Zen Kratom – A Thriving Vendor In The Market

Zen Kratom has been on the rise lately for providing premium Kratom products. Just by a quick search, you’ll find a lot of vendors selling this all-natural herb product. However, stumbling upon the right brand can be the hard part. All merchants have a goal to be no.1 in supplying top graded Mitragyana, but the question is which one lives up to their world?;

To address the question, this post will introduce you to Zen Kratom, a dealer who caters to all of your needs. Once you purchase this peddlers product, no other vendors will seem as good as this one. Please go through this article to find out more about them.

Introduction To Zen Kratom

Zen Kratom is a smoke shop that is no stranger to fame. There is no information available on when or where this brand got started. The things sold here provide a sense of serenity and quiet, much like the brand name “Zen” implies. Zen holds the title for being the first kratom vendor to introduce the fanatics to the blissful world of liquid shots. Since then, all the other peddlers have followed this train. This post will inform you of all you need to know about this well-known online shop to stimulate your interest.

Zen Kratom

Does Zen Kratom Have AKA Approval?

The American Kratom Association is an authoritative figure that monitors botanical merchants to see whether they adhere to GMP criteria for selling authentic and clean batches. In the past, this company was AKA-certified. However, in the present, for some unknown reason, they do not seem to be partnered with them anymore.

Does This Brand Have A Website?

A website can make it easy for people to navigate a seller by providing every detail. Unfortunately for new customers of this company, there is no website available for Zen Kratom.

Are The Products Lab-Tested?

A step to follow before displaying the herbal products on shelves is to get them lab-tested according to the requirement issued by the FDA. Safe and clean products, free from any harmful germs, put the brand in a praising spotlight and declare the stocks to get unassailable to consume. Following that, as there are places where the all-natural herb is still banned, having reports of 3rd party testing is essential for every vendor. Sadly, there is not much evidence anywhere that could hint whether Zen Kratom’s products are lab-tested.

What Are The Products Offered?

This brand knows how to attract clients by meeting the wishes of a peddler selling board range of products. Their products range from powders, crushed leaves to liquid shots. All of the products mentioned can get found on Horizon Wholesale vendor under the former brands’ name. Here are the following items put forward:

  1. Ultra Premium Extracts: Mango, Tutti Fruiti, Lemon, Orange Dream, Peppermint, and Green Apple are among the six flavours available for these extracts.
  2. Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Powder: This item is a new addition to the shelves containing three colour strain powders; Red Maeng da, White Maeng da, and Green Maeng da
  3. XXX Ultra Premium Liquid Shots: Can be bought in four savours, Peach, Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Green Apple.
  4. Ultra Premium Extract Capsules: These pills get produced from the natural plant in liquid form.
  5.  Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Tablets


This company is a pricy place where you can get top-notch herbs without an itch in the quality. All prices fluctuate depending on how much the package weighs. But the price tags are, thankfully, up to par with the quality. Compare this companys’ rate with the market value going on, and it will be clear they sell their stocks higher than the competitors. However, with a more increased rate come better quality.

  • The XXX Ultra Premium Liquid shots come in one weight, 8ML. One bottle of 8ML costs $15.95, while 12 bottles and 24 bottles have a value of $183 and $363, respectively.
  • The three strain powder all have the same price of $110 and can only get bought for a 1kg pouch.
  • Liquid Extracts weigh 15ML and are available in 2 alternatives, one jar for $15 and 40 for $568.
  • The Extracts Capsules are per capsules $8.95, $17.60 for two, three, five, and 24 capsules expense $27, $44, and $204.
  • Lastly, the powder capsules come in 10 ct, 40 ct, and a 40 ct pouch. All three have different pricing charging $9.25, $14.40, and 24.50.

Top Rated Products

All the items from this brand are adequate and made from fresh leaves. There are always some products different from the others, and over here, those are Capsules and Liquid Shots. These two have people of Reddit singing compliments.

Are Any False Medical Claims Made?

They may not be AKA approved, but it doesn’t affect that the batches get manufactured entirely from authentic leaves. Reddit users have said in the many years of being a client of Zen; never once had they had a bad experience that affected their health in any way.

An Insight on the Policies of This Company

Since due to the lack of a platform that could help provide data on Zen Kratom, there is no way to determine any policies whether they are shipping or returning. However, because the following items get offered by Horizon Whole seller, clients can contact them for further information; they are well-known for their shipping and refund policies.

Do They Give Discounts Or Coupon Codes?

Zen is known for being a smoke shop. It is a well-known truth that vape stores do not provide customers with any discount or coupon code, and this brand is no exception. Regardless, keep an eye on their social media channels to see if they are ever so kind as to offer discounts to their customers.

Social Media Presence

Once upon a time, just like they had a website, social media presence was also active. They do have Facebook and Instagram pages, but it’s been a long time since any of them have gotten recently updated.

How Can I Order From Zen Kratom?

People may believe that purchasing this brand’s items is difficult due to a website or a physical store. A search on Google will pop up retailers, gas stations, smoke shops where you could easily find the products. However, if you want to locate a well-known and trustworthy vendor, reach out to Horizon Wholesale, which supplies a wide range of Zen items.

How To Contact This Vendor?

Before, when they were active as a newly entered vendor, it was easy to contact them via email and phone number as given on the webpage. Another way was through their engaged online social pages. However, since the abrupt halt, many are unsure how to contact them. Horizon Wholesalers are the only way to inquire about the brands’ batches or other information.

Final Verdict

Zen Kratom promises to supply over superior quality, a wide range of products, and not once have they broken their pledge. They may be expensive, but with quality comes a high price. Take a dare to loosen your pockets for some top-tier products and buy Kratom online without any worries. So, what is the wait? Search up the retailers and shop some prime quality natural leaf items!

Zen Kratom

Pros and Cons of Zen Kratom Brand


  • Diverse ranges of products
  • Products can get bought in bulk and single
  • Even a miniature dose can be effective
  • Made from potent leaves
  • Euphoric and blissful effects


  • No official website
  • Expensive compared to other vendors
  • Lab-test get not revealed
  • No AKA certification
  • Lack of customer service


Do they have a physical store?

They have neither a physical nor an online store. To buy Zen’s products, contact other retailers.

Is shipping done everywhere in the USA?

Kratom is still illegal in some states and counties. So, no, they do not ship everywhere, including Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, San Fransisco, and Rhode Island.

Are the stocks reasonably priced?

Zen Kratom indeed has higher prices. However, once you savour the rich taste of the items, it will all make sense why the price tags are high. You can always start with small measures.

Can I order in bulk?

There is no clue about that. Instead, you can buy 24 bottles of liquid shots for $363.

Are the effects effectual? 

Yes! According to sites like Reddit, the products are highly effective and kick in just a few minutes after intake.

Are samples given?

Go to shops in your area where retailers might sell Zen products and ask for samples for them, so, yes, you can receive models.

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