Any guesses, which strain are we talking about?

Yes, we are talking about Yellow Borneo Kratom. This article will discuss this blend in great depths to answer all your queries regarding it.

Let’s begin!

What Is Yellow Borneo Kratom?

Yellow Borneo Kratom is a newer strain that is quickly rising to popularity because of its extremely balanced effects. When talking about what this strain is, we are not exactly sure.

Although, most of the time, the color Yellow is given because of the refining process it goes through. However, its composition differs with every vendor. You would not be able to find the same quality of this Kratom powder at different sellers or shops.

Overall, the Yellow strains are considered a mix of Red, Green strains, and White. Similarly, Yellow Borneo is also a combination of Red and Green Borneo Kratom. It is considered a perfectly well-rounded blend in regards to its effectiveness.



Where Does Yellow Borneo Kratom Originate?

Yellow Borneo Kratom does not occur naturally and if a seller is claiming to sell it as the one, he’s surely ripping you off your money.

To be honest, the origin of this extraordinary strain is a mystery, as we don’t have one particular answer. Every vendor has different details to disclose.

There are several theories about how this blend is manufactured. Some say that the color yellow is because of the extended period that is given to leaves before picking them, so they age and mature substantially and give off a yellowing hue. It is also considered a mixture of all the three colored vein leaves: Red, Green, and White.

Moreover, two particular theories are more focused on the drying method -these are also the most popular ones. One says that Green and White vein leaves are dried indoors to form Yellow Kratom, while the other says that if you dry Red Kratom leaves for a shorter time, you might be able to get the special Yellow-colored leaves, which are later ground to yield the distinct Yellow Kratom.

Whatever the case might be, all we know for definite is that Yellow Borneo Kratom is made with the help of Red and Green Borneo Kratom. This gives it the properties of both the blends, but only better and more synchronized.

Color, Taste, And Smell

The leaves of Yellow Borneo have yellow veins in actuality and have a mustard tint in powder form. The taste is similar to other Mitragyna strains, that is extremely bitter. Additionally, the smell is also like the usual herbal, with a hint of green tea.




How To Choose The Best Yellow Borneo Kratom?

There are hundreds of online marketers that are selling this Speciosa blend. You can also find it in various types of local Vape and smoke shops, gas stations, and whatnot. However, does this mean that you can just pick any Yellow Borneo?

Of course, no!

It is essential to completely prepare yourself to buy a new strain or you can end up with a sub-standard Kratom.

Here are some pointers that can help you choose the best Yellow Borneo Kratom:

1) Set Your Objective First

The first and foremost thing you need to do is set your objective straight. You should research beforehand whether the strain you are buying can help out with your symptoms or not.

Look at the user reviews and see how the herb reacted to them. This can help you out immensely.

2) Different Forms Of Yellow Borneo

You should be aware that there are multiple forms in which Yellow Borneo can be purchased. You can either go for loose powder or buy pre-measured kratom capsules. It is also sold in raw leaves and kratom extract form. Nonetheless, it is only up to you what method you find the most convenient.

3) Optimal Dosages

Dosages are another thing you should be sure of before starting or switching to this blend. Although it is better to start slowly, the best possible step can be to consult a healthcare professional for deciding on proper dosing.

4) Finding A Good Vendor

Finding a vendor that sells high-quality and authentic Kratom is the most important step in choosing this unique herbal plant.

You have to look at different factors like how much time do they take to deliver, do they give free samples for tryouts, if not -do they have a solid return policy if you don’t like the product on the first try, and most importantly do they have a customer support service that is available at any time to answer your queries. If you find the answer to all these questions, you can go ahead.

What Are The Consumer Reviews?

Yellow Borneo Kratom is considered the best blend to have a perfect harmony of both stimulating and sedating effects. Users on online forums have often praised its high efficacy and effectiveness.

One user on Reddit has called it a mix of both Red and Green Borneo in effect but with more euphoria.

According to another user, “I find that a Yellow is like an energetic Red with the euphoria of a Green. Usually. Just nice and very well-rounded. Kinda like a full spectrum blend.”

One more user has shared that its effectiveness is a perfect balance of relaxation and energy but for an even longer duration.

Some of the other user experiences are:

The sample (first dose) went very very well, energy was through the roof and I could barely contain myself. Running around and did everything I could for a good hour while the rush lasted.”




Should You Try It?

Yellow Borneo is getting much-deserved attention from the world. It is a well-rounded and perfectly balanced strain that is best known for its energetic and euphoric effects.

If you are on the lookout to try out this type of Kratom, we’ll recommend you to give it a try for sure.

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