Yellow Vein Kratom: Kratom’s Best-Kept Sceret?

Over the years, yellow vein kratom was one of the lesser-known strains but one of the most in-demand strains. What makes it one of the best-kept secrets of kratom? Could it be the possible energy boost? The confidence? The mood enhancement? Maybe it’s all three. Today, we dive into why yellow kratom isn’t so well known, how it came to be, and what people have experienced.

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Types of Kratom

Kratom strains are only recognized in three types:

  • White Vein
  • Red Vein
  • Green Vein.

Each one comes with its reported side effects.

Some strains you’ll see will have a country name after the strain color. These are where the kratom is sourced from. For example, Red Bali kratom is the red strain that comes from Bali. The only exception being Maeng Da kratom. Maeng Da was believed to have Thai origins but it’s man-made breeding to create this strain compared to other strains that grow naturally.

How to Make Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom’s origin story is debatable. Sometimes, yellow kratom is referred to as gold kratom. Some say the kratom leaf was picked in the later stages of its growth, giving it the unique coloring. Others believe yellow vein kratom is created by mixing the three main strains. The combination is then left to ferment and the fermentation process gives it a yellow color.

  • Most agree with the popular theory of it having to do with the type of drying technique used. Some believe the technique is used with drying red kratom for a longer period. Some think it’s from drying both green and white outdoors instead of indoors.
  • Others believe it’s from drying white kratom a certain way. This results in the altered coloring you see. The theory of the drying technique does match on par with there’s only three recognized kratom strains: white, red, and green.

While it’s not known if it’s due to the drying technique, it does open up the possibilities for further experimentation with other strains. Using different drying techniques alters not only the color but the alkaloids of kratom. The real truth is it’s not known how yellow kratom is actually created.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Types

What Are the Types of Yellow Vein Kratom?

Many different types of yellow vein kratom are reported to have different effects on their users.

Yellow Sumatra

This is considered by the Kratom community to be one of the rarest strains of the yellow vein. This is because of the Sumatra trees not being heavily populated. This doesn’t it from being one of the most in-demand yellow strains. The strain is praised by athletes and is said to boost energy and moods.

Yellow Borneo

This type uses the blended kratom theory. It uses the main three types of kratom but from the Borneon region. Users of this strain describe effects like Euphoria, Increased Energy, and Pain Relief.

Yellow Malay

Yellow Malay originates from Malaysia kratom. Users of this kratom compare it green Malay kratom and say it has pain-relieving effects as well.

Yellow Bali

This type of kratom uses white vein and green vein Bali leaves. Users of this strain say it’s the middle ground between white vein Bali and red vein Bali.

Yellow Indo

Yellow Indo originates from Indonesia. It’s said to act similar to white vein kratom and is more potent than Yellow Bali.

Yellow Maeng Da

Maeng Da is one of the most potent strains of regular kratom. This strain has a higher alkaloid than Maeng Da kratom. It’s a popular strain among athletes because they believe it enhances their energy levels, activity levels, and confidence.

Yellow Thai

This strain is also considered to be very rare. It uses white vein Thai leaves to make the yellow. Depending on the source, some will use both white and green Thai leaves. During the oxidation process, the color is altered. Users describe this strain as having increased energy, improved concentration, stress reduction, and feelings of euphoria.

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam is one of the newer kratom strains. The kratom community considers this strain to be the strongest of all the yellow vein kratoms.

What Are the Effects?

Kratom affects each user differently. Some strains contain higher alkaloids that create euphoria. Some create a sedation effect. Other strains, like the green vein strain, is believed to have a combination of white and red strain effects. Those who use yellow vein kratom will experience different effects based on various factors. These include the amount they take and how their body metabolizes it. Many that use it report varying effects that are similar to green vein kratom. Some report the effects closer to the white than the mixture of the two. This will vary based on how much they use.


According to users, yellow kratom isn’t exempt from negative side effects. However, some users felt better after continuing to use kratom after a few days. It should be noted that none of the reported effects or claims for positive and negative side effects have been studied by the FDA or other governmental agencies.

In conclusion, yellow kratom’s origin will vary from person to person. The reported effects haven’t been proven scientifically, only anecdotally. This is because not much is known about kratom. The only study that can attest to kratom’s properties is on mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. More research needs to be conducted before it can be considered a holy grail.

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