Is Zona Kratom Worth Purchasing – An Honest Review

Zona Kratom is a rare Mitragyna vendor dealing in superior-grade botanical products. They work to deliver their products internationally at surprisingly low pricing and with no doubt about what they sell. Customers in the United States can purchase a range of things from this supplier. Although they may not be quite as well-known as other businesses, their locale has earned them a stellar standing in the Kratom community.

Zona Kratom has been significantly more reliable than dishonest, small-time suppliers operating worldwide. The brand got established in Indonesia, and its UI gets highly inspired by well-known eCommerce websites, so shopping there is not a problem. This Kratom vendor touts its online store as the “greatest location to get tea powder,” but with our brand review, we will see if they live up to their claims.

What is Zona Kratom?

Zona Kratom is a Mitragyna-selling company whose sole goal is to earn the trust of its customers with its goods and services. It is a global kratom provider based in Pontianak. The dealer only utilizes the highest grade Kratom leaves sourced from Indonesian forests. The primary harvesting locations for their botanical products are Borneo, Sumatra, Bali, and Hulu Kapuas.

In other words, they supply fresh, intense, and impacting Kratom from Indonesian farms and natural woodlands. The leaves come from the tree’s higher branches and consist mainly of alkaloids. Thus, the diverse strains are high in alkaloids and pack a punch because of their high purity and freshest availability. Following the extraction procedure, the vendor conducts a fermenting process to help remove any remaining contaminants and make them pure for the customers. As you can see, Zona Kratom strives to give the highest quality Kratom to its customers.

Zona Kratom

What Products Does This Vendor Provide To Its Customers?

Let us focus on the items it is now selling. For starters, Zona Kratom’s stock collection is steadily increasing. The online store sells several Kratom strains and items. Not only that, but they offer numerous Kratom strains but also top-grade veins in tons of colors. Red, green, white, and gold strains of Maeng Da, Hulu Kapuas, Bali, and Borneo Kratom are available.

All of the kratom strains now get offered in kilo-bags since Zona Kratom understands that users purchasing from all over the globe will need the entire bag. Nevertheless, 20-kg packets are accessible for wholesale and sellers who want to guarantee that the items under their brand are of the highest quality. Every strain is available in powder and capsule versions from Zona Kratom. For several sporty people, encapsulated form is the best option. As per recent reports, sports professionals prefer Mitrgyna capsules as they are easily ingested and kept.

You may carry them about with you everywhere you go and utilize them anytime inspiration hits. Zona Kratom offers 500-gram and kilo packages of capsules. Although this vendor may not appear to be appropriate for those who take a modest bit of this Southeast Asian botanical, the benefits of even the smallest bundle of capsules will keep you glued for a considerable time!

Are Their Products Safe For Consumption?

You’d think a vendor that relies on a trustworthy fermentation procedure would keep nothing hidden. Nevertheless, it is odd that the company’s webpage doesn’t list any lab testing. It is vital to check if herbal goods have been lab-tested before purchasing them online. A lab test, particularly one conducted by a third party, determines the quantity of Kratom in the items offered and analyzes the powder for any dangerous impurities that might threaten the customer’s wellness.

Zona Kratom is getting lab tested by a third party to verify its users’ safety and acceptance of their ethical procedures and safe goods. Selling items while they are undergoing laboratory testing is deemed immoral. Since no one realizes if Kratom items get contaminated with microorganisms or heavy metals, there will always be a danger of utilizing them.

How Much Do They Cost?

Consumers frequently compare costs for a similar item from several suppliers. They are more inclined to choose the alternative that gives them the product at the lowest reasonable rate while ensuring its validity. Here is where Zona Kratom shines. Everything on its website gets advertised at a ridiculously low cost. As opposed to other independent markets, most of their items are inexpensive.

A kilo bag from Zona costs $90, whereas the identical strains from American suppliers cost upwards of $150. Furthermore, the 20-kilogram bundle costs $1000, so the price drops even more if you purchase more! Additionally, for just $200.00, you may have a four-way split on two kilograms. That’s a lot of weight and assorted variety for not a bunch of cash.

Does Zona Kratom Offer Coupons?

Zona Kratom has reasonable rates, and they also provide coupon codes that bring the costs much low, with which anyone can buy Kratom easily. Clients who provide their email addresses and join the brand’s mailing list will receive an inaugural offer. All who subscribe to emails get a discount on everything on the website. Typically, promo codes are available with discounts of more than 10% to 20% off your total at checkout. Their discounts are the perfect accessory for customers.

How Does This Vendor Ship Their Products?

Online purchasing is available for international consumers. The items are made and meticulously packaged in Indonesia before getting shipped to other areas. Individuals will get a full purchase receipt and a GPS tracking number after they have submitted their order. You may easily track your package with this code. They guarantee that the delivery time stays at a minimum and that there are no delays in the procedure.

What is Their Payment Policy?

PayPal, credit cards, and money transfers through Western Union and other comparable money transfer firms are all accepted payment ways. Furthermore, with the Transferwise app, this Kratom supplier presently supports bank transfers, Bitcoin, and other alternative payment options. With such a wide range of payment methods, customers may buy Kratom online without too much hassle.

Is Zona Kratom’s Customer Service Any Good?

The vendor offers sample buys for a modest fee to ensure 100% client satisfaction. One may locate it on their webpage under “samples,” where they can pick from Premium Green Maeng Da, Premium White Maeng Da, Red Bali, and a variety of other Kratom kinds. Aside from that, the company only allows you to reach them via Gmail, which might drastically reduce your probability of gaining a timely answer.

What Do Previous Clients Say About This Vendor?

Customer support at Zona Kratom is prompt and guaranteed. Because the company is engaged on all major social media platforms, it can quickly respond to all of its customers’ concerns and inquires, with beneficial responses assured within working days. Everything they offer includes a place where buyers may provide opinions and testimonials regarding their experiences with it. User evaluations demonstrate that Zona’s kratom goods are so genuine and intense that people have voted it the top online vendor!

Zona Kratom

Is Zona Kratom Worth Your Money?

Upon assessing Zona Kratom, we believe this vendor is a trustworthy source for high-quality and Premium Kratom. If you want to try something authentically Indonesian, these products could be worth a shot. Shop Kratom at the most reasonable cost.


  • International shipping.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Confidential checkout.
  • Free delivery.
  • Extremely high transparency.
  • An active presence on social media.


  • There are no lab results.
  • There is no return policy.
  • Contact information is sparse.
  • The webpage is not thorough.
  • Not accredited by AKA.


Does Zona Kratom Allow Returns on Products?

Orders placed with Zona Kratom are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. You cannot return a product once you have purchased it!

Are Their Products GMP Qualified?

Zona Kratom is working with licensing authorities to get its goods GMP certified, which will provide clients with even greater assurance while purchasing their goods.

Does The Vendor Have A Social Media Presence?

Clients may contact Zona Kratom through the company’s website and social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and WhatsApp are all accessible!

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